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When famous people die, particularly, it seems, members of the royal family, there is a great deal made of it in the media. All too often we are told that the whole nation is mourning. I remember it in the case of the Queen Mother, Jill Dando and Diana in particular. It's actually something I find deeply alienating. I was pretty much untouched by all three of those deaths. I didn't know them and wasn't interested in them. That feels to me like a perfectly normal reaction, but there's a constant barrage of coverage surrounding these events telling me that it ought to mean something - that there is some kind of national coming together over these deaths that everyone else is a part of. It's even more pervasive than sports - I have similar but less strong feelings about things like the world cup and the Olympics. I think the reason that they're less strong there though is that I'm aware of being part of a larger group of people who's just not interested whereas I'm not concious of a vocal community of disinterest in these cases. So, is that community there but silent? The only way to find out is a poll :)

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TBH, if I could figure it out clearly enough, I could write a very long rambling post about my lack of sense of any national belonging of any kind (and my inability to comprend it in others) but it's still to up in the air in my mind, so you're spared :)
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A couple of comment threads have had me reflecting on my tendancy to make plans a lot, particularly in response to feeling unhappy in a situation. And as the trend seems to be to post a poll for any musings of this nature, I present a very short poll on planning :)

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It has been slightly surreal to realise listening to the news over the past couple of days that aside from the fact that it's an old ship, I know absolutely nothing about the Cutty Sark. I should really look it up on wikipedia or something. Am I remarkably ignorant or is it rather more obsure than it's headline billing?

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ETA Boy what sucky typing! Oh for a poll editor!
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I've decided that I do want to go ahead with doing some OU courses. I was surprised by how fired up just looking at the range of things available got me - it really sparked my enthusiasm and I found dozens of courses I'm interested in taking.

I've managed to whittle it down to just 4, all 10 point courses* at the introductory level, but I'm dithering on which of them to go for so, in traditional LJ style, I figured I'd post a poll :) They all sound like they'd be really interesting to me although if I am leaning towards one it would be Chance, Risk & Health, I think. What do you think?

[Poll #825718]

* which seems to indicate a shorter course - all the higher level courses (as well as some of the other introductory ones) are 30 or 60 point courses. The idea being to do something that will give me a taster of the whole setup and help me get an idea of how much work is involved.
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In leiu of a proper update about Truck and my week and stuff, I have decided to throw open to LiveJournal the current most vexing question du jour - what to do with my hair! I had it cut a couple of months ago and it looked good but now it looks shaggy and growing out ish again and I'm fed up with it. Unfortunatly, I'm now nowhere near a hairdresser on a regular basis so I'm not sure I can be bothered with a style I'm going to have to make an expedition into town for every few months. On the other hand, it does suit me... So tell me, flist,

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Unfortunatly, I don't think I have any photos of the most recent cut or it in it's current state. Yes, I know, I'm lame. You can check my scrapbook for piccies of me with various styles/lenghts though.
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All this fiddling around has got me thinking. I tend to imagine that we're a pretty non-standard group when it comes to browsers. The received wisdom is that between 90% and 95% of visitors who visit a site will be using IE and so you should make sure that your page renders as perfectly as possible in IE even if that means some compromises for other browsers (although this shouldn't compromise readability). Unfortunately, this is a bit of a bugger as so far it seems that IE has the worst implementation of CSS-2 (see previous entry). So, what browsers do you use?

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And, my first poll - it's so exciting :)


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