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Well, that was quite a recovery! I thought Murray was being outplayed but he raised his level and Gasquet dropped his a bit. Some truely remarkable gets as well.

Am also now caught up on Who so can safely read friends page tomorrow. Total bollocks overdrive may need to be renamed Maximum Ultimate Red Alert.
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Am home. Will upload pics tomorrow (data connection in field not good enough). Watching Murray lose to Gasquet. (2 sets to love, 5-5). Although it's never over until the fat lady etc etc.
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Watched Federer win the Aussie Open this morning. He is just awesome. There's no other word. They were already talking about whether he could do the Grand Slam this year and it doesn't seem crazy. It all hnags on the French, of course, but still, I can see it.

It feels so lucky to be interested in the sport now, when a man who is definitely going to go down in history as one of the best players of the game ever is making history. Some of these matches are things they're going to show in rain breaks for years. I really really really hope that I get to see him live one day and thats not beyond the realm of possibility. There are still records to be broken, although fewer and fewer.
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Watching the first morning of the Australian Open on the BBC website (Safin vs Becker*) and I see they've started to use hawkeye in competition. Each player can challenge a call. If they're wrong twice they can't challenge any more until the next set. So far, I have to say I like it. It's allowing the players to focus more on the tennis and not get distracted by anger at missing what they percieve to be their point. Both players have so far challenged once and been right. I don't think they're planning to use it at Wimbledon this year but I hope they bring it in soon.

* No, not that Becker, Benjamin Becker. What with going down on the programme as B. Becker he tends to get big audiences :) He's actually not half bad but not in Boris' league.
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If you fancy going to Wimbledon next year (me, me, me!), don't forget that the deadline for getting a ballot entry form is 15th December - see here for details. Or, if you don't fancy the tennis but do fancy a chance of making a very happy Jo, you could apply for some for me from your address....
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Updates eh. Stuff happens to me, but somehow I don't write about them. Recent happenings include:

* Visit from parents last weekend. Spur of the moment plan to get together to watch the Wimbledon finals at my place. Dad bought champagne and we had that with strawberries and cream. It was a really nice weekend actually.

* Chat with my boss at work resulting in promise of bonus for me at end of quarter! w00t!

* General announce by my boss that we're moving to another room where I will be able to sit with my screen facing the wall. Also yay.

* Failing to find any trace of my old address book that I thought I had backed up before my harddrive died last year and consequent failure to pass it to Caption folks :(

* Rediscovered a short play I wrote when in my first year. Not terrible, actually, but not actually what one would call good.

* Feelin' good about that whole SB admin thing. The last month or so, I've really felt like I had it under control. Now I need to kick some of my training projects up a gear.

* Visit to Beanwood with Brownies where the girls were all really well behaved and then visit to cricket match/party with Sadie. As last year, watched penultimate Dr Who ep and was unimpressed. Also enrolled 4 new Brownies. As of September Brownies will be all girls we've enrolled, which seems kind of cool.

* Girls night. Fantastic. Booze and talk and much good cheer and good companionship.

* Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest. Not as good as the first one. Too much plot, too much drama, not enough fun.

* Macbeth on Headington Hill: Not too bad. Didn't like the witches at all. Good MacBeth. Lady M started over the top but got much better.
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I don't think I actually mentioned here, although I've been anticipating it all last week but last night we went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers play in Reading! I was a bit nervous because I'm not good at crowds or at standing up for very long periods but it it was awesome! The concert was in the football stadium and we managed to find a space in the dugout (or at least I assume that's what it was) which was close enough to be able to see (aided by the fact that it was a step up from the pitch level) and nice and protected from the general crowds. The set was amazing - they played Can't Stop, Scar Tissue, Californication, By The Way, Under The Bridge and tonnes of other stuff new and old that I now can't remember. Just fantastic. The support band were pretty lame but that was fine because I just sat down on the floor for them so I didn't get too tired later. So yay for living up to expectations!

I was gutted to miss the tennis on Saturday and then yesterdays performances were fairly lame - very scrappy, so I didn't get much value out of my day off on that front. I did get stuff done on the internet though, which was good. I wondered about doing a [livejournal.com profile] swisstone style roundup of where the draw stands for Wimbledon now but couldn't quite summon up the energy for that (flist breaths sigh of relief). I really like the odd 4 day week - I have been wondering about trying to make sure I get one a month, using holiday days to fill in between bank holidays. I also went into Bravissimo in the afternoon, having been persuaded by [livejournal.com profile] white_hart and [livejournal.com profile] dyggdu on Saturday. Went in 36C, came out 36DD, which is not too bad. Is DD like half way between D and E or is it different when they double them? Forgot to ask until after I'd left. So anyway, I bought 2 bras and 2 strappy tops with built in serious bras, which are great!

A quiet week for the rest of this week, probably for the best! I was knackered this morning - combination of overexcited evening wearing me out and cats arguing at 5am. The heat is making them crotchety. Me too, which is very unusual for me - normally I'm OK up to about 34/35 but this year it's getting me down. Humidity levels perhaps.


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