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I stepped down as an LJ admin. I'm slightly ashamed to say that I'm a little teared up about it.
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a) Thank you very much!
b) No, I have no idea at all who you are
c) I used the packaging for todays gift to make a little shelter for my oggz so that you can see them better in my brightly lit office :)
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It's so nice to get a bit of ego stroking once in a while. I feel like I'm one of the quiet ones in terms of LJ support, so it's really nice to have something like this. I haven't commented on as many other people's threads as I'd like to yet. I keep being stuck for what exactly to say though - I feel an urge to make personal and insightful comments but the inspiration isn't quite there. I figure Monday at work will give me plenty of time to think of some though!
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Having a slightly odd work day today. Lots of odd tasks getting in the way of me starting on one of my bigger projects. I've started another task management kick (in my constant search for a system which will prevent me from letting small tasks slip through the cracks) and am currently quite liking Remember the Milk, which is easy on the eye and seems to work nicely (although I would like the ability to add dependancies). It also works if you set it as your desktop wallpaper using Windows Active Desktop, which I tried for a bit as one of the other ones I used made it a feature but although it's quite neat, I ended up actually preferring it in a browser window with my other admin type tabs (mail, calendar).

Yesterday was parcel-o-rama day here at the office. 2 delivered to me en-route to other people ([livejournal.com profile] art_geek, I've got your uniform), my thermos and new headphones from Amazon and finally, my sekrit bunneh present! Awesome, bunneh! I gotz Oggz :) They're a little washed out in the strong lighting here but still lovely - I'll be posting a picture. I might rig up a little paper shelter for them - that's sure to get funny looks from my collegues!
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Well, I got in touch with a couple of architects today to set the ball rolling on our possible extension (yes, Mum, you can start squeeing now :) ), which is very exciting. And I contacted 2 people about floorboard restoration yesterday.

what floorboards? )

But I digress. Anyway. The point is that the New Year seems to have put me into a kind of spring cleaning mode and things which I've been meaning to do for quite a bit have started to get done again. Unfortunatly, I let my list kind of pile up in December so there's quite a bit of stuff that I've either started or definitely committed to do which needs to get done:

  • Opal for Scrapbook - this was [livejournal.com profile] camomiletea's treat for halloween so I really ought to pull my finger out!
  • Brownie planning for this term (arranged for next Weds)
  • Bills for Jan (really must do this tonight!)
  • Cancel Sky subscription (this really ought to be easy!)
  • Review finances re. extension project. Start making plans to move/re mortgage (to get good rate again).
  • 2 more gifts for sekrit bunneh (should be easy - just have to remember to take posting time into account)
  • Read chap 5 of course book. Decide which essay to do for second OU assignment.
  • Do Brownies accounts for last term. Pay last terms rent. Call parents of Brownies we have places for now.
  • Shop for Xmas coat with Alex
  • Collect or arrange for visitor to bring chest of drawers for bedroom from Norfolk

I've been thinking about making one of those coloured timetable thingies assigning each of my evenings to one of my different project (Brownies, Support, house, etc) but actually, that's just a way for me to procrastinate and I wouldn't stick to it anyway - I wouldn't manage anything rigid. I do need to spread my energy better though - I tend to get all involved in one area and let the others tread water. Perhaps just try to make sure each area with pending tasks gets one evening in my week where I spend a little time on it.
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OK, it seems to be support trick or treat time again and this year, I'm hosting on my journal! Halloween isn't such a big thing here as it is across the pond but I thought what the heck - why not get into it :) So, here we go:

I will treat you with some virtual candy for the following tricks:
- dress up one of my userpics for me (I'm rubbish with iconery :) )
- leave a sensible screened in Scrapbook if you're not an SH there and comment with the link
- approve an answer in Scrapbook if you are an SH there and comment with the link

I will treat you by doing something styles-ish for you (i.e. new style based on template you provide, add killfile to your current style, scrapbook style to match your current style) for the following tricks:
- send in a Scrapbook review (doesn't have to be all reqs done over Halloween, obviously, but no older than 2 or 3 weeks please)
- leave sensible screeneds on 5 styles requests: at least 1 about S1 and 1 about S2 and only 2 can be simple see the FAQ.
- approve 4 answers in Scrapbook

You have until I go home from work on Nov 1st (i.e. about 5pm GMT) - go for it!
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A nice quiet evening in coming up this evening, which is nice. I can get computery things done. Work are blocking community.blah sites atm, which is rather restricting my ability to comment to people or reply to comments I get while here.

* Test out dance mat (we got dance mats for the PS2! But apparently the game they come with is not good - [livejournal.com profile] sparkymark, can you bring others on Friday?)
* Tesco order
* Hoover downstairs - get rid of remains of festival!
* Write something about Truck, Temeraire, stuff, plans
* Do review
* Write post for support_sb re training plans
* Write post for support_sb re tagging, etc for supporthelps (eee! I have multiple supporthelps now!)
* Comment in supportlounge, somewhere else
* De green
* Answer 5 styles requests
* Monthly paperwork/banking
* Read book from Jenni (the Jade Throne? Anyway, the 2nd Temeraire book)

I may possibly even also cook this evening as a glance outside the window suggests that it's not insanely hot and I am kind of craving pasta after having nothing but tomatoes and sandwiches for a while. It's been too hot even for me to want to eat hot food but now, I see clouds and I'm thinking maybe. On the other hand, maybe I'll get home and it'll be stifling and I won't fancy it.

Also, for people, having or about to have birthdays, sorry, I seem to be very uninspired at the moment :(
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Updates eh. Stuff happens to me, but somehow I don't write about them. Recent happenings include:

* Visit from parents last weekend. Spur of the moment plan to get together to watch the Wimbledon finals at my place. Dad bought champagne and we had that with strawberries and cream. It was a really nice weekend actually.

* Chat with my boss at work resulting in promise of bonus for me at end of quarter! w00t!

* General announce by my boss that we're moving to another room where I will be able to sit with my screen facing the wall. Also yay.

* Failing to find any trace of my old address book that I thought I had backed up before my harddrive died last year and consequent failure to pass it to Caption folks :(

* Rediscovered a short play I wrote when in my first year. Not terrible, actually, but not actually what one would call good.

* Feelin' good about that whole SB admin thing. The last month or so, I've really felt like I had it under control. Now I need to kick some of my training projects up a gear.

* Visit to Beanwood with Brownies where the girls were all really well behaved and then visit to cricket match/party with Sadie. As last year, watched penultimate Dr Who ep and was unimpressed. Also enrolled 4 new Brownies. As of September Brownies will be all girls we've enrolled, which seems kind of cool.

* Girls night. Fantastic. Booze and talk and much good cheer and good companionship.

* Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest. Not as good as the first one. Too much plot, too much drama, not enough fun.

* Macbeth on Headington Hill: Not too bad. Didn't like the witches at all. Good MacBeth. Lady M started over the top but got much better.
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Some of you might be interested to know that LJ is now running a jabber server that you can use to chat with your Flist - details at http://www.livejournal.com/ljtalk. I had it running at home but can't seem to connect from work :(
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I have still not stopped squeeing about this! It's just soooooo exciting - I never thought I'd get to be an admin!

Thus far it's been the bright spot in a less than great week but it sure shines very brightly :)
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[livejournal.com profile] jinty, was it you who asked about this? Anyway, of possibly general interest is that you can now append ?view=flat to comments pages to view the comments in order added rather than threaded. I don't know how that interacts with multiple pages, but there you have it.
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I can't concentrate this afternoon, so I thought I'd have a quick look at my Q4 statistics:

Category Requests touched Total touches Screened Answer Internal Comment
All 235 332 13 67 247 5
clients 2 2 0 2 0 0
communities 9 11 3 7 1 0
embedding 4 4 0 0 4 0
general 84 98 1 9 87 1
styles 42 58 1 16 41 0
syn 8 23 2 6 14 1
userpics 2 2 0 0 1 1
web-ui 84 134 6 27 99 2

I wasn't as badly off as I thought, although I'm not surprised I got demoted in UPI - my first ever inactivity demotion, I think - as I didn't leave a single screened there. Web got the majority of my time over the quarter which is probably fair given how short staffed it is. For next year, I probably ought to skew my activity over from G/UNK into Styles a bit though. It's partly a reflection that there are more simple FAQ refs for me to approve in G/UNK, but still. Also, in the last month I've remembered why I rather like syn* so I think I'll be back there more often again.

I have a post bubbling under in my head about privs in general which I might write in the next few days but we'll see.

* Because you can look up stuff that doesn't seem to make sense in the actual code: since there's only about 3 files, it's easy to know where to look.


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