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Seeing [livejournal.com profile] truecatachresis's post reminds me. At the OUSFG agm I was elected Genital Piercing Officer (or GPO for short). For those of you unaware of the duties of the holder of this august post, I am required to revive flagging conversations, the suggested method being by talking about genital piercing as then other members will hasten to change the subject, thus reviving the conversation. Oh, and I am required to help out should the society become boring. So, all in all, not an onerous post :)
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Well, I've finally managed to tidy up everything from last night! I'm doing the washing and everything. OUSFG AGM tonight...
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Well, the OUSFG banquet is finally over. And a very good night it was. I wore my new monsoon dress with stole and beaded bag and looked very swank. Jeremy had one of their Chinese suits on which looked fab so it was all very stylish. The food was lovely and then we all came back here for the post-banquet party. My next door neighbour wasn't thrilled but it was Saturday night and it's not like I do this often so I figured what the heck :)

Turns out that one of my friends actually came to see this house when he was house hunting in May but we don't think that they sold it. This made me wonder about whether I could buy this place. It's really tempting because I'm very settled here already and I've got loads of ideas for the place - I get quite into home improvement and gardening and stuff. The only thing is that I don't know whether I'd (or we'd?) quite be able to afford it. I'll have to do a bit of investigation - keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Oh, and we role-played before the banquet and I did some kick-ass shooting at the kobolds and then we killed the orc cleric who'd been poisoning the towns water supply :) Go us! I think Ruth will go up a level now, but I won't for ages - one of the disadvantages of being a drow. Still, we did pretty well.
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And hopefully it will go as well as last week. Unfortunately I didn't make it to OUSFG yesterday after all which is kind of ironic as the reason we all made an effort to bat around in that part of town was so that we would be at the right end for OUSFG :) Oh well, we still had a pretty cool day.

Actually heaved ourselves out of bed in the morning (shock horror!) to go to the Phoenix for the showing of Porco Rossi or the Crimson Pig which was fantastic. It was set in the real world between the wars about pirates and bounty hunters who use sea planes but the main character was a pig. It was never made clear how or why he was turned into a pig but it was a great film.

Then, we all went for pub lunch in the Radcliffe - chocolate fudge cake ... mmmmmm ... followed by a bit of random shopping in Borders where I found the Cosmopolitan book of quizzes in the sale! Oh yes, 64 quizzes which will tell me absolutely everything I need to know! I have already found out that Alex and I are moderately compatible, that I would be a good mother but not yet, and that Alex would be a quite good but a bit repressed father! I warn you, when I've done them all, I'll post a mega entry with all the answers in!

So yeah, after that we went to the new G&Ds and then the Turf to kill some more time and then we wanted tea so we went to Pizza Hut for pizza (and cheezy bites - mmm) by which time it was 10:15 and so I decided that in the interests of not feeling shit today I'd better just go home. And it worked which is good :)
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Was pretty poo actually. Click here for my emotional/stomach traumas )
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So here we are again - Monday morning. I'm actually feeling pretty refreshed after last nights decision not to go to OUSFG (last one of term :( On the other hand, I know that lot and most of them will be around next weekend anyway) but instead to sit around and read (and have hugs from Alex after the film). Meant to go and see the film (Woman of the Dunes - [livejournal.com profile] cleanskies went so she'll probably tell you about it) but had stinking headache when I got back from Xmas shopping and decided to be lazy. Shocking.

So, the weekend. Well, Friday night was nice and quiet. Alex and I skipped out on going to see Harry Potter (me because I'm probably going to see it with my mum next weekend and him, if I understand it correctly, because it will be kinda cool to be able to pick up all the opinions/criticism necessary from the zeitgeist) and so we sat around and watched Buffy (a perennial favorite) and then went to bed and hugged. Managed not to get up til 12:30 on Sat (hoorah!) and then set about trying to sort out Xmas party costumes. Decided to go as Sapphire and Steel as it was fairly easy to do so I went out and bought a blond wig and Alex went out and bought some blond hair dye! What with his hair being naturally brown the result was more golden than ash blonde but it still looked pretty cool. Suitably arrayed, off we went...

The party itself was actually one of the best I've been to because instead of having it in one big room we had 2 smaller rooms. This meant that we could have the music in one and those of us who don't really share the RPGsoc musical taste we could sit in comfort in the room with the drinks and gossip :) Had a nice chat with Mike and Tom and all those people who I haven't seen much of this term and had a lot of wine. Plus, to cap it all off, we won 2nd prize (the bottle of port) in the costume competition - yay!

As you may have gathered from above, we had a lie in on Sunday, followed by lunch at Joes with the guys (always nice) and then Xmas shopping (yay!) in the rain (boo!). Plus I was a little bit fragile so I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have done but still, I did do very nicely in Blackwells with Alex's discount card :) I like having a boyfriend who's company owns bookshops :)


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