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Well, that's it! After 2 and a half years at Winton, I'm out. It's not been too bad, all things considered, but not the job for me. Went out to lunch with my colleagues and was given a rather lovely card (with cat on) and a Next gift card, so I shall have to go have a browse around and decide what to treat myself to.

Of course the effect is rather spoiled by the fact that I forgot to return a book I borrowed from a colleague so I will have to pop back in next week :)
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When I get into work, I click the button to start Outlook and then the one to start IE. It always amuses me that by the time Outlook has got itself started up and is ready to check my overnight mail, let alone sort it into folders, IE is up and running and I've already loaded gMail to check my personal mail :)
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Sometimes, I think that I'm way over paid for the difficulty level of my job but sometimes, just very occasionally, I do something that makes me feel like I am worth it. Smug, but true.
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Gah. I hate mysteries. One of my procedures went from running in 10 mins to running in 5 hours on Monday and I couldn't figure out what on earth might have caused it. Today it's back running at 10 mins again just as mysteriously. While I'm relieved it's working again, I really wish I knew what caused that day of running incredibly slowly - after all, who knows if it'll happen again?
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Arrrrgggg! So I have a query which was running in reasonable time. I make some changes and it runs in unreasonable time. So I change it back. AND IT RUNS IN UNREASONABLE TIME!!!!!1111!!!! It's just the same as it was before when it ran fast!! WHY, GOD, WHY!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry about that.
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Gah! There are few things so annoying as spending the afternoon working on a bright idea which then doesn't come off. Now I shall have to think all over again!


March 16th, 2007 09:10 pm
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I have been absolutely convinced for the whole of this week that next week was my brothers wedding and the last week of March. It was only last night while we were out at the luminox that I was forced to look at my calendar and discovered that there's another whole week to go! Of course, allied to that, that means I have to go into work for a full week next week instead of getting 3 days off, which is part of my frustration. On the other hand, it gives me more dithering time before deciding what to buy from the wedding list for them.

All in all, this has been a pretty good week at work, as I got lots of thanks for bringing in 2 rush projects I was asked to take on in with aplomb. I have to say I was feeling rather pleased with myself this afternoon.

Having signed up to basically every web 2.0 task manager out there (and boy do I wish they would get open ID - separate registration for everything is sooo 2006) I have finally decided that there just isn't one out there that does what I want and so I'm going to write one myself. It's surprising how often this is the case really - I think I'm just too picky :)
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Argg! The office chatterbox has just got back from her 3 week holiday :( Already, I have my headphones on.
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Was tempted to count my post in [livejournal.com profile] privchange as today's post, but I think that would definitely be cheating :)

Some progress has been made on the list of things I am committed to doing but it will still be roughly the same length as I have remembered some other things I must do that weren't on there (e.g. get car serviced). Ah well, such is the way of these things.

In a bad omen for the week to come, I have managed to lose all this mornings work in a computer crash (fortunately, I think I can remember most of it) and I have laddered my tights. On the plus side though, I have warmed up considerably since remembering that I have my fingerless gloves in my desk drawer.
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Went into London today for work and was seduced by the promise of free wireless onto the bus again, although sadly it didn't work on the way home, which was rather annoying as I had intended to make my post then. In fact I rang Mum up and she immediately said "Why haven't you posted yet!" - I should point out that I am also allowed to make locked posts for this thing :)

I look like having a pretty busy quarter at work this time round, which is probably good for me but comes as a little bit of a shock to the system. Still, I should really do some stuff to earn what they pay me so I can hardly complain.

Nice quiet domestic weekend in prospect although, having left out the Christmas week in my veg box calculations, I may have to brave the horror of the weekend supermarket visit.
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Updates eh. Stuff happens to me, but somehow I don't write about them. Recent happenings include:

* Visit from parents last weekend. Spur of the moment plan to get together to watch the Wimbledon finals at my place. Dad bought champagne and we had that with strawberries and cream. It was a really nice weekend actually.

* Chat with my boss at work resulting in promise of bonus for me at end of quarter! w00t!

* General announce by my boss that we're moving to another room where I will be able to sit with my screen facing the wall. Also yay.

* Failing to find any trace of my old address book that I thought I had backed up before my harddrive died last year and consequent failure to pass it to Caption folks :(

* Rediscovered a short play I wrote when in my first year. Not terrible, actually, but not actually what one would call good.

* Feelin' good about that whole SB admin thing. The last month or so, I've really felt like I had it under control. Now I need to kick some of my training projects up a gear.

* Visit to Beanwood with Brownies where the girls were all really well behaved and then visit to cricket match/party with Sadie. As last year, watched penultimate Dr Who ep and was unimpressed. Also enrolled 4 new Brownies. As of September Brownies will be all girls we've enrolled, which seems kind of cool.

* Girls night. Fantastic. Booze and talk and much good cheer and good companionship.

* Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest. Not as good as the first one. Too much plot, too much drama, not enough fun.

* Macbeth on Headington Hill: Not too bad. Didn't like the witches at all. Good MacBeth. Lady M started over the top but got much better.
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I think this is good timing for starting a new job. I didn't have a
full week last week, this week will have the conference in the middle of
it and then next week won't be a full week. And then there'll be
another bank holiday at the end of May too. Lots of chances to get out
in the garden, which is good.

We visited my Mum & Dad over the weekend to surprise Dad for his
birthday. He didn't seem to have guessed, which was good and we got a
really nice meal out of it with my brother and his girlfriend also in
attendance. I got given a huge pile of plants from Mum, including 2
roses she had bought me to celebrate the new garden. I've planted those
out already (under script orders!) but I'll be planting the rest out
tonight. I'm still trying to keep ahead of the dandelions as they come
up through the bark - I think I need a heavier mulch. Perhaps that'll
be something to sort out on the bank holidays.

Hopefully, this will be a fairly quiet week - I need to get a bit caught
up on some of the domestic stuff. Oh joy, but it has to be done. When
I'm rich, I shall look forward to having someone else do my laundry for
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Well, because know you're all gagging to know (!), I thought I'd better post to say that the window installation actually went sucessfully. The only issues were with openning handles in the wrong places which they spotted before me and offered to fix free of charge - so far so good. Of course now I have no curtains in the living room but I'll get to that tomorrow along with starting the windowsill painting.

I have such a huge backlog of photos waiting to go online, I really ought to get on with posting them. Of course, they're at work so I can say that without actually posting any now. Charlie looks very cute climbing the Christmas tree though :)

I suspect that I'm going to have a bad week next week - from the Friday afternoon phonecalls Damian was getting I think there's going to be a bit of crisis development going on next week. Sigh. Would people be up for pubmeet at a slightly later time - say 5:45/6ish? I should be able to escape by then. Also, note to self, if you start off on port you're bound to get very drunk, foolish girl! Also, take red wine next time.
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Hmmm. Dreamweaver just crashed on me (This program has referenced memory address XblahX and must be terminated) at almost exactly the same time it did yesterday, while I was working on exactly the same file as I was yesterday. The only difference is that this time, I had been saving my work much more so that I didn't lose the whole thing again, but only about 5 lines.

To explain. I am writing a page of HTML per folder on my website explaining what each file in the folder does. I created a page for the actioning folder yesterday, opened it up and started going through the files, a couple of which are quite complicated. So imagine my dismay when I got to the end and I was just about to save it when the program crashed horribly leaving no trace of my mornings work except the blank file I'd created at the start. I guess I've got too used to programs being stable. Anyway, I was so annoyed I couldn't face doing it again yesterday so I did some of the other folders and went back to do it this morning but with a lot more paranoia. Which turned out to be justified.
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I nearly mucked up my whole system this morning! I thought for a horrible minute that I'd set all the change requests on the system to complete! Fortunately, what I'd actually done is set the field which indicates current status to complete in one place but not (crucially) in the place which is definitive for status - the history details. So all I needed to do was run a query to reset the flag to it's proper status. Still, though, a scare. That's what happens when you get distracted while writing queries.
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Had my first bug from this release today - not bad eh :) Normally I manage to miss a few broken links and things but I don't seem to have any of those this time. And the bug was only a very minor one which I've fixed already. Although we are having a mysterious time with the cookies where one guy finds that when he logs off, even though the cookies are removed from his computer (I've checked!) the site still acts as if they're there! I've tried closing all IE windows open and then going back but it still has him logged in. We haven't tried logging off and on again yet (he had loads of other stuff he was half way through but still. All suggestions welcome.

It was so windy this morning that I had genuine reservations about getting on the bus to work - it's a double decker so a big profile. This wasn't helped by the driver coming on over the tannoy and, in an attempt to encourage us to use our seatbelts, pointing out that they couldn't force us but it *was* very windy on the motorway! It was kind of cool lying in bed and listening to it last night and this morning though.
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Damn. I have no money. Bugger. Ah well, new credit card month soon. And we find out what our bonuses will be tomorrow. Which will be interesting. I have no idea of what to expect really as no-one talks about that kind of stuff here but I got a reasonably good performance review so I've allowed my self to be a little bit hopeful.
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Well, hello again :) What with all this actual doing work thing, I hardly wrote anything in here yesterday! Still, probably a good thing. The doing work, not the neglect of my journal. So, for those of you following the saga of my work, I solved my cookie problem! It turns out that even though URLs are not case sensitive, cookies set by them are! So I set the cookie in the /scr/ directory and tried to call it from /SCR/ and it didn't work. Now I'm not against case sensitivity per se but in reference to something which is not case sensitive it seems foolish.

Update: Further research shows that it's only the path which is case sensitive - so http://Server/scr/ is the same as http://server/scr/ but not the same as http://Server/SCR/ as far as cookies are concerned. Weird.
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Wow. I have actually been working practically all afternoon! As you can imagine, this is something of a shock to the system after the last couple of days spent fruitlessly trying to use the web to troubleshoot stuff and surfing generally. The man from Microsoft came in (he was here anyway for a meeting apparently) and fixed my SQL server problem - well sort of. It turns out to be an undocumented feature of SQLserver 7 that you can only have one alter table per transaction so you have to take them all out of the transaction block in order for what I want to do to work. So it wasn't really my fault :) Given this, I have decided to sleep on the cookies problem as they're working well enough for me to get on with the software development for the stuff that the SQL changes were for (I'm not quite sure if that sentence makes sense, but so what eh). And now I look up and it's 16:23! Going to see [livejournal.com profile] mentalsuz tonight for a gas and a cup of tea (or several) in Borders tonight. Borders, I would just like to say, is fantastic cos it's huge or at least the Charing Cross and Oxford ones are. Somehow, there's nothing quite so cool as a huge building stuffed with books :) And I was paid today :)
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I really need to move desks. I just had to sit here, eating my lunch while another employee sat down with the middle manager next to me and had a long complaint about how overworked he was and how under appreciated he felt - it was so embarrassing. I was eating and didn't want to have to gather up all my stuff and go and find somewhere else to sit, plus that would have embarrassed the employee, but I really didn't want to listen in to that.


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