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We're at the hotel, and Alex is helping Mark and James lug the kit for the music. It's actually happening!
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Pretty horrible start to the shift this morning - colder than the night shift! Felt better once I got a coffee though and in the end it didn't drag too much. The sun came out at the end and I decided that even if it got wet again, I had to abandon the overtrousers for a while, which felt awesome. Made it to Jazz World go time to catch most of Seth Lakeman, who was pretty good and then sauntered up to a little arbour at the entry to the Green Fields to sit down and read. Got over to the Avalon Stage to settle go for Bellowhead later and caught Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans who were awesome! Also made random friends, which was lovely. Killers last night was really disappointing (crap sound) so heres hoping for a good end tonight.
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Having a great time go the caberet tent - particularly enjoyed Nina Conti and monkey :) Jeremy Hardy next, Mitch Benn and then Marcus Brigstocke before venturing out to the mud again. Long Blondes were good and The Pipettes were very cute.
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Nightshift is always surprisingly cold, but fortunately we have the tea tent fairly close so we can pop over for warming drinks every now and then. The rain forced us to retreat after only a couple of minutes of Amy Winehouse - she wasn't actually floating my boat anyway. Super Furry Animals were good though, and we enjoyed The Coral too. Lots of home good stuff on tomorrow so just hoping for good weather.


June 22nd, 2007 03:11 pm
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Well, I think thats the heaviest rain I've been go at Glastonbury - here's hoping for some dry time while Amy Winehouse is on. Liked Gogol Bordello though.
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Weather grim but not actually raining. Yesterday was nice though - we went shopping and circled things in our programmes.
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Briefing done and we lucked out on shifts - Thurs 15-23, Fri 23-7, Sun 7-15 :)
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Sitting on the dragons head now. Rain stopped, all nice.
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And there goes the thunder...
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Made it onto the bus - Glasto here we come!
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Boy. I haven't been to a gig in a while. It's fun but tiring and the more people there are the more I remember why. I had a great time at Space Heros but now my eyes sting and my head is too full for the sound. Its partly why I love festivals - its gigs without the downside when for years I was sacred it would be gigs but more so.
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Just trying out an LJ client for my phone - so far, basic but OK.
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I've gone and treated myself to a new mobile phone! What a naughty minou I am :) Had to be done though - as well as cutting me off regularly in conversations my old one refused to turn on this morning twice before finally giving in. It's very nice and shiny though - and it's got a flip top!

I'm easily pleased you know.

And I had a really nice lunch with Becks beforehand and we sat around drinking wine and discussing life. Lovely.


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