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I seem to have managed to bizarrely somehow sprain or do something weird to my hand! No, not like that, you dirty minded people! I would blame Rock Band because I did do something very odd to my arm muscle playing Satellite Radio last night but that was the other arm. Anyway, the upshot of this is that it now hurts to make tea because I can't pick up the kettle properly! It's lucky that the universe, although it likes mocking me, has provided me with an excellent high quality tea making boyfriend to pick up the slack of those cups of tea I would otherwise make for myself :)
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Well, who would have thought that I'd actually get slightly weepy watching Torchwood? I've been really taken by surprise at the amount I've got into this series. A slightly different perspective on the characters or something, I don't know? As I said to Niall, if you haven't been enjoying the rest of the season I really doubt Exit Wounds would change anything, but for me, it worked pretty well, despite its plot problems. I even went back and watched a couple of series 1 episodes and enjoyed them much more than I remembered - it's all about how much you like them, I guess. I'm going to give Dr Who another chance as well, I've decided, given that the rest of my friends list seems to have much more time for that than Torchwood (and I hear rumours of crossovers) - maybe I'll get into that this time.

We had a really lovely day yesterday. I left my bike in town on Thursday so Alex and I got up in the morning after I had for some reason woken up really early and been unable to get back to sleep and tramped down the river path to get it and enjoy the pretty while it lasted. Having achieved that, we went for luxurious lunch in Joes and then headed home but it was lovely to just meander along talking of this and that and everything. After that, we lounged around, I watched some TV and after a while I took Alex out to the Science Park to give him a go in my car (verdict, not bad for someone who hasn't driven in 12 years), then back again for snacky tea, more rambling and Red Dwarf. There should be more weekends like that.
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It is *freezing* in my office today. I am wearing my fingerless gloves and sitting cross legged to try to warm up my feet, which are distinctly icy! I haven't been drinking my water because I can't at the moment contemplate actually drinking something that's not warmed up, I'm so chilly. We do have a little space heater in our office, but it's really not doing much.

Mum and Dad came over for a birthday visit this weekend, the highlight of which was that Dad took one of the floorboards up for me and we found my ring! I left it on my bedside table one night and Charlie decided to conduct one of her gravity experiments by pushing it onto the floor where it then slipped down the gap in one of the floorboards (we deduced this by it's complete disappearance and the presence of my lipsalve under the dressing table whence it had also been moved). As you can imagine, this was quite distressing. I was 99% certain it was there but getting at it was another matter. I would have been gutted to lose it altogether as it's so completely my style of jewellery - it's my favourite ring, as well as being a gift from Alex. I remember buying it - we were looking for some jewellery for his mothers birthday and I saw it in the shop window and ooh'd and aah'd about how beautiful it was, not particularly intending to hint and he took me inside and bought it for me on the spot. He's lovely, really.

In terms of actual birthday pressies, I got some grow your own mushrooms, which I'm really excited about - I don't know why, but I absolutely love the idea. It looks like they take a bit of looking after so we'll have to see how I get on, but fingers crossed - I could be making mushroom sauce with my own mushrooms later in the year. I also got Guitar Hero II, which is fun. I think the medium mode is a bit easier than III - I am 5 starring songs first time around about half the time - but hopefully that means that the hard mode will be good training for the hard mode of III, which I'm finding a bit of a strain at the moment! The multiplayer is not quite as fun as on III, as there's no concept of a "co-op career" - you just can play any song you've unlocked in single player as a multiplayer song. Other than that, a couple of RHCP CDs (must remmeber to rip them to MP3 some time in the week) and a book round off the list so far, although I've got some things I haven't openned yet - I tend to like to open things in the presence of the giver but these are special Amazon delivery so I'm saving them for the day.
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Alex earned extra boyfriend points last night by coming home to discover me curled up on the sofa with cramps and not only making dinner but instead of needing to be told what to do with the mince to make spaghetti bolagaise as I had expected, disappearing into the kitchen with his cookbook written by cartoon cats and emerging in about half an hour with home made burgers and home-fries which were really nice! I only sound surprised because the cooking is a relatively recent thing for him, as all his creations so far have been really good.

New TV arrives tomorrow, which is good as when I feel crampy like this all I really want to do is sit around with a glass of wine or two and watch rubbish. Although, of course, most of the worst will be over by the time I can do that as we're out tomorrow :)
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This weekend, we finally held our 10th anniversary party to celebrate 10 years of Alex and I being together. There's actually a month to go but this was the closest date we could get in a suitable sized venue so we figured we'll risk the dramatic irony of something causing us to break up before we actually get there :)

soppy digression on how we actually met )

I've been talking about us having a party for years. It started as a fairly flip thing, just something to say when people asked if we were going to get married but it gradually became something I did want definitely to actually do. I liked the idea of celebrating our relationship and having everyone come together but without the legalese of an actual wedding.

I got rather nervous last week that it would be really empty and quiet but in the event my fears were completely unfounded. It was awesome! I wandered round with an enormous grin on my face going "Everyone came! Everyone is happy!". [livejournal.com profile] concourse and Brother James played 2 kick-ass sets, including a live mashup (RHCP/White Stripes), the cheese song I would have requested if I had thought of it (Dancing Queen - thank you [livejournal.com profile] cleanskies for getting me up to dance!) and my absolute favourite original track of theirs (Joan of Arc). Loads of people either said "wow, they were brill!" or "where can I get their CD?!" as well, so I think everyone appreciated them :)

The whole thing seemed to go really fast and before I knew it I was hugging people goodbye and wishing I'd had more time to talk to them but I believe this is traditional for this type of event :) We both had such a fantastic time - thank you to everyone who made it! It was everything I wanted and really my whole day was pretty much perfect from shopping in the morning to collapsing on the sofa when we got home.

* I don't know why, but I never seem to call Alex by his LJ name ([livejournal.com profile] oxfordslacker). It just feels not quite right.
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Its so nice to have Alex home again! We had a really nice relaxing day yesterday - I got some gardening and tidying done while he was at Oxfam and then we had curry and kicked back and listened to music on the TV while messing around with our new purchases. We quite often do a thing where we take turns to pick a track like a DJ battle and this time I actually remembered to save the playlist at the end too.

Harry bought this party because of the mini keyboard, actually the handwriting software is miles better too. It allows you to correct as you go much more easily, which surprisingly makes all the difference for usability. I think it's actually better at the recognition part too, which is good because my handwriting is not getting any better! Apparently, it also learns your writing, although I think I'm pretty inconstant so we'll see how it goes with that. Still, I have managed to handwrite this whole post without too much trouble. Not bad at all.
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Alex is soooo sweet! He had to get up and go really really early this morning, while I was still asleep. When I finally got up (too cold out from under the covers!) and headed out to the back of the house to get my bike, this is what I found...

Evidence that Alex is lovely )

How cute is that?!
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1 lovely boyfriend
2 takeaway meals
good TV to watch
1 sofa
1 blanket
small amounts alcohol

Invite lovely boyfriend round to watch TV. Each collect one of the takeaways. Sit on sofa and eat meals, drink alcohol and watch TV. When eating/drinking finished snuggle up on sofa under blanket and hug while watching TV.


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