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So, day one of the Avengers eating and drinking party has been completed and it was as epic as we might have hoped and as alcoholic as one might expect from a day containing soldiers and two Tony Stark films. My personal favourite moment was the Mini American cheeseburgers, closely followed by the Hydra shrimp. Full menus for the first three films are here fr the curious. Now one third of the way though day two and Hulk was rather better than I expected. Best Birthday Party Ever!
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Oh yeah! Should you be posting pics of the party, please tag them joandalexparty and, if possible, link them here for me?
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This weekend, we finally held our 10th anniversary party to celebrate 10 years of Alex and I being together. There's actually a month to go but this was the closest date we could get in a suitable sized venue so we figured we'll risk the dramatic irony of something causing us to break up before we actually get there :)

soppy digression on how we actually met )

I've been talking about us having a party for years. It started as a fairly flip thing, just something to say when people asked if we were going to get married but it gradually became something I did want definitely to actually do. I liked the idea of celebrating our relationship and having everyone come together but without the legalese of an actual wedding.

I got rather nervous last week that it would be really empty and quiet but in the event my fears were completely unfounded. It was awesome! I wandered round with an enormous grin on my face going "Everyone came! Everyone is happy!". [livejournal.com profile] concourse and Brother James played 2 kick-ass sets, including a live mashup (RHCP/White Stripes), the cheese song I would have requested if I had thought of it (Dancing Queen - thank you [livejournal.com profile] cleanskies for getting me up to dance!) and my absolute favourite original track of theirs (Joan of Arc). Loads of people either said "wow, they were brill!" or "where can I get their CD?!" as well, so I think everyone appreciated them :)

The whole thing seemed to go really fast and before I knew it I was hugging people goodbye and wishing I'd had more time to talk to them but I believe this is traditional for this type of event :) We both had such a fantastic time - thank you to everyone who made it! It was everything I wanted and really my whole day was pretty much perfect from shopping in the morning to collapsing on the sofa when we got home.

* I don't know why, but I never seem to call Alex by his LJ name ([livejournal.com profile] oxfordslacker). It just feels not quite right.
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We're at the hotel, and Alex is helping Mark and James lug the kit for the music. It's actually happening!
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+ Fantastic Saturday morning with Alex
-- Discover once have arrived at Ballroom that have left keys on table in garden while dealing with latest mouse.
- Nothing I like at Ballroom
- Roadworks of doom on the Plain
++ Find beautiful dress in Monsoon for party.
- Fail to find bra in M&S to go with
+ Resist buying beautiful sundress that I don't need.
+ Resist buying perfect handbag that I don't really need.
+ Find that alice bands are back in fashion and buy several.
+ No-one steals bike while out despite inability to lock it up
++ No-one steals keys from back garden while out. And they are where I thought they were.
- Decide should have bought shrug to go with dress after all when already back home.
+ Relax with Earthly Joys in garden
- Unconvinced by historical accuracy of Tradescant having sex with the Duke of Buckingham
+ BBQ in garden with Alex
+ Lounging around all evening

+ Just enough cream cheese for Sunday lunch recipie!
+ Remember about making rhubarb crumble in time to actually make some
- Turns out [livejournal.com profile] topicaltim isn't a rhubarb fan.
+ But is OK with icecream
+ But [livejournal.com profile] white_hart is.
- Have made some mistakes in Brownie accounts
+ Only small ones. Am pronounced not an embezzler.
+++ Lunch, wine and conversation.
+ Port & more conversation.
+ more conversation.
- more wine. (Note that this is only a - in retrospect)
+ Yes Minister episodes
- Pizza and garlic bread for dinner
+ Veronica Mars episodes

+: 24. -: 11.
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OK, so now it's a week to go before Truck. Certain people are coming over to stay at my place, I believe ([livejournal.com profile] coalescent, Tom, Alex's Dad & bro on Friday night). So, I thought, what about a pre-Truck BBQ? We could all get together in my garden and people could roll up whenever they're ready. So turn up in my back garden any time from 6:30. If you want food or bread buying for you, please let me know - I'm going to put in a big Tesco order to turn up that evening and I can add yours to that if you want. You can even come if you're not going to Truck :)

PS If you don't know how to get to my back garden, poke me for details...
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Before I forget, BBQ, my place, Saturday from 4 in the afternoon. Be there or be, well, somewhere else, I guess. Bring food and drink and iPods and allergy tablets if cats make you wheezy. [livejournal.com profile] dyddgu, are you still going to come and use the spare room?
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Well, the forcast for Sunday is looking good for the iPod fest (mp3playerOfYourChoice fest just sounds so much less snappy!). By the way, if anyone coming owns one of those things for reading SD cards into PCs if they could bring it that would be cool - it'll basically turn a non-trivial task (in that I've never tried it before and am not sure how it's done, although I'm certain it can be) into a trivial one as far as I can tell.

If my freecycler turns out not to be an ax murderer and turns up when she said she would (Monday evening) I might finally have got rid of the blasted TV! Oh joy!

Having got completely fed up with waiting for expansys to deliver my Treo accessories (6 weeks and counting with no response to my complaint!) I finally found another UK web store which (a) stocks what I want plus the extra thing I've decided I need in the mean time and (b) will deliver as bits come into stock rather than waiting for them all to arrive which means I should get my headphone adaptor for Treo in the next few days. If they actually do, I'll even link them here - what more an a satisfied customer do :)

Plumber came round this morning to give a quote and says they can do the other things we want (like getting a dishwasher plumbed in and outside tap and so on) while they're there.

Now to go and do some gardening. I got quite a lot done last time - I might even get the front into a state such that my parents won't feel I wasted their work in February.

Finally, list of things to remember to buy:

Burgers (Tesco, Saturday)
Bricks (B&Q?, Sunday)
Disposable BBQs (B&Q, Sunday)
Lawn mower bit (B&Q, Sunday)
Diet Coke (Tesco, Saturday)

I *think* that's it...


August 1st, 2005 01:46 pm
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Right. After some dithering, I've finally decided. The first annual Jo & Alex's iPod fest will be held in the garden of our house on Sunday afternoon this coming Sunday from 3pm. You should bring

* Food to BBQ (if you want)
* Drink
* mp3 player if you have one.

The plan is to bring the stereo into the garden/conservatory and hook it up to people's iPods. Each player will be set to play random selections across everything it contains (no playlists!) and we'll see what we get (a very peculiar mix, I predict). It'll be fun!

If you want to come but don't know my address, comment and I'll mail it to you.
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So here we are again - Monday morning. I'm actually feeling pretty refreshed after last nights decision not to go to OUSFG (last one of term :( On the other hand, I know that lot and most of them will be around next weekend anyway) but instead to sit around and read (and have hugs from Alex after the film). Meant to go and see the film (Woman of the Dunes - [livejournal.com profile] cleanskies went so she'll probably tell you about it) but had stinking headache when I got back from Xmas shopping and decided to be lazy. Shocking.

So, the weekend. Well, Friday night was nice and quiet. Alex and I skipped out on going to see Harry Potter (me because I'm probably going to see it with my mum next weekend and him, if I understand it correctly, because it will be kinda cool to be able to pick up all the opinions/criticism necessary from the zeitgeist) and so we sat around and watched Buffy (a perennial favorite) and then went to bed and hugged. Managed not to get up til 12:30 on Sat (hoorah!) and then set about trying to sort out Xmas party costumes. Decided to go as Sapphire and Steel as it was fairly easy to do so I went out and bought a blond wig and Alex went out and bought some blond hair dye! What with his hair being naturally brown the result was more golden than ash blonde but it still looked pretty cool. Suitably arrayed, off we went...

The party itself was actually one of the best I've been to because instead of having it in one big room we had 2 smaller rooms. This meant that we could have the music in one and those of us who don't really share the RPGsoc musical taste we could sit in comfort in the room with the drinks and gossip :) Had a nice chat with Mike and Tom and all those people who I haven't seen much of this term and had a lot of wine. Plus, to cap it all off, we won 2nd prize (the bottle of port) in the costume competition - yay!

As you may have gathered from above, we had a lie in on Sunday, followed by lunch at Joes with the guys (always nice) and then Xmas shopping (yay!) in the rain (boo!). Plus I was a little bit fragile so I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have done but still, I did do very nicely in Blackwells with Alex's discount card :) I like having a boyfriend who's company owns bookshops :)
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Lots of stuff to tell you about, oh beloved LiveJournal...

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