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Good lord. Twitter feeds for the three party leaders. Sadly, not (a) satire or (b) actual twittering from said politicians but (c) their official site RSS feeds converted into twitter posts.
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I meant to link this to the rest of my f-list* when I first saw it but forgot but now, here it is - a venn diagram of the internet. Personally, I think cat macros are a bigger subset of kitten pictures, but then I've not done the research :)

* It's interesting to see which things jump between the sub-sections of my friends list (mainly the support lot and the uk lot, who have virtually no crossover) and which don't. Normally, I'm quite good at predicting but this time I was wrong.
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It seems that tableless CSS designs are all the rage, but why is tableless considered good? What's wrong with tables? Enquiring minds want to know.

I think when I get round to doing a new design for my website I might try this out so I can learn it. I've also been toying with the idea of an xml stylee thing (not quite sure how yet) so that I would have an easy time swapping things round in future. Hmmm. Roll on S2 that's what I say :)
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Note to Renault. Making a website to sell cars which does not include any info on the prices is not going to work. Honestly!
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Well, I am now cool - it's official. Finally I can bask in the smug glow of having been the first to do something. Yes, the Philosophy magazine is now being discovered by the net community (see here and here) :) I can proudly announce that I sent this link via email ages ago (ah, if only I'd had a livejournal then :) ), already subscribe to the print version of the mag and playtested the Shakespeare vs Britney Spears game! I know that this is appalling boasting but it just makes me feel cool! My fave bits on the site are the Philosophical Health Check and the logic tests, possibly indicating that logic/consistency is very important to me (surprise, surprise). This was also indicated when I did the Morality play test and came out as basically believing that moral principles should be consistent across scale and geography. See - philosophy is cool after all :)
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Could you see the sentence "I'm enjoying my final menstruation of 2001" (nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] spiralingmoons journal) Ahhh, I love the random function :) I'm almost tempted to make her a friend for a bit but I don't think I'm quite charmed enough for that - I rarely am.

Nice night down the pub yesterday even if I did flake out slightly before the end. Gid was there which was nice cos I haven't seen him for a while and then he came back to sleep over at my place in the spare room - bless. Plus I got hugs and knee skritching from Alex (yes I know - I'm a freak)

Also, riddle me this. Monday I got an early night after a relaxing evening and on Tues I was zonked. Yesterday I was up late (not wildly, but a bit) and this morning I'm feeling remarkably perky! Go figure.
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See me in the strip! Yay! This means I am cool after all I think!
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I think that the good people at Google may have too much time on their hands - their language options include Bork bork bork, Elmer Fudd and Pig Latin. Still, they are the font of all knowledge so I guess we can forgive a little strangeness!


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