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Went to training at my new school on Thursday and the positive vibe definitely continues - I have a really good feeling about the move. We sorted out my application for the leadership course they want to put me on next year and they're right behind the writing assessment project I've got planned which will take forward what I've done this year. Also, on a geeky note, they want to buy me what looks like an *amazing* smart TV thing to use as my interactive board for my classroom, which would be super exciting. I really hope it arrives before the holidays so I can have a play with it over the break as it'll be quite different from what I've used before. Obviously the shiny video on the product website is always a bit misleading but it does look like I should be able to do some really quite neat stuff with it eventually, including controlling stuff on the kids screens and so on.

I am really enjoying the garden at the moment and I can't get over how much more light it gets now that we've had the horse chestnut next door cut back. It does mean that the decking is in full sun in the middle of the day though so I might have to buy a patio umbrella to sit under - it's not good for the laptop, if nothing else! Generally though, it's all looking really nice and the kittens love playing out there. They're only allowed out under supervision at the minute, but soon they'll be having their ops and then we hope to retire the litter tray - not a minute too soon!
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After a string of weeks at the end of last term where I got very little done on my long weekends because of feeling full of cold and generally run down, I am actually having a rather productive day for a change. I am particularly pleased that I have managed to do quite a bit of gardening - it's just tidying up but it badly needs to be done. It was really nice to be out there seeing the bulbs starting to come up and the trees beginning to bud. There's lots that needs doing to make the garden presentable but the fact that I felt motivated to get out there today in the sunshine and do it made me feel quite optimistic about the whole thing. Of course, I do still have the sniffles, but you can't have everything!

I had a lovely birthday a week ago, with a visit to the family, but it did remind me that as I get older, I seem to drift further and further away from the institution of gift giving. There is so little that I want to have that I don't just buy when I want it now that I find it very hard to think of things to go on my wish list these days and I'd much rather see people than have more things. That being said, I did get some lovely clothes from my Mum, which was nice. I must go clothes shopping again at some point - I have lots of sensible work basics but not really any nicer, dressy, going out style stuff any more. Although that might entail going to the city centre, which I really don't like! I know - my life, so hard!
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[livejournal.com profile] shepline has had a fantastic idea for winter - solar powered fairy lights! I want! Seriously, something about this idea just instantly appeals to me. I am often a bit snobbish about outside lights but this is partly because I see so few that I think of as being tastefully done (we have a giant light up Homer Simpson that comes out for Christmas on my road) and partly because I feel annoyed that we should be wasting so much power when we're in the situation environmentally that we are so the prospect for solar powered lights seems like the ideal. Now I just have to decide where to tastefully drape them...
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With a bit of help from Mum and Dad, turned the first rhubarb from the garden into crumble this evening - gorgeous! I hadn't realised you could start picking rhubarb so early, but apparently, it is so. Spring is really starting in the garden and the apple tree looks like it's getting ready to blossom, so here's hoping for a good crop this year...
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Well, I tried being really good on my food for a week and ended up putting on weight, which was really irritating. I suppose the next thing to try would be a week of eating normally and really pushing myself on the exercise front or something like that - I've only been cycling to work about half the time recently due to the weather in the last month so perhaps if I force myself to do some other aerobics any days that I don't cycle this week and see if that makes a difference. I really need to shift some of this though as I've put on nearly a stone since the start of the year and I don't want to have to replace my whole wardrobe for larger sizes :(

In good news, I've been doing lots in the garden recently and it's starting to look really pretty. The planting's pretty sparse in the back at the moment as the idea is to give me a chance to attack the things like the dandilions easily and I have been doing my best. I'm sure there's still plenty of roots waiting to come up again next year but still, it's reduced, I think. I really want to post some photos but it's ages since I've synched my treo to transfer them to the laptop so I haven't got around to it yet. Maybe later this week even. I wish I was better at remembering plant names as there's some really pretty flowers but I won't know what to tag them! Ah well. I should get one of those gardening bibles to help me out or something.

I really need to go shoe shopping soon. I've been putting it off for a while - I just couldn't face being in the city centre on Saturday for example! Maybe next Thursday? I've got roleplaying this Thurs, unfortunatly. Anyone fancy a bit of late night shopping with me? Or alternatively, meeting up afterwards for drink/dinner, probably around 7:30?
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I think this is good timing for starting a new job. I didn't have a
full week last week, this week will have the conference in the middle of
it and then next week won't be a full week. And then there'll be
another bank holiday at the end of May too. Lots of chances to get out
in the garden, which is good.

We visited my Mum & Dad over the weekend to surprise Dad for his
birthday. He didn't seem to have guessed, which was good and we got a
really nice meal out of it with my brother and his girlfriend also in
attendance. I got given a huge pile of plants from Mum, including 2
roses she had bought me to celebrate the new garden. I've planted those
out already (under script orders!) but I'll be planting the rest out
tonight. I'm still trying to keep ahead of the dandelions as they come
up through the bark - I think I need a heavier mulch. Perhaps that'll
be something to sort out on the bank holidays.

Hopefully, this will be a fairly quiet week - I need to get a bit caught
up on some of the domestic stuff. Oh joy, but it has to be done. When
I'm rich, I shall look forward to having someone else do my laundry for
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Well, I figure I should write on this sometimes :) I'm really enjoying my week off so far. Shed knocking down went with a swing and we turned the resulting pile of wood into a fantastic bonfire which inspired an impromptu bonfire party - we even toasted marshmallows although we had to do it on specially extended sticks to get them close enough to the heat. I got some good photos but I haven't uploaded them to a PC yet.

In the aftermath, the garden is starting to come together. The new shed is much smaller but still fits in our stuff with a little space to spare and the new layout is looking good. Mum and I have covered, edged and gravelled the new path while Dad has been sorting out the brick wall at one end of it. I'm going to try and do a bit of a photo project - I forgot to take before photos but I will be taking photos once we've got everything in and then in 3 months, 6 months and so on. Also, I managed to find a russet apple tree - my absolute favourite type and quite hard to find - you never see russets in supermarkets but now I'll have my own supply. I've also got a twisty hazel, which will look great.

All the gardening is quite tiring but it'll be worth it and it's a different kind of tiring from work so that's all good. Still, I'm in two minds about whether to go to the Los Diablos gig tonight. I do want to, but I'm really finding it hard to imagine summoning up the energy. See, this is where a teleporter would be great - I could just turn up with no effort, which would be perfect.

Tomorrow is our day off and we're going to do some shopping in town before the big dinner at Le Manoir for me and Dad - I'm excited but trying not to get too worked up in case it doesn't live up to it - I'll let you know.

Ah, I remember the other thing I was going to say. We went to see Walk the Line last night. A very good film. The two leads did fantastic jobs. I ended up not actually liking Cash that much - I think he was damn lucky he met June Carter really.
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Had an absolutely lovely weekend. Jez and Dez came over on Friday evening along with Alex and we played parts unknown which I'd never played before but turned out to be kinda cool as all Cheapass Games seem to. I even didn't come last which is good - normally the combination of alcohol, tea, tiredness and a new game leads me to have not a great amount of success until right at the end but today I managed.

Then on Saturday we did nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was blissful. We didn't even wake up and turn on the radio til midday. Then we lazed around the whole day in bed and then I got up to pick up a few things from Tescos and cook stroganoff. Then we sat around and watched Buffy which was fun although 'The Body' did spoil the mood a bit! I was surprised to discover that it hadn't been spoilered for Alex and so it came as an actual shock to him.

Sunday we went into the city to break in Alex's employee discount card in Blackwells which was fun. I'm going to have to do some serious Christmas shopping in there! We then went for pizza at Pizza Express which was rather nice. I was going to do some more Christmas shopping but couldn't really get inspired so I went home to do a bit of gardening (I've planted crocuses me :) ) and then have a chat with my parents - always fun. Then I made the mistake of settling down with one of the Dick Francis' books I'd bought. A bath and a snack later I discovered that I was now too comfortable and lazy to go out so I skipped OUSFG and finished both Dick Francis' - so decadent.

All in all, just what I needed.


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