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After night shift on Weds/Thurs develop flu and gate to sleep in tent for basically 24 hours, only to go for next shift.

After that, perked up enough to go to stuff. The Gossip were good, and The Frattellis. Ben Folds ok and the Editors rocked. Kings of Leon were ok but more summer afternoon stuff so we headed for Alabama 3, who were top.

Saturday was another shift and then out in time for Massive Attack who were fab. Were going to ped the fire show after but I was too knackered so we headed back.

Now at pyramid listening to John Mayer, who is pretty dope. Not sunny but ok. Net up with Angharad and Tristram and just chillin.
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So so shifts - night shift tonight, morning on Friday, evening on Saturday. Missing Joan Armatrading and Jeremy Hardy, but catching Kings of Leon, John Mayer, Massive Attack and Groove Armada. Hopefully.

Ok weather - drizzle this morning but all dried off in wind now. Clouds on the horizon but look high.

New campsite - over on far east of site. Nice size (after moving boundary out twice) but just outside the Fence and as far from our shifts as possible.

Nice neighbours - v young but charming, convivial and cute.
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I <3 this Glastonbury infographic from this post on flashboy.org - particularly the enjoyment over time. I could make a not disimilar graph with different band names if I was better with graphics packages!
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Pretty horrible start to the shift this morning - colder than the night shift! Felt better once I got a coffee though and in the end it didn't drag too much. The sun came out at the end and I decided that even if it got wet again, I had to abandon the overtrousers for a while, which felt awesome. Made it to Jazz World go time to catch most of Seth Lakeman, who was pretty good and then sauntered up to a little arbour at the entry to the Green Fields to sit down and read. Got over to the Avalon Stage to settle go for Bellowhead later and caught Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans who were awesome! Also made random friends, which was lovely. Killers last night was really disappointing (crap sound) so heres hoping for a good end tonight.
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Having a great time go the caberet tent - particularly enjoyed Nina Conti and monkey :) Jeremy Hardy next, Mitch Benn and then Marcus Brigstocke before venturing out to the mud again. Long Blondes were good and The Pipettes were very cute.
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Nightshift is always surprisingly cold, but fortunately we have the tea tent fairly close so we can pop over for warming drinks every now and then. The rain forced us to retreat after only a couple of minutes of Amy Winehouse - she wasn't actually floating my boat anyway. Super Furry Animals were good though, and we enjoyed The Coral too. Lots of home good stuff on tomorrow so just hoping for good weather.


June 22nd, 2007 03:11 pm
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Well, I think thats the heaviest rain I've been go at Glastonbury - here's hoping for some dry time while Amy Winehouse is on. Liked Gogol Bordello though.
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Weather grim but not actually raining. Yesterday was nice though - we went shopping and circled things in our programmes.
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Briefing done and we lucked out on shifts - Thurs 15-23, Fri 23-7, Sun 7-15 :)
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Sitting on the dragons head now. Rain stopped, all nice.
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And there goes the thunder...
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Made it onto the bus - Glasto here we come!

Oh dear

June 15th, 2007 02:48 pm
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Well, based on this weather forcast I'm glad we got a new tent this year! Also I should consider going out for fat girl over trousers after all (I was planning to just roll up my trousers and wear my poncho)
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I wish they'd just hurry up and publish the Glastonbury lineup already! According to Q it's not due out until June 1 but if the rumour sites are to be believed it's going to be awesome. I'm trying not to get too excited (not least because it's still 2 and a half months away) but looking at that lot, it's hard not to. Bellowhead! The Pippettes! The Killers! Iggy & The Stooges! Bootleg Beatles! Seth Lakeman! Fat Boy Slim! I guess even if only half of them actually are on the programme it'll be pretty awesome - I just hope the good ones are not during my shift!

I've also been obsessively hunting up rumours on the Q1 Ultra and it looks like it's going to be released in May with proper spec details being published tomorrow if I'm reading the comments correctly. Combining that with the strong pound right now I may just possibly manage to get a bargain while I'm in the States next month.
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Fancy live-blogging Glastonbury? Then the BBC want to hear from you - they're signing people up on their Glastonbury site right now. I just like the idea of them lending me a smart phone for the week (and, hopefully, somewhere to charge it up or a lot of spare batteries!) but hey, I've got my post per day to keep up so I'll be getting online somehow anyway - I wonder if there's wireless networking on site :) I guess now that there's a UK phone posting number set up I can always just treat you to 5 mins of music any time the whim strikes me!
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Well, I'm back. I didn't drown in the mud, I managed to see some good bands and I also managed to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] greengolux. I did some write up in a paper notebook (the one I used last year after my treo 270 lost battery power) so I want to transcribe that before I write up the last bit. My treo 650 managed to last the whole week (no voice calls and turned off and night and during shift) which I'm pretty damn chuffed about because the queues for the phone charging tent are always huge.
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Well, I didn't get washed away, so that's good. Fortunately, Oxfam camping is on the top of the hill so we could just lay in our tent and listen to the rain. By the time we ventured out to breakfast, the mud was already developing from once green grass. We ventured down to the Pyramid stage to see the Undertones. We had been planning to meet Geneva for lunch but she texted to cry off; a bit of an emergency in the Greenpeace field and given that they were rather further down the hill from us we were just pleased to hear from her anyway. The Undertones were pretty good actually, a bouncy fun set and of course the dedicated Teenage Kicks to John Peel. They didn't play it as the final song of their set, which I was surprised by but I think it was a good decision.

After that it was back up the hill for shift 2 and ped gate B was something of a quagmire. It would be an exaggeration to call it pleasant, particularly given that it was the worst shift I could have had for missing bands (Eliza Carthy, Spiers & Boden, Alabama 3) but we made it through. We even got some woodchips down towards then end which kept the whole thing marginally usable but I'm amazed we didn't get any falls. There's going to be a busy night shift too because they closed the camping and set up outside sites (to the annoyance of many) because of the flooding. Anyway, we finally got off at 11 and went to see the White Stripes who did a pretty damn good set. We were a long way back, looking out over the crowd and it was pretty. They played Hotel Yorba and Seven Nation Army so I was happy.

After that it was back to the tent. I was dreading the disrobing stage - my overtrousers and boots were caked - but with the help of Alex and some plastic bags we made it safely to bed. The mud down by the Pyramid stage that morning had been so deep it had even gone over the waterproof level of my boots so they were pretty gross. Sadly my poncho had developed a hole at lunch so I'd had to buy a waterproof after the Undertones and of course as soon as I put it on the rain stopped. Still, worth the money just for that, I think! Wellies sold right out - next year I'll bring some even though they're horrid to wear when it's not wet. Still, better than sandals - it amazes me that people wear flip flops in this or seem to have come with only trainers.

Anyway, now it's Sunday I have plastic gaiters on (less gross than my overtrousers!) and we're in the circus field. We saw some amazing gymnastic stuff (actually, we saw some on Thursday too, but I forgot to write about it. And a juggler type thing in a triangular box.) Anyway, it's all OK and we're going to see the Coral this afternoon then nightshift tonight.


Ash played Teenage Kicks too in memory of John Peel and Joe Strummer. We shouted for Make Poverty History. Who heard?
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Well, the festival hasn't started yet but here I am, one shift down, two to do. The sun is so hot that the main worries so far are sun burn and dehydration but so far we're coping. Actually, I got a little burned yesterday when I forgot that my strappy top would drop down lower during the day exposing extra back. Still, not bad considering. Our first shift was very quiet - tonnes of people came through yesterday and today (7am - 3pm) we never even had a queue. There were enough people coming out and then in again with extra beer to keep us amused. They brought us lots of water though and we took breaks to apply lotion. It's been too hot to read much (although I've done the "Oxford Murders" and "The Brilliance Of The Moon" despite!) but I've got my radio to listen to Wimbledon. I'm not surprised by Tim - he's very choppy - but I'm curious to see Murray. I always try to resist the nationalism at Wimbledon but with so much talk on 5, I'd like to have my own opinion. I won't until I see him play but I doubt he'll make it to the second week at this stage in his career. I was gutted to hear that Henin was out - I was looking forward to seeing her. Still, there'll be other times.

I was very irritated to realise that my afternoon shift tomorrow clashes with Alabama 3 and Eliza Carthy. Obviously, there are lots of other things to see, but I was specially looking forward to those two. Still, we get off just in time for the White Stripes which should be cool.

I bought this book last year when my Treo batteries ran out. No sign of that yet this year but I like the idea of re-using it - it's hardly been used since.
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So, Glastonbury.  The whole getting there thing turned out to be slightly more stressful than expected what with the extreme lack of organisation by National Express at the Heathrow change.  Still, we got on the bus we'd booked on, more by luck than anything else, and the fact that we were forced to listen to the football over a very crackly portable radio was slightly mitigated by the fact that we got to see Stonehenge.

This is rather long, so to read on, click away )

The conclusion? The whole thing was great! Even with the mud and so on, I had a brilliant time and I'm already planning to go next year, possibly as a volunteer if I don't manage to get punter's tickets. Maybe next year, I'll actually see all the stuff that looks interesting, get more of a tan, who knows!

You may have noticed that this is rather light on info about the actual music.  This is because I tried for the most part to take notes on the bands as I went along, either on my Treo or the old fashioned way.  The results are posted up as follows: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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I made notes on most of these at the time in my notebook...

Band notes )

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