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Looking back on here, I actually posted more than I realised last year. Not anything like regularly, but more than I thought I had, which is quite pleasing. Still, could do better. I've been thinking that I miss writing - I'm going to try to kick start my fiction writing again this year by pushing myself into it a bit more and perhaps I could do worse than write more here too. It's all practice after all.

Got my second TMA back from my history course and just squeaked a first out of it which I was extremely squee-ish about! Also, as with previous essay, got good helpful feedback from my tutor. She's definitely the best tutor I've had at the OU by some way for giving clear, helpful feedback about structure and content. Now I just have to manage to apply some of it to the next essay!

Had a conversation with my head about dropping to four days a week next year, which is in many ways my ideal lifestyle. She seemed totally up for it - accepted the idea with no hedging at all. We have a lot of part time teachers, mostly for maternity reasons, so I guess she figures it'll be easy to find someone happy to teach my extra day without too much trouble, which is probably true. I'm hoping it'll be a Friday (the extra day, I mean) so that I can take long weekends more easily, although I will still have to negotiate around Brownies for that one. Still, all in all, I'm excited about the prospect.

Looking at my calendar to fix up one or two things this morning, realise it's really not that far until my birthday. Think it will be a quiet one this year as nothing can possibly top the Avengers eating and drinking party from last year (seriously, it was epic) and we only have had 2 of the next group of films out so far :D
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It is *freezing* in my office today. I am wearing my fingerless gloves and sitting cross legged to try to warm up my feet, which are distinctly icy! I haven't been drinking my water because I can't at the moment contemplate actually drinking something that's not warmed up, I'm so chilly. We do have a little space heater in our office, but it's really not doing much.

Mum and Dad came over for a birthday visit this weekend, the highlight of which was that Dad took one of the floorboards up for me and we found my ring! I left it on my bedside table one night and Charlie decided to conduct one of her gravity experiments by pushing it onto the floor where it then slipped down the gap in one of the floorboards (we deduced this by it's complete disappearance and the presence of my lipsalve under the dressing table whence it had also been moved). As you can imagine, this was quite distressing. I was 99% certain it was there but getting at it was another matter. I would have been gutted to lose it altogether as it's so completely my style of jewellery - it's my favourite ring, as well as being a gift from Alex. I remember buying it - we were looking for some jewellery for his mothers birthday and I saw it in the shop window and ooh'd and aah'd about how beautiful it was, not particularly intending to hint and he took me inside and bought it for me on the spot. He's lovely, really.

In terms of actual birthday pressies, I got some grow your own mushrooms, which I'm really excited about - I don't know why, but I absolutely love the idea. It looks like they take a bit of looking after so we'll have to see how I get on, but fingers crossed - I could be making mushroom sauce with my own mushrooms later in the year. I also got Guitar Hero II, which is fun. I think the medium mode is a bit easier than III - I am 5 starring songs first time around about half the time - but hopefully that means that the hard mode will be good training for the hard mode of III, which I'm finding a bit of a strain at the moment! The multiplayer is not quite as fun as on III, as there's no concept of a "co-op career" - you just can play any song you've unlocked in single player as a multiplayer song. Other than that, a couple of RHCP CDs (must remmeber to rip them to MP3 some time in the week) and a book round off the list so far, although I've got some things I haven't openned yet - I tend to like to open things in the presence of the giver but these are special Amazon delivery so I'm saving them for the day.
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So, I ended up having a really lovely birthday on Tuesday. As we'd been down to my folks a couple of weekends ago I wasn't really thinking of making much of a thing of it at all and hadn't really made any plans. In the morning I got an extra big hug from Alex and my pressie (which he'd cunningly tucked away on his side of the bed) - all the CDs of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again*! Which represents an act of heroic self sacrifice on his part as I cackle and know the words to some of those episodes :)

Off to work, as per, and I get a parcel. Ooh, thinks I :) It was actually gifts from Alex's mum, including Dance Factory from my wish list, which is one of those dance mat games except you can use your own CDs for the tunes instead of being stuck with the ones they pick, which is pretty awesome. Alex and I made IM plans to meet up after work for dinner at my favourite resturant and then a film. I also got Happy Birthday'd by quite a few people online, which made me feel all warm and glowy - as I hadn't really mentioned it this year, I hadn't thought anyone would remember, so thanks, guys.

Dinner was lovely, and then we went to see Hot Fuzz, which was a lot of fun (if a bit gory in places). Pub, with birthday hug from [livejournal.com profile] cleanskies followed and then it was off home again. It was here that my equilibrium slightly broke because we went down the river path and as we got across the first set of bridges onto the straight, we could see a fire in the distance. Not a big one but it seemed odd. Alex thought it might be on the other side, where he's seen fires before but actually, we got up to it to discover that it was a bin fire. Fortunatly, there seemed to be no fire setters hanging around nearby! It wasn't too big but it was obviously burning away merrily and close to overhanging trees and a wooden fence so we decided to play it safe and called the fire brigade, delaying us slightly as we had to head back up to Folly Bridge to guide them in. Very odd.

Overall, birthday rating = excellent.
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Damn you! Yesterday's poll was no use at all! A 4 way tie this time. Now I'm going to have to make my own decision. Although, it has been pointed out to me that what with scanners being so cheap I might as well get one anyway so I think I'll go for that at least.
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Well, quite a quiet birthday mostly, but still quite nice really. Work all day (boo) although (as you may have noticed from the volume of yesterdays entries) not very busy - mostly waiting for people to call/mail me back. Was going to go and see "The Way it is" recorded but no tickets received sadly :( So now I won't see Suz for about 6 weeks which we were both a bit gutted about. Unfortunately, Alex was DJing and I didn't want to miss it and Suz couldn't really meet early so we decided to leave it. Still. It was one of those things where loads of things are really annoyingly placed so that you can *almost* do something but not quite.

So, anyway. I went home and (wonder of wonders) the traffic wasn't actually that bad. Made self some pasta (mmm...) and then rang home. Long chat to Dad - I think he's a bit low at work atm but we both had a nice cathartic rant about various things - always good. Then, off to OUSFG briefly (brrr. cold outside) then on to the club. Alex and Mike did a very good set and the guy after was pretty good too. Alex complemented me on my dancing and I was eyed up by someone (slightly unnerving at the time, but nice in retrospect). A good night out, I feel.
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What with my birthday and my bonus having arrived at about the same time, I find that I can afford to treat myself to some commercial electronics but I have a dither about what to get. So...it's poll time once again.

  • A cd writer: This would be pretty cool and would be useful if I ever manage to get connected to the binaries newsgroups or if I get a digital camera but I'm not sure how much I'd use it initially
  • A digital camera: This would be great and they're shiny and I could put my photos on my website (I'm sure you're all thrilled :) ). On the downside, I don't use my camera a lot atm - I tend to forget it's there. Possibly this would be less true with digital, but I'm not sure
  • A scanner: I could digitise my current photos etc and move my scrapbook project to the web. Can't think of any obvious downsides to this one
  • A DVD player: Would be cool. But I don't have any DVDs - I have a shit load of videos and I don't buy new ones that often.

In fact, it's painfully obvious that I don't need any of these things, I'm just seduced by their shinyness. Although, before I bought my visor I didn't think I'd get that much use out of it - I'd never really managed to keep an appointments diary properly before - and now it's one of my most essential bits of kit.

[Poll #20076]
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Well, it's a small world, isn't it. It turns out that [livejournal.com profile] mic_schasser who I met via [livejournal.com profile] randomquestions because he had a Josie and the Pussycats icon was born on the same day as me. I like this as a fact :) So, happy birthday us.

It's a strange thing, a birthday. I don't feel like I'm ready to be 23 somehow although I couldn't tell you what I lack. According to work, I'm now old enough to start a pension but I still think of myself as a disorganised extravagant spendthrift (see recent entries on buying plans :) ). Can I stay like this (it's fun :) ) and still have a pension and other grown-up things?


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