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Once again, I discover that eternal truth. Writing documentation is boring. In fact, it's very boring. But, I've been putting it off for ages, and I really should do it. There's actually no technical documentation at all for parts of my system because people keep asking me to add more bits without giving me time to write up the older ones and this is bad and naughty. So I've convinced my boss that it's important that I take a week and write it all up and make sure all the code is neatly commented which is good. But boring. So I take a break to tell you about my lovely weekend.

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Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn't meet up with [livejournal.com profile] mentalsuz in Borders! I went past the philosophy section on the way to the loo and was seduced by a book called the Theory of Vagueness - well, with such a great title, I had to buy it! Unfortunately, cos it's an academic text, it costs a fortune. Ah well. It' really interesting though. It's about what we mean when we use vague words in language. For example, suppose I have a heap of sand. If I take one grain away, I've still got a heap right. But if I continue to do this ad-infinitum I will end up saying that one grain is a heap. So when does it stop becoming a heap? What, in fact, does heap actually mean. Soon, I'll be able to tell you :)

So there you are. And I saw a book written by my philosophy tutor at uni! I nearly went for that as well, but it was on a topic I've got a couple of books on already and so I didn't think I could justify another textbook price :( I wish I could afford to take a year or 3 out and do a philosophy degree.
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Does anyone else remember alice bands? They were rings of elasticated cotton mix, gathered at the back (for no apparent reason) which you wore round your head to restrain your hair. When my hair was longer I used to own several of these but got rid of them when I got rid of the hair. Now that I'm growing it again however I find that I can't find these in the shops, much to my chagrin. If anyone knows where I can aquire such a thing these days (who am I kidding - no one even knows what I'm blathering on about!) please tell me
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:( My ex-flatmate has had to cancel for lunch - due to plane shenanigans she didn't get home til 5am this morning! - and now we aren't going to get a chance to see each other til after Xmas. Definitely a bummer as I was really looking forward to a bit of a goss with her - always good for a laugh. Oh well. It's a shame I'm out of London for the whole of the time between Xmas and New Year except for the day of my fast really as that would have been the perfect time - no one expects you to do any work on those days :)

Still, it did give me the opportunity to get the last of my Xmas shopping done :) All I need now are a couple of stocking fillers for Alex and I'm done. I'm really looking forward to going home. That reminds me - must send card to next door neighbor letting her know I'm away - she seems quite nice and I'm sure she'll keep an eye on things for me.

Who would have thought it - doing quotescrape really woke me up :)
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Hmmm. On the plus side, thanks to the magical internat I have discovered that the shop I intended to go late night shopping to doesn't do late night shopping so now I won't go. On the minus side, they don't do late night shopping, the bastards. Or at least, not late night enough for me. Ahh well. I guess I'll have to heave myself over briefly at the weekend or try and make it to the London branch tomorrow. With a bit of luck, I can finish off all the last vestiges of Xmas shopping tomorrow after my exam if I get through it quickly enough which would be good as with the weekend I've got lined up I doubt I'll have the energy :)

I got another 75% park in the practice exam today which is reassuring but Routing and Remote Access are still my weakest areas. I think a bit of a quiet night of revision is in order. Sigh. I really really hope I get it this time.
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Well, after a shaky start, a really nice weekend.

Friday night it was our team Xmas meal at a Thai restaurant. Now this would have been all very well if it had not been for the fact that we left work for the pub at 5:30 and then left the pub for the restaurant at 8:15 - it was booked for 8:30. Yes, someone had actually planned for us to have nearly 2 hours of drinking on an empty stomach before going to the restaurant. The upshot of this was that all the guys in our team were really drunken before we even got to sit down and hence unable to resist the temptation to throw food at each other and otherwise piss about. Ah well, so it goes I guess. The food was fantastic (as it should have been for the price we paid for it!) but unfortunately I don't really have the same interests as the rest of my team when we're drunk.

After that I went home and forced Alex to come over and hug me which he did with commendable swiftness - he's lovely really. On Saturday we had a lovely lie in together (very relaxing :) ) before heaving ourselves up to go shopping. Treated myself to Chez Geek from Gameskeeper - this is a fantastic game if you have a peer group of lazy techie (& RPG) types (i.e. OUSFG) because it's just like your life :) I thoroughly recommend it. We also decided to do a bit of booster draft Magic just for a laugh as we hadn't played for a while so we stocked up for that. Then on to Tescos for a mammouth shop for lo. I have eaten everything in my house and my mates are due over tonight. Stagger back to house weighted down with stuff and put all away.

Suz and Rach arrive. This is very cool as they are my bestest mates and we don't get to see eachother so much these days. In particular neither Suz or I have seen Rach for a year as she's just come back from Papua New Guinea where she's been working on some kind of linguistic project with a Christian organisation. She shows us all her photos and we sit around and laugh and catch up. I make dinner (brocolli and chicken cheese - a speciality of mine) and then we get down to the party food and play Chez Geek and giggle and play some more and make Alex make us tea - it's kind of a trade off for him (or so he says). He gets to hang around with beautiful women (and see them in pyjamas) but we bully him into making endless rivers of tea. Poor love :) Go to bed late for more hugs.

Up late Sunday morning - lovely lie in mmmmmm. Sit around and chat with the girls in desultory way (they have stayed over in the spare room) and finish up any party style sugery foods which were missed last night. Manage finally to all get dressed and have showers (not in that order) and pack them off home about 2pm or so. Was going to go Xmas shopping (still haven't sorted out Mums pressie) but haven't the energy so Alex and I sit down and do the booster draft. Neither of us have done drafting before so it was kinda fun. I got some good cards but was seduced into going 4 colour which ended up being a bit overstretched so Alex beat me in the end. Got some really nice cards though (spirit monger springs to mind) and we had a good laugh which is the main thing. Must get out my collection again and have a play. I think I had just started to get daunted by the sheer number of cards I had so I lost interest. Too many options. Still, gotta be some fun to be had...
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Well, its been an uncharacteristically long time since I updated my journal but when you've read all this you'll see why :(

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Had an absolutely lovely weekend. Jez and Dez came over on Friday evening along with Alex and we played parts unknown which I'd never played before but turned out to be kinda cool as all Cheapass Games seem to. I even didn't come last which is good - normally the combination of alcohol, tea, tiredness and a new game leads me to have not a great amount of success until right at the end but today I managed.

Then on Saturday we did nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was blissful. We didn't even wake up and turn on the radio til midday. Then we lazed around the whole day in bed and then I got up to pick up a few things from Tescos and cook stroganoff. Then we sat around and watched Buffy which was fun although 'The Body' did spoil the mood a bit! I was surprised to discover that it hadn't been spoilered for Alex and so it came as an actual shock to him.

Sunday we went into the city to break in Alex's employee discount card in Blackwells which was fun. I'm going to have to do some serious Christmas shopping in there! We then went for pizza at Pizza Express which was rather nice. I was going to do some more Christmas shopping but couldn't really get inspired so I went home to do a bit of gardening (I've planted crocuses me :) ) and then have a chat with my parents - always fun. Then I made the mistake of settling down with one of the Dick Francis' books I'd bought. A bath and a snack later I discovered that I was now too comfortable and lazy to go out so I skipped OUSFG and finished both Dick Francis' - so decadent.

All in all, just what I needed.
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Lots of stuff to tell you about, oh beloved LiveJournal...

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Arggggg! Some how a sock monster must have got into the van we used to move my stuff to the new house. I am sure that when I went to America I had over 2 weeks worth of socks but now I only seem to have 9 pairs and 2 of those are crappy! One day I really am going to carry out my threat and throw them all out and then go into Marks and Sparks and buy 14 pairs of the same socks so that I don't have to worry about odd ones.
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I am a bad and naughty minou - ill again. Alex will be cross with me. Now that I'm here I'm not sure I should have bothered coming in - I feel hot and a little dizzy. I can't seem to concentrate on anything so I'm not really getting anything done. Still, I might as well stick it out. See if I can get some of the easier things done or something.

Went out shopping with Suz at the weekend which was pretty cool. Haven't seen her for a while so it was nice to catch up. I bought 2 new tops and everything - I'm starting to feel bored with the stuff I've got. Bad sign! I met her new boyfriend as well. I got on quite well with him - we bonded over technology which made Suz very cross! They're very affectionate but its still early days. I really hope it goes well.

Went to Freshers drinks on Sat which went very well. A couple of new people turned up and both seemed very nice. A different pair from those who turned up last Sunday as well so with any luck we might actually have 4 new people.

Also, I finally managed to get my sofa delivered and my phone line set up! Yay! My house is now nearly sorted - just curtains and that sort of thing to sort out. This means that I can now invite people over for a housewarming party! Should be fun. Perhaps I'll wait until I get well again though.

N.B Why does live journal spell check try to correct Freshers to rFeshers?
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Well practically. They've rebuilt my PC while I've been away and so now I've got win2000 running on it. I've just had an interesting morning setting up all my applications up on it and customizing the settings to be as I like them. Almost restful really. We're *still* having problems with the proxy settings in my building - they haven't put the proper exceptions into the new scripts apparently so I'm still bypassing them to specify it directly. The only problem with that is that I have to re-set that every time I log on... One of these days it'll work!

Had a lovely weekend down with my parents. We went into the city (Norwich) for a serious explore of the home ware departments (Next, Habitat, John Lewis, etc) to look for stuff for my new house. I'm already really settled there and I've got ideas for it. I want a couple of rugs, one for the kitchen and one for the dining room cos they've got lino floors which are a bit chilly in the morning (I have to walk through to get to the bathroom) and I'd like to paint my bedroom (its very yellow at the mo) but I can't decide what colour would go with the carpet. By lucky chance the annual French market was in town - stall holders from our twin town come and set up for the day - which is always great. I've replenished my stock of French honey and managed to get hold of some tarragon mustard at last - fab for the salad dressing. All in all, a great weekend. I always feel vaguely sad that a lot of people I know don't seem to get on with their parents. I've got a very close family - I even get on well with my bro (he's lovely even if he is tall) and I call my parents most days just for a goss and catch-up. And I love Christmas - it's exciting and fun so there. Again, I don't know many people who feel the same, which is a shame. I'm really looking forward to starting my present buying for this year when my new credit card month starts.

Everyone's very tense at work at the mo - someone Claire knows just got made redundant so we're not sure if this is going to signify another whole round of redundancies or what. I think I'm OK for the moment - they haven't assigned someone else to learn how to do my job for "disaster recovery purposes" or anything but still, it's not fun.


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