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Well, the new walking is still a thing and, characteristically, I've bought equipment to go with it - a nice pair of walking shoes and an attempt at a pair of trousers. Years ago, I had an amazing pair of trousers with two zip off sections so you could wear them as trousers, cut-offs or shorts. They wore out many years ago, but now I'm looking to replace them, I'm faced with the fact that I've put on weight since then and fat girls are not expected to buy clothing for being outside in. I haven't found *anything* for girls above a size 18 and even stuff for guys is not available in my waist size. It's irritating; while I'd like to be fitter, I don't want to lose weight per se, and the suggestion that I have to in order to enjoy the activities of the outdoor fraternity basically puts me off. It doesn't help that the nurse who represcribed my birth control pills (on an emergency appt when I had mis-remembered how many packs I had left, don't get me wrong, she was doing me a favour) spent 15 mins telling me about how they can prescribe me weightwatchers classes if I like. I just said "Hmmm" a lot.

In other news, the combination of the elections and the sad puppies thing has got me thinking about community. What communities am I a part of and what does that even mean? I feel totally unrepresented by the parties on offer for voting for at the election, to the extent that I find it hard to justify to myself the idea of endorsing any of them. The things that matter to me, like privacy and democratic legitimacy don't seem to resonate anywhere with party platforms. This political cycle, I've ended up resigning my party membership and donating to FullFact and Org instead because they represent more of what I actually want to se in politics - information. I can't see myself in good concience voting for any of these fuckers.

Sad-puppies wise, I have been thinking about adjacent spaces. The sad puppies thing seems to represent an assault by people who I do not like on a space in which people with whom I am friends have previously felt safe and comfortable. But it's not my space and never has been - con fandom is just not how I've ever related to my reading or experience as an SF fan and I'm certainly not up to date enough as a reader to vote for any literary award in the field. The question for me is does the fact that this is not my space mean that it's not my fight? On the one hand, if I've nothing to defend, why get involved? On the other, there's a certain "and then the came for the X" about it - the fact that I don't need the space doesn't mean I should stand by and let assholes run over it, does it? In the end, I don't think I'm prepared to enter the space in order to protect it for others but is there any other viable support I can offer? Perhaps I should by Worldcon memberships for people who do care but can't afford to.

So what does it mean to belong to a community? If asked, I would say I was British but actually, I don't identify in practice with any elements of Britishness any more than I do con-going-fandom. For me, I guess living in a place and being a member of a community perhaps mean different things. I'm not even sure if that's a problem or not, but it is an interesting thought, at least.


October 1st, 2007 11:55 am
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So much for OBLOAFA* plan! Quite apart from my weekend activities (of which more anon), I was going to get on with things this week. I have failed to do so. There was a plan, and it related to lunches. You see we get free lunches in the canteen. This is good, because free food! But bad because free fattening food! I'm eating 5-600 calories a day in lunches. So the plan was as follows:

1) Buy lower fat lunch alternatives that I can prepare in our minimally equipped kitchen (toaster, kettle)
2) Eat breakfast at work, thus still getting some free food! benefit
3) Eat said alternatives for lunch

Step 1 went fairly well and I got a selection of pasta pot type items to warm me up over the autumn and winter lunchbreaks (any other suggestions welcome, btw). Step 2 I failed at this morning, because I was very low in my "on the case" levels so I ended up starving 20 mins ago and went for biscuits. And step 3 is looking doubtful because I have forgotten to bring the cunningly purchased items from step 1 to work with me!

On the other hand, I did come in in the car today (naughty, but compensation to self for not so great night) so I could drive over to Sainsbury's and get something healthy. It feels like hassle but I probably should make the effort.

* Operation Become Less Of A Fat Ass
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Well, I have moved from despairing (Sunday, right before I started to get really sick - coincidence?) to cautiously optimistic about finishing my essay by Fridays deadline. Not really sure why I'm finding it so hard to get the structure right on this one - I've managed to get quite a lot of points but tieing them together and getting something that feels coherant is much harder than usual this time for some reason. Ah well, at least this is only 75% of the mark this time - the other 25% is from looking up 2 numbers in the census data we get on CD which should be easy (touch wood) and I doubt I'll bomb the essay badly enough to actually fail the TMA. So fortunatly I don't need to worry whether my tutor will ever actually get back to me about the extension I requested when I was feeling so ill on Monday. I have to say that's one aspect of the OU I've not been that impressed by - neither of my tutors thus far have been very on the case communications wise. It doesn't help that the OU mail set up is a crazy and benighted system whereby I discovered this week that I have 2 separate mailboxes on separate servers and I have to set forwarding instructions for them separately. Lucky I didn't miss anything important really!

I actually found working in the evening quite nice last night and am now wondering about switching my regular work pattern from Saturday afternoons to a couple of weekday evenings (assuming I have them free of course) and combining that with not having a drink on those as part of my weight-loss, alcohol and meat being the most calorific things I have as far as I can see. I might try it for my next module and see how it works out.
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I had what may be a blinding flash of the obvious last night - I think I figured out one of my dieting problems/eating triggers. A lot of diet books talk about this sort of thing and mostly they focus on eating when you're bored and when you're upset, neither of which quite rang true for me but when talking to Alex last night I suddenly realised: I eat when I'm tired.

This takes a few forms:
1) When I'm tired I am way less likely to be motivated to cook. This means that more often than not, we end up eating take out.
2) When I'm tired I'm much more likely to reach for a snack to keep me going because I feel the need for the energy boost. This tends to take the form of something carby.
3) When I'm tired, I'm much more impatient, so I'm much more suceptible to thinking "gah this diet isn't getting anywhere/is too slow/whatever so I might as well just give it up".
4) When I'm tired I am much less likely to be prepared to do exercise when it can be avoided (e.g. I'll drive to work instead of walking/cycling).

I've been tired a lot this week. This has been due to the fact that we had a couple of late nights at the start of the week and partly due to poor sleeping conditions. I sleep in fairly short cycles and I'm very sensitive to noise unless I'm quite deeply asleep. We've had problems with Charlie this week where if we let her in she'll decide to sharpen her claws on the mattress at 5am and if we shut her out she scrabbles at the door either at 5am or while we're trying to go to sleep. Really, we need to train her to not do one (or both) of these things but effective training is hard to pull off at 5am when you're already tired.

My thoughts about this currently are currently focusing on two main things - how can I avoid feeling tired and how can I avoid overeating when I do?

As far as avoiding tiredness goes, the ideas I've come up with so far are as follows:

1) Go to bed earlier (well duh!). The main problem here is the aforementioned short sleep cycles and light sleeping for large parts of them. If I go to bed earlier and then Alex comes up an hour or so later, it's almost impossible for him to avoid disturbing me. How do I find out what my optimum hours of sleep are anyway?
2) Get up earlier. This sounds crazy but hear me out. I've noticed a frequent pattern recently where I'll wake up around 6:30 or 7 quite suddenly. There generally won't be anything apparently to cause this and I'll feel quite alert but I look at the clock and think "too early" and settle back for more sleep. I suspect this may be putting me at the wrong point in my sleep cycle when I wake up at 7:30 with the alarm.
3) Deal with cat noise at night. Possibly shut them downstairs? This seems mean to Cassie because she is nice and well behaved in the spare bedroom but might work.

I suspect that the best plan for these is going to be to obsessivly diarise for a few weeks to figure out what works well and what doesn't but any suggestions/comments are welcome.

Then there's avoiding overeating when I do feel tired.

1) Force myself to exercise. This is a reasonable idea in principle but I am cautious about it mostly because I have a very strong antipathy to most exercise anyway. If I force myself into it when I feel less than good, is that going to risk putting me off it altogether? If I only did light exercise on those days would that make any difference or does it have to be at a certain level for the hormones to kick in?
2) Plan some low/no cook meals for days when I don't feel I can cope with cooking. The limiting factors here are going to be finding things that really do taste good so I brighten my mood and the size of my freezer, which is very small and mitigates against a lot of cooking in advance (although you could have some stuff like that). I have got some ready meals in there but I bought them because they're low fat ones and while they're not bad, I don't find them satisfying. It occurs to me that finding some ready meals or pasta sauces or whatever that I do find satisfying is likely to be less calories than take-out even if it's more calories than other ready meals. Any suggestions?
3) Corollary to (2). Stop feeling guilty about occasionally asking Alex to prepare said low/no cook meals. As long as it's not all the time (and experience suggests it wouldn't be) then it's perfectly fair and he's said before he'd be happy to so accept that it's a shared thing, damnit! I'm so used to being the one that feeds us that it's hard to get that head off.
4) Find some low calorie energy boosters which can be used as a temporary measure. No particular ideas for any - any suggestions?
5) Do something upstairs rather than watching TV downstairs on evenings when I'm tired - to physically make it more effort to get any snacky stuff.

Any more ideas?


July 11th, 2007 05:13 pm
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No wonder my calorie allowance at Weight Loss Resources was so high - it thought I was a man! Unfortunatly, that means that I have been over quota many more days than I thought :(
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So, back on the weight loss trail again now that I am feeling well enough to cook and Glastonbury is out of the way. I'm trying to decide how systematic to be about it this time around. I've had sucess and failures both ways before so I could go either way.

In principle I like having a counter or target to use. I like online food planners and trackers but I also find them frustrating. Because I cook for myself so much I have to enter all the ingredients and some of the sites I've tried are not so good on generics either - looking for chicken breast can get you a lot of Breaded Chicken Breast meals but not always the straight forward ingredient. If the site has a recipies feature then that's pretty good because I do have a core of tried and trusteds that cut down on this problem but it's still not nearly as easy as it would be if I just ate ready meals.

Also, close though it may be, I'm not actually on the computer all the time. Ideally I'd like to be able to update the tracker thing through my mobile phone but surprisingly few places I've looked at offer this. I did trial one but it had the problem with not having many generics in it's food list (although it did have a lookup by barcode for products, which I thought was pretty neat). At the very least, it would be nice if the website was light weight enough to use on the go - that was where Weightwatchers online fell down for me - it was a pretty poorly designed site, which was unfortunate because otherwise it was offering a good service. The other problem with most of the tracker sites I've tried is that they tend to have quite inflexible targets. Again, the weightwatchers one was good here but most of the others I tried wouldn't even let you carry over between days.

Then there's the clubs. Now this is fine in principle. I can quite agree that weightloss is easier if you've got someone to do it with - you can support each other, share good ideas, even police each other if that's what works for you. In practice however, I have never managed to meet anyone even remotely like me at a slimming club. I used to go to a lunchtime weight watchers meeting and it was full of old women and young mums with young babies. All nice enough but facing completely different weight loss challenges to me. As a support group it just didn't really work for me, although I did get some good ideas from the hand outs. Still, I am drawn to the idea of a support group. Anyone know any good ones? Want to form one perhaps even?

Overall, having written this, I think I like the idea of having a structure, but I don't know where to get one that'll work long term for me. Any recommendations? I only actually tried out a couple of online systems before getting discouraged and moving on so there's probably loads out there I haven't seen.
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So, Neris & India's idiot proof diet certainly turned out to be me-proof. Easy to follow, but not actually effective it seems, even when I followed it to the letter. Still, it's given me some interesting ideas and definitely got me back into the more determined "You can do something about this" frame of mind, so not bad.

I've decided to try a mix of things of my own selection - I'll be keeping the three meals a day part and keep the carbs low, although allowing them back in again on occasion. Portion control is to be kept an eye on but I'm not going to rule out any foods entirely. I'm also going to allow myself anything I want to drink. So far, so good, you might think, but where does the weight loss part come in? Well, the answer is simple: NO SNACKS.

This is actually a huge thing for me because I snack a lot in the evenings, although not during the day at all really. I think in fact it's linked to my evening drinking - taking in food as the evening progresses means that I can comfortably enjoy another glass of wine without it having too much effect, which is something I enjoy and find relaxing. On Weightwatchers, I tended towards low point high carb snacks like toasted pitta bread and tortilla wraps. On the low-carb plan, I've been having slices of cheese instead. Interestingly, that didn't cause weight gain, compared to the carbs so there's clearly something in that for me, but obviously it's just not likely that I'm going to lose a lot while I'm managing a third of a block of cheddar in an evening.

It will at least have the benefit of being simple to follow and not interfering with going out to pubs or resturants for food which we end up doing once or twice a week usually. The N&I diet also claimed to be very resturant friendly, but it depends on the type of resturant. Indian, fantastic but pub food or English tends to have some sort of potato included with nearly every meal so your choice tends to be limited and you end up having to ask for x without y which I hate doing, not least because you're never sure you're going to get it.

Of course today, I have a grey area - the barbeque. How much food can I have as my dinner without straying over into snacking? To be honest, I'm not really sure on that one, but other than that, we'll see how it goes.
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Well, all in all, a pretty productive weekend. I've managed to write the first draft of my essay today. I've still got a question or two for my tutor about referencing, and I have to cut out about 200 words from it but I'm pretty pleased with it so far and I dug up some figures to include myself rather than just relying on what's in the course book (yay for BBC school league tables). Also, I weight myself this morning and I'm under 15 stone again! This despite a week where I went round to Ian & Ruths for games (much fun, btw) and ate cheese and then snacked on cheese again last night to avoid snacking on pitta breads. I'm starting to think there might be something in this carbohydrate thing. Fingers crossed, eh.

Day 2

January 2nd, 2007 02:02 pm
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So, as my brief post from yesterday indicated I plan to make a post per day to my LJ this year. It will be interesting to see how that survives contact with (for example) Glastonbury but it's worth a shot. I reserve the right to do 2 word posts on slow days though :)

Looking back at last year's resolutions, I'm not doing too badly there. The routine thing started well but didn't really stick but up until the last month I would have said I'd got a lot better at making sure things didn't slip through the net. Still worth working on that one. All the others have actually been pretty much achieved, which is a nice thought.

This year is going to be the big party so of course I want to organise that and see it go sucessfully. I want to pass my OU course and choose my next one. I want to find out how feasible it would be to start a Guide company and, if possible, get it going. I want to keep more on top of the housework and keep the house looking nice all year round. I want to make better use of the time between getting home from work and when we eat (which has expanded this year as Alex gets home much later than me). I want to start playing my violin again (possibly in the early evening time) and to pass on my cello to someone who will actually get use out of it as, much as I love it, I just don't play it. I want to commission the extension from an architect

I also want to do something about my weight but I'm hesitant about making that an actual resolution because I currently feel rather powerless about the whole thing. I haven't found any strategies in the whole of my period of trying to lose weight (about 5 years now) which I've been able to maintain in the long term. Still, I do plan to go back to my doctor this year and see if she can make any suggestions for what I could do. I also plan to go to the gym after work for a workout once a week. That will need to be straight after work as my gym membership only allows entry until 5:30 and I find lunchtimes are not long enough for me to do a proper workout on the machines. I should be able to find at least one evening per week though. I also plan to cycle to work as much as possible - Fridays are out because of Brownies but other than that only heavy rain or the combination of a strong wind with a very heavy cold (as then I can't breathe enough) are allowed to deter me. Fingers crossed, I guess!
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Well, that was an interesting afternoon in front of the keyboard. I decided to do a bit of googling on the subject of carbohydrate cravings to see if I could find out if it indicated anything that might be missing from my diet and I found lots of interesting stuff.

The first link I found, which was fairly typical was this: http://www.diagnose-me.com/cond/C240808.html which talks about carbohydrate addiction. This seems to be lead to/reinforce insulin resistance and is also linked to low serotonin, although I'm not clear on what the link is between those two. More hunting around suggests links with SAD and possibly atypical depression (which also has possible links to thryoid issues apparently), both things I have show signs of at different times.

It looks like the most sensible course to reduce insulin resistance in the long term would be to try a low GI diet for a while. A lot of the foods I choose seem to be high GI as well (cornflakes, for example, which is one of my favourite snack items and jacket potatoes, my regular lunch), which is an interesting indicator. Low serotonin levels can be combatted with lightbox/daylight lamp treatments (can you get low energy daylight bulbs?) or supplements so I guess a shopping trip is in order.

Its interesting because it's another way in which a lot of my issues link together. Serotonin is involved in body tempurature regulation, mood and sexuality which are all issues for me. Looking at this and the thyroid stuff earlier in the year make me think about what a complicated interrelated machine the body is - all these things link together and interrelate in such complicated ways and it's so hard to tell exactly what part of the system is not working as expected.
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Right. I weighed myself this morning and I am 15 stone. This is way significantly too much. The last 3 stone of that has been put on in the last 4 months pretty much (although I haven't been formally tracking so I could be remembering that wrong). I need to do something about this. I'm going to make an appointment with my GP at the beginning of next year and see if she's got anything to say or any suggestions but for now I'm looking for suggestions from you lot. This is my experience so far:

  • Slimming clubs per se don't help motivate me. If they've got a good program and my willpower is good then I'm happy to pay for them but the being weighed by someone else bit isn't a motivator for me and I generally find that most of the people at the meetings have completly different lifestyles to me so I don't get much from the discussion. That being said, if you know a good one with a good system, feel free to recommend it.
  • Previous experience shows that unless I actively enjoy an exercise I don't stick to it and also that there are very few exercises that I actively enjoy. I quite liked swimming but found that if you do that every day you end up smelling of chlorine all the time, which I really didn't like. I like riding horses but that requires a regular timing and somewhere to do it (none of the Oxfordshire stables I've tried have ever answered their phones or called me back!). Now that I've finally recovered from my cold I'm cycling to work again but any other suggestions for exercising are welcome
  • I've had a huge increase in my desire to snack during the second half of this year. I notice it particularly when I'm watching TV - if I'm settling in for an evening of Veronica Mars, I'll usually do it with a couple of glasses of wine and half a pack of (low fat) cream crackers. Any good tactics for distracting myself from my desire to snack? (n.b. I can't knit while watching TV :) ) Previously I haven't had much of a problem with this - I've snacked before but it's been much more under my control.

So, any ideas?
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See, I was going to be a good girl today but someone left a bag of Iced Gems in the kitchen. How am I supposed to resist that, I ask you?! My only comfort is that knowing my collegues, they won't last long :) I thought I'd managed to break my scales last week - they were flashing weird things when I stood on them but eventually I got my brain in gear and realised they were flashing BATT and just need a fresh battery!

It was good to get out last night. I had a long chat to Mum on the way in and then a really nice time relaxing with the girlies. Lots of getting it of ones chest over stuff, which was very cheering. We're planning another girly on the 20th, by the way, probably in the Holywell or the KA if anyone wants to join us.
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I feel grumpy today. Maybe it's the approaching cold I can feel coming on. It's silly really because I had a nice weekend and there's nothing wrong with work so far but I feel snappish and refused to lend the IT dogsbody guy my headphone extension cord so he could listen to a podcast purely because I find him very annoying. I know, I know, never get on the wrong side of IT but I couldn't help myself. I think if asked, I'll blame pmt.

Anyway. I did in fact have a lovely weekend. We headed over to [livejournal.com profile] white_hart and [livejournal.com profile] topicaltims on Saturday evening for dinner. Managed to get off at the right bus stop thanks to the clear directions and settled down for a very relaxing evening imbibing wine, eating delicious roast bird (wood pigeon?) and trimmings* and savouring Tim's fine birthday pressie - 40 year old port with stilton. Really lovely stuff and relaxing convivial company - what more could you ask?

I did something I've often done before, which is to crash and head off home around 11ish and then perk up on the way home and want to not go to bed but sit around and play music, which we did until the small hours, very enjoyable, but not exactly a good plan considering I needed to get up for the Remembrance Sunday service.

Managed to pull myself out of bed in a reasonable state considering the previous night's drinking, the only main sign of which was tiredness and a large desire for diet coke. I always want fizzy drinks after a full night - I'm not entirely sure why but it really settles me again. Anyway, the weather wasn't too cold and the Brownies were very well behaved for the service so that was all good. I satified my coke desires in McDonalds and headed home to spend the afternoon alternating lounging around watching the second series of Dinnerladies (a show which I just love - it's so sweet!) and doing things in preparation for serious curry making - tandoori chicken, garlic and coriander naan breads and saag aloo. Actually the whole thing came out really quite well. I was very pleased with the chicken particularly. The naan were good, although I should have used slightly less water in the dough I think and rolled them out a bit thinner and the saag aloo pleasingly spicy, although I should have allowed slightly longer for the spinach to wilt I think. Still, overall, very sucessful and, as it was all out of weight watchers books, pretty gentle on the waist too.
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So, the scuttlebutt seems to be that Peter Jackson has optioned [livejournal.com profile] naominovik's Temeraire series. I'm not sure what to make of that - visually I'm sure it'll be fab but both King Kong and LotR have left me somewhat dubious about his ability to actually tell a story - King Kong, way way too bloated, LotR, missing what I considered to be the point of some of the characters. Still, it should be gorgeous, and I think Temeraire will be a lot easier to film without annoying me than LotR because there'll be less temptation to change the original story. And, of course, who knows whether it'll really happen - it's a long long way from option to screen.

For reasons unknown I seem to be in a bad mood today. I think it's because I need a new plan and I don't have one now, nor do I really have the energy to make one. Also, I have just twigged that I have gone straight from stress eating to bordom eating. This is not a good thing, oh no. I need interesting things to do - anyone want me to make a style for them maybe? I can do LJ or Scrapbook. Or any other suggestions? I find reading at work only works for short periods - I think my body is just too adapted to lounging around while reading to be comfortable doing it at a desk.
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I've got a doctors appointment today. 4:30. And now I'm getting nervous about it. Trouble is, if I do get diagnosed as having a thyroid problem, that would be great for me. It would mean that a whole bunch of problematic things would turn out to be treatable instead of just annoying. And I don't just mean my weight, although that's a big part of it, but things like my memory, my lack of energy, even my breathlessness might all clear up on their own. But that's the problem. I really want it. I'm trying hard not to but I do. This is part of the reason that I've been resistant to the idea that there might be a medical component to my weight problems for years - if we test it and it turns out to be false after all then I'll be crushed because by that point, I've bought into the idea. It doesn't help that I've actually had a sudden marked spike in my weight which I haven't figured out a cause for - I don't think my diet has changed and I've been going swimming but I've put on a stone in a month. Not good.

In a way, it's ridiculous to get worked up about it. Either way, testing isn't going to change anything. Observing, in this case, won't change the conditions. If there is an imbalance then we'll know about it and if not, well, nothing's any different than it was yesterday.

Perhaps part of it is the linguistic link. There's a test and a desired outcome from my point of view. I hate failing tests. Always have. I worked really hard at school and generally I test well. I know it isn't that kind of test. There's no right result here, no pass/fail, no A* to be achieved but I suspect something in the back of my head is setting off that reaction again, which is not helpful. Repeat 100 times after me. A negative test (another oh so useful word) is not a failure.

Just, you know, keep your fingers crossed for me this afternoon.
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It was so nice to have the temperature go down enough of Saturday to actually do chores! I got quite a long way with Thursdays list (which I had completely failed at on Thursday). The house looks presentable again and no longer smells of festival, which is good. I'm also close to clearing out the review queue for Scrapbook, which will give me a warm glow.

On the bad side, our shower broke last week - Alex was using it when he noticed that there was smoke rather than steam and a nasty plastic smell. As he said, it was quite good going for his subconcious really given how awake he normally is in the morning! When we took the cover off the wires were blackened :( Unfortunatly, the earliest we can get it replaced is Thursday this week apparently, so I'm showering at work and Alex is bathing in the mornings, which is awkward.

Having failed in my plan to try the Slimfast diet due to them having stopped making the foods I like and could eat in the office for it I've decided to try cereal instead so now I have a big box of cornflakes lurking in the office kitchen. I've also picked a random selection of pasta lunch things to make up when I want hot lunchtime food, although I gave in and went for a jacket potato today. Perhaps I should bring in low fat fillings or something - tuna mayo is not bad but it's not great either. I also plan to dance and revolve (or possibly revolt) this week - hopefully that'll be a fun way of getting a bit more exercise.

Went to see the in-laws on Sunday* which turned out to be a rather pleasant day - huge amounts of food (I didn't finish mine) from the BBQ, nice laid back relaxing chat and a look at Bob's latest crop of holiday photos. I have to say, if you are going to look through someone elses holiday photos, Bobs are the ones to look at. He's got very into digital photography and he has a great eye. There were some particularly amazing ones in this batch, including one of an artic tern swooping on him from above which is now my desktop background. I'll have to upload a protected copy to Scrapbook so you can see it - it really is a fab photo.

* I always feel a bit odd calling them my in-laws as, strictly speaking, they're not but it seems to trip off the tongue in a way "Alex's parents" doesn't and implies more of a relationship between them and me, which I think is appropriate these days. I always thought outlaws a bit self conciously silly for actual use and I don't think I've heard any other descriptors for it.
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Well, I tried being really good on my food for a week and ended up putting on weight, which was really irritating. I suppose the next thing to try would be a week of eating normally and really pushing myself on the exercise front or something like that - I've only been cycling to work about half the time recently due to the weather in the last month so perhaps if I force myself to do some other aerobics any days that I don't cycle this week and see if that makes a difference. I really need to shift some of this though as I've put on nearly a stone since the start of the year and I don't want to have to replace my whole wardrobe for larger sizes :(

In good news, I've been doing lots in the garden recently and it's starting to look really pretty. The planting's pretty sparse in the back at the moment as the idea is to give me a chance to attack the things like the dandilions easily and I have been doing my best. I'm sure there's still plenty of roots waiting to come up again next year but still, it's reduced, I think. I really want to post some photos but it's ages since I've synched my treo to transfer them to the laptop so I haven't got around to it yet. Maybe later this week even. I wish I was better at remembering plant names as there's some really pretty flowers but I won't know what to tag them! Ah well. I should get one of those gardening bibles to help me out or something.

I really need to go shoe shopping soon. I've been putting it off for a while - I just couldn't face being in the city centre on Saturday for example! Maybe next Thursday? I've got roleplaying this Thurs, unfortunatly. Anyone fancy a bit of late night shopping with me? Or alternatively, meeting up afterwards for drink/dinner, probably around 7:30?
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My body has been behaving really oddly the past couple of weeks. Firstly, about a week ago, it suddenly switched on the "dieting" switch again and I'm now not having a problem sticking to my diet again. I'd really really like to know where that switch is please! Bizarre. Then this weekend, perhaps to avoid lulling me into a false sense of security it decided to ambush me. I was fine all Saturday, all Sunday afternoon, went to the garden centre, got home, sat down, wrote cards, then bam! Suddenly I feel crap and flu-ey. It literally came full on in about 30 minutes. I ended up taking Monday off to lie in bed feeling achey and then went back to the office yesterday. I can only assume I got it from one of my Brownies... As long as it's completely gone by Christmas, I don't mind.
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I've gone into a bit of an online withdrawal phase at the moment. I'm still reading my friends page but only really once a day and I have hardly touched the support board this week. It's one of my odder moods - I recognise it and I know it will pass but I don't really know what triggers its start or end.

In my weightwatchers experiment, btw, the week that I stuck to it, I took off weight but then I didn't stick to it the week after and put some of it back on. I really need to find a better way to respond to feeling stressed than eating and drinking more. I guess it's just that it's such a pleasant distraction. I'm doing well so far this week, which is good as I have a Christmas meal with the Oxfam crew on Friday and I want to save up for it.

In related news*, the electrician finally managed to come over and have a look at my fireplace hole yesterday. A little bit of investigation on his part revealed that the heavy duty socket wire wasn't connected to anything! Yes, really! So we just cut that one off. The earth wire is connected to the bathroom as a safty device apparently but was easy for him to splice an extra length into so that it could sit safely under the hearth. So now all I have to do is pin Blazes down for a date to finish the installation. There are pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet - soon, I promise. Today is the day the chimney sweep comes (I called to confirm - I'm getting paranoid!) so I'm working from home, writing this while I wait for my unit tests to run.

I lost my Ikea virginity at the weekend with [livejournal.com profile] cleanskies - it was ace! We took [livejournal.com profile] jintys car to the London Brent Park Ikea which is vast! The only blemish was that as they still had the builders in half the loading area was full of girders leading to enormous amounts of confusion and lack of signage but we made it and after our worrying at the checkouts it turned out we could have got loads more furniture in if needed. My favourite purchase is the one I haven't put together yet - the big chest of drawers for the conservatory. Again, photos to follow.

* It's related because it was the cause of last weeks stress.
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I'm going have a week of trying really hard to apply the Weightwatchers programme this week - I need to remind myself that when I do it properly I can actually lose weight. One of the things I've been having problems with in the last couple of weeks particuarly but also generally is comfort eating. Or not exactly comfort eating but I've been finding that I get home and have dinner and a glass of wine and then what seems to happen is that I feel tired and perhaps a little bored and just want to sit in front of the TV with another glass of wine and perhaps a toasted pitta or bakewell tart. And then repeat for the next 3 hours or so.

So my question is have you got any suggestions for things I could try instead. I need something with fairly low barrier to entry (as it were) as it's difficult to get myself started but once I'm going I can get re-energised fairly quickly. Ideally it should also be something that I don't do just sitting down in the living room, at least for the moment as I currently associate that with relaxing with wine, pittas, etc. Any ideas?

Also, as support is so important ( :) ) I thought I'd organise a pub meet tonight. Far from the Madding Crowd? (Or Copa, but they have more tempting food) from around 5:45? Comment now and I'll txt [livejournal.com profile] white_hart after lunch with the conclusions.


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