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I have to concede that my tutor is a lot better than me at getting her marking done! The closing date for my last effort was the 5th and I've just had it back today, which is very pleasing. Also, I seem to have cracked it with regards to the structural stuff because I got a 95 this time - very gratifying! Of course, I find it much easier to structure philosophy essays for some reason - I guess it's because the sources tend to be very structured so it's easier to see the best way to organise things.

Now all I have left of this course is the reflective TMA (which will be tricky as I always find reflection hard to write without feeling too self obsessed) and the EMA, for which I have a choice of three - one about the seaside and codes of behaviour, which doesn't interest me at all (although I haven't read the chapter yet, so who knows), one about sacred space and tourism, which I think is a really interesting question but the course materials only seem to approach rather obliquely so would need a lot of work, and one about the seaside as "experience machine" which, while I found the experience machine a very interesting thought experiment, doesn't really appeal as it implys a way of thinking about it which is totally contrary to the way that I have been and so would be a bit of a strain.

The downside of this mark, as [livejournal.com profile] oxfordslacker pointed out is that now if I hit distinction on the last two assignments I can get distinction overall so I will have to really make the effort :)

Have also been spending time since we got back from Italy (lovely lovely holiday) sorting out the house. Managed to get a huge amount of tidying done on Saturday - felt very productive - and then gardening on Sunday, although I've neglected that for so long that there is still absolutely loads to do to get it into a fit state for summer. Still haven't heard back from the builder about doing the decking - might have to look around for quotes, methinks.
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  • Radiator in my study fixed
  • New Roomba battery ordered
  • 1.5tb drive for Fry ordered
  • New futon cushion for our sofa ordered
  • Bin for compostables bought (to replace series of random skanky plastic containers) and lined with biodegradable rubbish bag
  • Removed out of date anti-virus and replaced it with free in-date one from Alex's work (great workplace perk!)
  • Xmas pressies for Dad purchased
  • Xmas pressies for brother purchased
  • Xmas pressies for sister-in-law purchased
  • Part of Xmas pressies for Mum purchased
  • OU course for next year picked out (along with about 6 others I don't have time for!) but heroically not signed up for yet to allow people to buy me OU vouchers for Xmas if they want.
  • Amazon wish list updated to facilitate purchase of Xmas pressies for me by other people.
  • Lampshade for our bedroom purchased and installed
  • New, brighter bulb for living room lamp purchased and installed

Seriously, that first one makes me so happy! With a bit of help from the internet and Alex, all it needed was unscrewing the thermostat, some WD40 on the pin and a little bit of firm pressure to release it and now I am warm in the cat cave again! Lots of these look like really small things but are actually little jobs that I have just not been getting around to for ages and ages and ages so it's really pleasing to have actually got them done.

The OU website is so addictive! I spent about an hour planning out qualifications I could take. I want to take enough second year courses to fill the requirements for 2 degrees! Still, one step at a time, so I'm going for a first year philosophy course which looks really interesting and doesn't involve an exam to get myself back into it. I also spent a certain amout of time being very amused how many of the shows I remember from my childhood can now be bought as complete sets from Amazon. I guess the nostalgia market is alive and well. Have added the Mysterious Cities of Gold DVD to my wish list :)
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Well, despite the onset of PMT closely followed by, well, MT, I have actually managed to be reasonably productive this weekend. Mostly what I've been doing is taking advantage of Alex having disassembled the spare bed to turn the spare bedroom into an office for me. I spent a very pleasant few hours measuring items of furniture scheduled to remain and fixtures before drawing up a plan in Gliffy (I always have to have a plan. When I was about 13, I made a scale drawing of my bedroom with all the furniture as cut-outs I could move around and stick on with blu-tack, the better to plan my periodic furniture moves.) When I finally found some furniture I liked and a layout that would work, I was seized with a sudden urgent desire to just buy the stuff now and actually drove out to Ikea on Saturday evening to pick up the bits.

We built the shell of the desk when I got back on Saturday night and I did the drawers, doors and office chair this morning. Since then I've been tying away on my laptop at plans for lessons next week and taking breaks by clearing up the room and sorting out some of the things that need to be freecycled. I always find it interesting that one of the fundamental differences between Alex and I is that I enjoy tidying up - I find it restful and pleasing - and he not only doesn't but has such a visceral reaction to it that he can't understand how I possibly can.

So now I have a desk. And Things in their Right Places. This is good. And I have got over what should be the worst of the (P)MT on a weekend so should be all ready to be nice to my class next week. We'll see how it goes :)
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Went out to see Stardust last night - first film I've seen in ages. I actually rather enjoyed it, although it was marred by the end of the final confrontation making no sense as far as I could see. Other than that and the usual amount of o.O at the behaviour of the female characters, it was good - nice amount of sass, very pretty and so on. The only thing was, it wouldn't have taken much to make it really good. Still, not a bad way to break the duck.

Have managed to put together all my flat-packs from the weekend so now I need to figure out what's going on freecycle and what's going in a corner somewhere for the new extension of the future. Annoyingly, they still haven't restocked my TV table according to the website so I don't know if I'll be able to collect it at the weekend. On the other hand, we may not have the new TV by then anyway.
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I see that in my posting fit on Friday, I failed to mention the fact that I did my history exam on Thursday! Yes, it is finally all over and I think I did pretty well. I got lucky with question selection and think I produced a pretty creditable pair of essays and source questions at least up to my usual standard. I didn't end up feeling I should have worked harder or anything so I think even if I only get a grade 2 pass (I definitely didn't bomb it) I'll be happy that I did my best and gave myself the best chance of a distinction I could.

After the exam was over, Alex and I decided to have curry for dinner (well that was mostly me, but he agreed :)). We ordered and I watched some Location, Location, Location while we waited. The doorbell rang, I paused the computer and got the curry and then sat down to a blank screen! Our first instinct was to blame the computer. We fiddled with the connection, changed the wire & rebooted with no joy. Eventually we decided we must have somehow shafted the graphics card and decided to watch a video. I connected that to the scart and we then discovered that it wasn't the computer, it was the scart socket on the TV :( We managed to watch a video over the old fashioned aerial connection but now we need a new TV as all our other tech will only communicate via SCART, unfortunately. TVs have got a lot more complicated since I last bought one as well. Any recommendations? Brands to avoid?

Saturday was Jeremy and Jo Go To Ikea day! It was fun, and productive but extremely exhausting. I came back with a car literally completely packed with stuff, 2 items I hadn't managed to collect (sofa and TV table - the original items I was looking for :)) and a vision of the living room and how it's actually going to work and be transformed into a really nice room (Alex looks at me like I'm odd when I start squeaking about my rocking chair :)). Also, complete crockery set so that all our stuff will match and other miscellaneous bits and bobs which are of win. Of course my living room currently looks like a bomb has hit it because it's full of flat packs but I'll work on that tonight.

Sunday we went over for lunch with Sadie & Tim and managed to get onto the "shocking people with films I have never seen" game :) They were particularly shocked by Casablanca so after we'd eaten and drunk we repaired to the living room for a double bill - Airplane followed by Casablanca. Airplane was kind of fun in a silly way (and funnier by recognising bits from a House ep where he has to treat people on a flight). Casablanca was awesome. I had somehow managed to not know the story at all, just the famous quotes so I came to it completely fresh and had to have a little cry at the end, it was so sad. I was fascinated by the fact that it was made during the war, which to me made it more poignant because no-one writing or seeing it knew how the world situation would turn out - they really could have been stuck in Casablanca forever. Also, there's presumably a propaganda motive in there too - showing an American in the centre of the action, making a heroic sacrifice for the good of the war effort must have been a popular message.
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I see that the Truck lineup is up (you have to click on the guy with the sign board in the middle of the page - lame, I know). Most of the regulars are there, although no sign of Fell City Girl this year, to my disappointment - I always like my late afternoon FCG. Still, looks like fun. I haven't been to a lot of gigs this year so there's quite a few names here I only recognise from other people's reviews. I feel sure I do know Idlewild, although I can't bring any of their songs to mind right now.

My plans for this weekend include a BBQ and a picnic. Looking at the forcast, I somehow doubt that I'm going to manage that! Actually, with the remains of the post Glastonbury cold still clinging on, I'm considering just staying at home - I don't think I could face being stuck at Didcot with the railway lines flooded out and given how suceptible our public transport is to that kind of stuff, I just don't have the energy. I guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow - this has been receding so maybe I'll be more energetic tomorrow.

I'll need to be if we're going out because the house is in a bit of a state. Drying washing and tent as well as piles of to be washed and books and all the other various bits of our luggage spread across the place! And on top of that there is my course books and all the post I haven't processed yet - I got back from Glastonbury to find that I have 20 credit points from my first two courses! I was amazed that it took as long to mark my sociology course as it did for me to take and then have marked my science course! Hopefully my history exam (arg!) when I get it won't be anything like long to wait. I also got the sample paper in the post but I'm trying not to read the notes so that I can try to do the questions under timed conditions and then read over the notes and see where I need more work. Once I've got my slavery essay out of the way, that is.


May 5th, 2007 02:10 pm
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So, while tidying the kitchen this morning, I heard what I thought was a rustling sound coming from the fridge. I gave it a suspicious stare, but decided that it was just things settling inside as I had just rearranged it. However, when Charlie started taking an indecent amount of interest in the gap down the side it was time to reconsider and staring fixedly down the side showed a little mouse dashing across.

For this, I blame Cassie as she used to bring live mice in a lot more frequently than dead ones so I should have guessed that she would have managed to do it a time or two here. Usually she keeps hold of them and brings them right over to me, possibly hoping to train me to hunt, but I guess this time she must have become distracted and dropped the damn thing in the kitchen.

Alex tries to extract the mice - click for amusing pics! )

The upshot of it all is that
(a) we have a mouse in our kitchen
(b) the fridge still appears to be working and has now been pushed right back into the alcove to allow the cats enough of a gap to hunt in the area (I'm pretty much betting on them chasing it out where I can get at it)
(c) I need a humane mousetrap and
(d) we have finally found Ruth's missing D12, which had been chased under the fridge by the cats in times past, apparently. There's also the big D20 and a pink D20 under there but we couldn't get at them.
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Finally made it to Norwich after somewhat hellish journey involving closed roads and diversions via roadworks. Managed to do some sucessful shopping though, including some beautiful, if somewhat expensive curtain rail fixings for the bay window in our bedroom. I'm almost nervous about putting them up now!
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I just love watching Relocation, Relocation. I love looking at what other people do with their houses. I love this house, particularly this living room; I really need to get on with doing the work I want to do here. I ought to at least get our bedroom finished - it's really close, after all.

We had a builder round this evening to talk about the whole extension thing and give some very rough ball park figures. He's a friend of a friend apparently and actually lives on our road, both of which are great recommendations and actually, we really hit it off. It made me feel much more hopeful about the project as a whole - I think we could manage it, although we'd be pushing things. It'd be worth it though.
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Since Alex fixed the roof of the conservatory I actually quite like sitting in here when it rains. The sound on the roof is really loud (because the roof is made of corrugated plastic, for those of you who haven't seen this) but I like that. I like the sense of being safe indoors while the elements rage. I guess the fact that it used to be so leaky exacerbates that even more. When we have the extension done, gone will be this simple pleasure, I guess, but to be replaced with a whole range of other pleasures :) We've asked the architect to make drawings and he's coming over tomorrow lunchtime to take measurements & photos of what's here already.

I'm just having a bit of a relax, having finished the mad hoover and clean-up of doom, for we have Alex's sister and her man staying over after Ben's gig this evening. And this requires a more than usually thorough job as Jo is allergic to cats (amongst lots of other things!) so I've been scouring the spare room (usually the province of Cassie) to within an inch of it's life. I suspect she's still going to need anti-histamines though.

Currently, both cats have joined me to watch me write. Cassie has bagged a spot that Charlie usually uses when I'm hanging out in here (the canvas bag that came with my OU opennings course - Charlie has a big thing for sitting on bags) and Charlie is wandering round sniffing at everything, trying to decide on a second choice for curling up.
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Squee! Emailed an architect and got an actual response and now have arranged a meeting for Monday after we get home from Norfolk. The extension project may be on it's way!
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Well, we've done it. We've alphabetized the fiction collection. As this involved a lot of going up and down stairs with piles of books, I am now wiped out, but that's OK. There is also an actual increase in clutter because the extracted non-fiction and multiple author stuff is all higgledy-piggledy on the bed in the spare room. I'm saving that for next weekend :)

Still, it is rather satisfying to look at Eco next to Eddings and think "Yes, that's exactly right" :P
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Well, domestic weekend going fine so far, although I had been hoping to get out into the garden a little bit. Ah well, maybe tomorrow. We de-duplicated the Pratchett today before Alex went to Oxfam, which will give us a bit of slack in our bookshelves. I'm sure no household really needs 3 copies of Interesting Times, after all! Turns out we're only missing 2 Discworld books of those in paperback, which is not bad.

The trouble with being domestic on a Saturday afternoon is that there's no good radio after the World at 1. You're stuck with Any Questions and Any Answers, which are unbearable and then the Saturday play, which is rarely my kind of thing (although listening to a few recent afternoon plays has changed my opinions of the possibilities of radio drama). Today I've been listening to Sams Town again. This was one of Alex's Christmas presents that we were both really pleased with. We had it on while we were driving to London in our Christmas round trip and it's definitely a grower - nothing really hit me the first time round then the second time (long drive), I started to get into Read My Mind and Uncle Jonny. This time, I've been enjoying pretty much all of it and I think it's actually more like the first album than I thought - the big anthemic sound is still in there when you listen. Highly recommended.
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Well, I got in touch with a couple of architects today to set the ball rolling on our possible extension (yes, Mum, you can start squeeing now :) ), which is very exciting. And I contacted 2 people about floorboard restoration yesterday.

what floorboards? )

But I digress. Anyway. The point is that the New Year seems to have put me into a kind of spring cleaning mode and things which I've been meaning to do for quite a bit have started to get done again. Unfortunatly, I let my list kind of pile up in December so there's quite a bit of stuff that I've either started or definitely committed to do which needs to get done:

  • Opal for Scrapbook - this was [livejournal.com profile] camomiletea's treat for halloween so I really ought to pull my finger out!
  • Brownie planning for this term (arranged for next Weds)
  • Bills for Jan (really must do this tonight!)
  • Cancel Sky subscription (this really ought to be easy!)
  • Review finances re. extension project. Start making plans to move/re mortgage (to get good rate again).
  • 2 more gifts for sekrit bunneh (should be easy - just have to remember to take posting time into account)
  • Read chap 5 of course book. Decide which essay to do for second OU assignment.
  • Do Brownies accounts for last term. Pay last terms rent. Call parents of Brownies we have places for now.
  • Shop for Xmas coat with Alex
  • Collect or arrange for visitor to bring chest of drawers for bedroom from Norfolk

I've been thinking about making one of those coloured timetable thingies assigning each of my evenings to one of my different project (Brownies, Support, house, etc) but actually, that's just a way for me to procrastinate and I wouldn't stick to it anyway - I wouldn't manage anything rigid. I do need to spread my energy better though - I tend to get all involved in one area and let the others tread water. Perhaps just try to make sure each area with pending tasks gets one evening in my week where I spend a little time on it.

Day 2

January 2nd, 2007 02:02 pm
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So, as my brief post from yesterday indicated I plan to make a post per day to my LJ this year. It will be interesting to see how that survives contact with (for example) Glastonbury but it's worth a shot. I reserve the right to do 2 word posts on slow days though :)

Looking back at last year's resolutions, I'm not doing too badly there. The routine thing started well but didn't really stick but up until the last month I would have said I'd got a lot better at making sure things didn't slip through the net. Still worth working on that one. All the others have actually been pretty much achieved, which is a nice thought.

This year is going to be the big party so of course I want to organise that and see it go sucessfully. I want to pass my OU course and choose my next one. I want to find out how feasible it would be to start a Guide company and, if possible, get it going. I want to keep more on top of the housework and keep the house looking nice all year round. I want to make better use of the time between getting home from work and when we eat (which has expanded this year as Alex gets home much later than me). I want to start playing my violin again (possibly in the early evening time) and to pass on my cello to someone who will actually get use out of it as, much as I love it, I just don't play it. I want to commission the extension from an architect

I also want to do something about my weight but I'm hesitant about making that an actual resolution because I currently feel rather powerless about the whole thing. I haven't found any strategies in the whole of my period of trying to lose weight (about 5 years now) which I've been able to maintain in the long term. Still, I do plan to go back to my doctor this year and see if she can make any suggestions for what I could do. I also plan to go to the gym after work for a workout once a week. That will need to be straight after work as my gym membership only allows entry until 5:30 and I find lunchtimes are not long enough for me to do a proper workout on the machines. I should be able to find at least one evening per week though. I also plan to cycle to work as much as possible - Fridays are out because of Brownies but other than that only heavy rain or the combination of a strong wind with a very heavy cold (as then I can't breathe enough) are allowed to deter me. Fingers crossed, I guess!
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So it was going to have been a really nice weekend. My parents arrived on Friday evening as planned, we headed into town and had a very pleasant dinner in the resturant at QI. We did fail to watch QI though as the TV didn't record it - did anyone watch it on BBC4, and if so, what was the topic as I'm assuming the machine thought it was a repeat. Then Saturday, we got down to it and started work on painting our bedroom in white (ceiling and down to picture rail) and lilac/purple below. Which looks very nice, despite Mum's initial reservations.

It also took much less time than we anticipated so we were able to make a fairly leisurly weekend of it. I introduced Dad to Dinnerladies (which I love to bits) and we got out my old I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again tapes. All jolly nice. On Sunday, I did roast chicken for the first time ever, which came out very nicely although I'm always worried about whether I carve enough meat for people. Still, all seemed to be enjoyed.

A pall, however, was cast over the weekend when I realised just as Mum and Dad were heading off that I hadn't seen Cassie at all on Sunday. That is very unlike her - normally she is very vocal and attentive for at least one meal per day, although she may turn up late for others and so to see not a sign was rather unnerving. I spent the rest of the evening trying not to worry and watching TV as well as checking all our cupboards, shed, other possible and impossible cat hiding places but still no sign, even this morning :( Hopefully she's just been minouing about out there and has perhaps managed to provide her own dinner with hunting prowess (she does at least have a track record of having caught things before, after all) but still I fuss because she is only little. Keep your fingers crossed for her turning up tonight...
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Wow, I obviously shouldn't have left the internet alone for the weekend as you lot seem to have been mad busy! Doing a quick catch up on Sunday evening after being prompted by the visit of [livejournal.com profile] archie was a very up and down experience - congratulations and comiserations where appropriate.

Anyway, as you may have implied from the above, I spent the weekend in a fairly relaxing fashion. Saturday was devoted to tidying up the downstairs, which was fairly sucessful, followed by gigging with [livejournal.com profile] white_hart and [livejournal.com profile] coalescent. I haven't been to a gig for ages, I realised afterwards, so perhaps it was appropriate that last week contained this year's John Peel day. It's hard to believe it's been 2 years. The gig (Seth Lakeman) was really rather good. Nice if unremarkable support followed by a very impressive performance from man and band. I'm always surprised when someone who is just advertised as themselves comes on with a band. In this case, not as unreasonable as it might at first appear as he did do one or two solo numbers as well as all the singing and the virtuoso fiddle playing but it would still be nice to have an "and x" after his name like Eliza Carthy and the Ratcatchers. The set itself was excellent - I'm not very familiar with his stuff, having only listened to a couple of tracks. My main reason for going was that I had missed him at Truck and wanted to make up for it. It was kind of a cross between folk and rock in some ways - mostly folk tunes(?) but given a less traditional, more rock'n'roll treatment. That's not actually quite right but I can't think of a better word to use than rock - I am lame at describing genre.

Sunday started off with the intention of being a lazy day. I roasted the mallard for Sunday lunch, which was rather nice. I haven't managed to make stock out of the carcass yet but I might. After that, there was lounging around discussing things and stuff and then Alex went out to be manly and remove the 2 wooden posts attached to the roof of the conservatory in the hope that we could find the source of the leaky roof underneath them. We did find a couple of screws standing proud which have now been screwed back in and covered firmly with mastik so fingers very firmly crossed we may even have managed it. Of course now that I want an experimental rainstorm, the skies are clear and blue - typical! Although according to MetCheck we do have some coming, including 13.8ml on Friday morning, which should test things a bit.

This week is our 9 year anniversary. Yes, we'll have been going out for a third of my life. I find that idea nice and kind of comforting, although Alex thinks it's disturbing - reminds him of getting older, I guess. Still, I like the thought. We're going to head out for dinner to celebrate.
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Well, I didn't want to post anything until we'd confirmed in case I jinxed it but we have a plasterer! Yes, there is plastering taking place in our bedroom as we speak. The reason this is quite so pleasing is that when we rang round the plasterers in Yell.com there was a wait of about 6 weeks and no-one would even come round to quote us for the work. Fortunatly, it turns out that Alex's next door neighbour at work has a semi-retired plasterer father so we got in touch and he's now getting on with it and I will have beautiful smooth walls to paint in nice shades, probably of purple.

Partly as a result of this, we had to get a wiggle on and get the rest of the paper off the ceiling this evening (horrible stuff, really!). We managed to get this done really quite well but I think I wore Alex out! Poor love. Fortunatly we'll be able to indulge in a bit of relaxing hanging out this evening and recover. The carpet in that room is truely disgusting at the minute (although we don't plan to keep it as it was pretty gross already) but the whole thing will be worth it in the end when I have a nice tasteful bedroom to enjoy with no bumpy wallpaper or stained carpet or plastic curtain rails. Plus the next stage is the painting, which is always fun.
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All hail science! For lo, it is helping the poor disabled cat-allergy sufferers of the world to have their own little furry bundles of joy - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5375900.stm. Kind of un-natural selection, I suppose.

Have spent all weekend with my parents making a start on the Decorating Project. I have decided that I want to get at least some of the rooms in my house done to my satisfaction. Most of them have to wait until we do the Extension Project (or at least it would be crazy to do them before, seeing as how they're going to be ripped out as part of said project) but the front bedroom and the living room would suffer minimal disruption and are therefore good candidates. I decided to start on the bedroom so this weekend we have been wallpaper stripping. It's serious stuff, and, when it comes to the ceiling, surprisingly knackering. I have so far managed to scald myself twice with the steamer but we've done all the walls and about half of the ceiling. The downside is that the floor is still all over bits of wallpaper and it's getting tracked through the house when we step out for cups of tea or whatever. Step 2 is to get a plasterer in to re-skim the walls & ceiling to make them lovely and smooth. Anyone have the number of any plasterers?

Was good to see the folks again though (hi Mum!). We sat around on Saturday evening and had a wide ranging ramble about politics and human nature and tech and loads of stuff. You know the sort of thing - one topic just flows naturally into another, you're all getting into it, it can be a really nice way to chill out after a hard day's scraping :) Also, I cooked guinea-fowl and nothing went wrong (except for forgetting to buy garlic - I had to get Dad to go out for some!) so I was dead chuffed. Sunday we had the last BBQ of the year for my BBQ - a plan evolved on Saturday before the rain storm but fortunatly by lunchtime it was nice again. My kitchen seems to have got extra chaotic again - don't know what that's about. I'll have to clean it some time this week. After the stripping has finished though - one thing at a time.
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It was so nice to have the temperature go down enough of Saturday to actually do chores! I got quite a long way with Thursdays list (which I had completely failed at on Thursday). The house looks presentable again and no longer smells of festival, which is good. I'm also close to clearing out the review queue for Scrapbook, which will give me a warm glow.

On the bad side, our shower broke last week - Alex was using it when he noticed that there was smoke rather than steam and a nasty plastic smell. As he said, it was quite good going for his subconcious really given how awake he normally is in the morning! When we took the cover off the wires were blackened :( Unfortunatly, the earliest we can get it replaced is Thursday this week apparently, so I'm showering at work and Alex is bathing in the mornings, which is awkward.

Having failed in my plan to try the Slimfast diet due to them having stopped making the foods I like and could eat in the office for it I've decided to try cereal instead so now I have a big box of cornflakes lurking in the office kitchen. I've also picked a random selection of pasta lunch things to make up when I want hot lunchtime food, although I gave in and went for a jacket potato today. Perhaps I should bring in low fat fillings or something - tuna mayo is not bad but it's not great either. I also plan to dance and revolve (or possibly revolt) this week - hopefully that'll be a fun way of getting a bit more exercise.

Went to see the in-laws on Sunday* which turned out to be a rather pleasant day - huge amounts of food (I didn't finish mine) from the BBQ, nice laid back relaxing chat and a look at Bob's latest crop of holiday photos. I have to say, if you are going to look through someone elses holiday photos, Bobs are the ones to look at. He's got very into digital photography and he has a great eye. There were some particularly amazing ones in this batch, including one of an artic tern swooping on him from above which is now my desktop background. I'll have to upload a protected copy to Scrapbook so you can see it - it really is a fab photo.

* I always feel a bit odd calling them my in-laws as, strictly speaking, they're not but it seems to trip off the tongue in a way "Alex's parents" doesn't and implies more of a relationship between them and me, which I think is appropriate these days. I always thought outlaws a bit self conciously silly for actual use and I don't think I've heard any other descriptors for it.


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