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Well! Last night, the traffic out of work was utterly appalling and so I didn't get home til 10 to 8. I don't know what the problem is with the traffic at the minute - it's been terrible all week. I hope that now the train strikes are off next week it won't be so bad. Anyway, I finally got home and Alex, Ian and Ruth came round. We role-played for a while (another fight with kobolds and a great big weasel - I shot 2 but the weasel had attached itself to Ruth in the meantime :( - and then attacked by rats) and then my parents arrived for their visit. Tea and then bed and hugs :)

Then today, we lounged around in the morning and then made the trip to B&Q where I bought paint to cover the institutional yellow on my walls with much more tasteful lilac. Then, in the way of these things, Mum and I got rather enthused about the whole thing and decided to get started with the painting. We've done the whole first coat and about 2/3 of the second and it looks really nice which is a relief. It actually goes much better with the carpet than the yellow did and I'm really pleased with it but now I'm zonked :)

Off to the Ashmolean tomorrow and then the Petit Blanc (Raymond Blanc's Oxford brassiere) for birthday dinner :)
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To get Sky or not to get Sky? On the one hand it would be giving money to Rupert Murdoch which I object to and would cost a lot to have installed but on the other, it would allow me to watch TV and would give me loads more channels than NTL for the same price. Hmmm. The alternatives are to arrange to have an ordinary analogue aerial installed - I've no idea of how to do that or what it would cost - or to get a small standalone aerial which would probably give really crap reception. Any advice on the above would be welcomed.

I've left my details with the Cats Protection League to get in touch with me about having a cat (yay!) which they say they'll do over the next 3 days or so. I'm both excited and nervous about the idea because I have never had a cat before so I'm worrying about it a bit. Still, I can always ask Alex for help I suppose.

I discovered today that new cars can be obtained for 7000 pounds if you want which is a bit of a shock to the system - somehow I thought it was more expensive than that. I mean I could pay that off in a couple of years if I really had to. The question is, how does one choose a car? I don't even know the makes of the ones I like the shape of but I don't really fancy trekking around all the dealers in town especially as they're not easily accessible without a car! A puzzle for later...
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Well, here I am at home at last. The open fire is burning, I've had lots of tea and I'm going out to see friends this afternoon. Lovely.

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The train tonight won't be too crowded. I have started to be a little hopeful about this as there has been a significant decrease in traffic over the last couple of days coming to work - the bus this morning pulled into Marble Arch at 5 to 8 which is practically unheard of and I got a seat on the central line! If the traffic on the trains to Norfolk has decreased as much as that on the underground it should be actually quite nice - I might not even have to sit next to anyone :)

Did not make it to see Amelie last night - too tired. Just feel rather washed out at the moment. Alex came round and was sad cos he has to do things and hasn't bought any pressies yet. Poor thing. I gave him some hugs but it only helped a little bit. He is lovely - it's a shame that he won't really get very much rest this Christmas as after he's been to see me he's going to see both lots of parents. At least when I go home I won't have anything to do til New Year and can just lie around and read and stuff.
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Those of you who don't have to get up at god-awful hours of the morning may not be aware that the 6 and 6:30 buses to London are expresses - after Thornhill park and ride they don't stop til Marble Arch. This is good because it actually shaves a lot more than you might think off the journey time. The fact that it's the express is clearly marked on the front of the bus and is also mentioned on the timetable (albeit in quite small print). In addition to this, the bus driver announced it to the queue on arrival at the stops this morning (which they don't always do). Despite this, there's always some who get on and expect to get off at Shepherds Bush. Normally they take this in good grace and wait for Marble Arch but todays was a Frenchman. Complete with faux french accent he went absolutely ballistic, going on and on at the bus driver about how he 'wasn't doing his duty' and how he was going to do 'really bad things' and claiming that he hadn't heard the announcement. It was really funny - we were all sitting upstairs giggling quietly. An interesting start to the day, definitely :)

Who would have thought I could have bought so many Christmas pressies? I was doing my packing last night and I can only just close my case! Unfortunately I still have a few things (like clean pairs of socks) which need to go in so I might end up having to wear my rucksack as well! I'll have to see this evening. Am going to see Amelie tonight with Alex after I've done some pressie wrapping for him which should be cool. I wanted us to get together for something as I won't see him for 3 whole days after that, until he comes down to Norfolk - poor minou :(
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For some reason when I got into work this morning my computer couldn't access a DHCP server so all my network drives when missing. It was very unnerving - I wondered whether they'd decided that I was using up too much space or something what with the mp3s and the e-books :)

Not very awake this morning because I had a bit of a nasty journey to work - the bus was boiling and the driver and his mate were having a very loud discussion at the bottom of the stairs so I didn't get as much sleep as normal. Then the tube was awful - there had been some sort of delay just before I got there so the train was absolutely full to bursting and the trouble with the Central line is that you just know that the next 2 or 3 will be too so there's no point in waiting. Ah well.

I need to learn a way of expressing my feelings better in writing I think, or at least a way I can accept. I tried to write something about Alex and our relationship but when I try to put it down it looks small and wrong and cliched - a bit like when I try to write poetry - it sounds fine in my head and it works but somehow, on the page it doesn't. I'll have to resign myself to either not writing it or not being satisfied with it. I guess it could be a work in progress. The thing is that I really want to write it - let the world know how good I feel and how lucky I am. Maybe it's better if I don't - Alex might be embarrassed. Still, the desire remains. Watch this space...
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So don't do it, OK. I feel so tired today. Actually, I've perked up a bit in the last hour or so - Weezer and tea kicking in - but still, I'm not feeling good. I'm going to another play tonight but I don't know if I'm going to have the energy - plus the house is in a bit of a state and really needs a good tidy up. Still, theres always tomorrow.
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Well to round yesterday off I got caught on the Central line and so had to catch a later bus than usual which then got stuck in god-awful traffic so that I didn't get back into Oxford til about 8. Went to the pub but I was so tired that I ended up leaving early so that I could get some rest. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have helped as I am still feeling pretty zonked now. I wonder if I'm coming down with something. I'll have to pop over to Boots and see if the pharmacist can suggest any supplements I can take to help ward it off. Maybe I'll skip OUSFG tonight and revise for MCSE - that'll get me off to sleep nice and early!
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Arggh. I wish people would drive a bit more carefully. Someone crashed near Park Royal and so we didn't get out of London til 6:30. And I need to go shopping before I have dinner. I guess my early night isn't going to be as early as I thought. It really annoys me when things like this happen. It doesn't take much to drive carefully but some people are so impatient even when its not going to make any difference they still rush and then fuck things up for everyone else. Grrr.
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Lots of stuff to tell you about, oh beloved LiveJournal...

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October 17th, 2001 10:40 am
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For some reason the traffic went insane this morning. I thought it was pretty bad but when we got to the roundabout on the westway where it usually thins out it was actually gridlocked! I ended up not getting in til 9:50! Trouble is, when it's like that there's not much you can do about it. The driver told me that the bus which had left Oxford at 5:45 (i.e. an hour earlier) ended up only being about 15 mins earlier than us! I guess that's good as they can't start making a case for me actually getting up even earlier. The other really big plus is that my brain seems to have twigged the routine and has started to wake me up pretty much in time with my alarm so I don't feel so exhausted. I still doze on the bus but I'm not nearly so zonked in the morning even though I was out til 12 last night which was cool. The only thing is, once I get my laptop (a couple of weeks hopefully) I don't quite know how I'll react because the days I'll be working from home will be quite random probably. We'll have to see.

Had a really nice evening in the end. Met up with Alex early for a meal in the pub before the hoards arrived (forgetting of course that some of them always turn up early) and we sat around and hugged and stuff. He always makes me feel good - I love that 'looked after' feeling I have when I'm being hugged. I think we're going to try to have a quiet night in with a movie on Thursday which should be cool - we had a really good time with Charlie's Angels. I think I'm going to skip out on the beer festival though on the grounds that I really don't like beer! I can sort things out for Mum & Dads visit - I really ought to hoover and I haven't got the duvet and stuff yet either. I might try to go and get those tomorrow lunchtime although they might be a bit of a pain to hump home on the bus. I wonder if Oxford has a late night shopping night...


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