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tinyjo: (butterfly)

All these things that I have done

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Created on 2009-04-11 13:41:53 (#35685), last updated 2017-10-15 (3 days ago)

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Name:Emptied of expectation. Relax.
Birthdate:Feb 20
The short version

I am tiny. I require tea and hugs at regular and frequent intervals.

The long version

I am an ex computer programmer turned primary school teacher living in Oxford. I love to read, particularly SF/fantasy, listen to music and play around on the internet, constantly tinkering with my website as form of relaxation. I live with two lovely pussy cats called Cassie and Charlie and a lovely chap called [info]oxfordslacker. Well, not actually called that obviously.

I went off tea for a while but then got bored and am back on it now. Fortunately, I don't have to make too many of my own cups because [info]oxfordslacker is excellent at it :) I have spent a long time doing various diets but am not doing any at the moment and vary in my opinions as to how much of the pressure to lose weight really has it's origins in the patriarchy, not in healthy living. I love good food, good wine and cooking, and in the end, I find I'd rather enjoy a good piece of cheese with port than deprive myself and lose a pound of weight.

Politically I'm a liberal and a libertarian to some degree. I'm passionatly interested in politics without having any desire to get involved myself. I'm addicted to news and current affairs, which I get mostly from Radio 4. Actually, I like a lot of stuff on Radio 4, despite being under 40, and have even been known to take pleasure in the Archers.

Although I've never had a girlfriend, I have had sex with women and consider myself to be bi-sexual. I'm more likely to be attracted to women than men in general, Alex being one of the relativly few men I've ever had sexual feelings for. We're both fairly comfortable with the view that sex is not the be all and end all and can be shared with others without threatening our connection.

Now I've been keeping this journal for a while, I've learned to spell definite, but my spelling is not great when deprived of spellchecking facilities, I abuse the comma and the bracket and misplace apostropes on occasion. Polite corrections are accepted, but play nice :)

I used help out on the LJ support board for kicks, and was the category administrator for Scrapbook for a year or so. I've also had SH in Embedding, GUNK, Syn, Styles and Web at various times. You can see the first request I tried to answer - not bad for a newbie but I've got much better since then :) If you want to know anything about how LJ or DW works it's probably worth asking me because if I don't know I usually know where you can find out.

If there's anything else you want to know, go ahead and ask.

Last updated: 2011-02-20

In case of emergencies, I have a private contact details post, which is readable by a small subset of my friends list plus the site admins here - if it's a real emergency, get in touch with them and they'll get in touch with me.
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