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Went to training at my new school on Thursday and the positive vibe definitely continues - I have a really good feeling about the move. We sorted out my application for the leadership course they want to put me on next year and they're right behind the writing assessment project I've got planned which will take forward what I've done this year. Also, on a geeky note, they want to buy me what looks like an *amazing* smart TV thing to use as my interactive board for my classroom, which would be super exciting. I really hope it arrives before the holidays so I can have a play with it over the break as it'll be quite different from what I've used before. Obviously the shiny video on the product website is always a bit misleading but it does look like I should be able to do some really quite neat stuff with it eventually, including controlling stuff on the kids screens and so on.

I am really enjoying the garden at the moment and I can't get over how much more light it gets now that we've had the horse chestnut next door cut back. It does mean that the decking is in full sun in the middle of the day though so I might have to buy a patio umbrella to sit under - it's not good for the laptop, if nothing else! Generally though, it's all looking really nice and the kittens love playing out there. They're only allowed out under supervision at the minute, but soon they'll be having their ops and then we hope to retire the litter tray - not a minute too soon!
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Thank you for the lovely comments on my last entry. Sadly, things moved fast and Cassie continued to deteriorate and not eat over the weekend. She spent quite a bit of time curled up in my lap, sleeping and having strokes, which was good, but she was obviously in a very bad way. We took her into the vet on Monday, who told us that her kidneys were shutting down. They took her to cat hospital and put her on fluids to see how much remaining kidney function there was but when we checked in the next day, her blood work hadn't improved at all, meaning that her kidneys were basically completely non functional. There was nothing that they could really do for her so I went after school and sat with her for an hour or so giving her strokes and fuss before the vet put her on my lap and gave her an overdose of anaesthetic.

It's the first time that I've lost a pet in that way - we had goldfish, who used to get regularly pinched by herons, but that's nothing like the same. I cried a lot on Monday and Tuesday and was pretty fragile most of Wednesday and the rest of the week. Now I just get ambushed by odd rushes of sadness. Charlie has been doing her best to look after us by coming and sitting with me on the sofa and so on but I miss Cassie very much.

I have quite a few versions of this pic where she's sitting on my lap giving me a very definite *look*

And quite a few where she's curled up on the bed. My photo albums all together seem to suggest she spent quite a lot of time chilling out and relaxing, which is a good thought.

Rare photo with her eyes open <3
Cassie is queen
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I had the most lovely morning this morning. I started off with a cup of tea (courtesy of Alex) and a video of Tim Harford doing a TED talk in bed. Then Cassie cat came up to sit down next to me and we both enjoyed a relaxing hour or so, both occasionally stretching, shifting around slightly to stay comfortable and purring when we looked over at each other. True, she was dozing and I was reading some internets on my phone but other than that, we were completely in tune :)

I thought I would write this entry and tried to log in to DW to do it but I couldn't get it to load the main DW pages for some reason, so I had a shower and mused about posting to Google+ but in the end, it didn't feel right. G+ I can imagine using to post things I want to *share* - "look at this" type posts - but this isn't that. There's no reason at all that you should be interested in my morning lounge with my cat and obscurely, I feel like if I post it to G+ then I'm somehow asking you to be. Whereas LJ/DW is different. It's fundamentally my diary (even if I don't write in it very often). Sure, I let you read it if you want to, but I don't feel like I'm saying the same thing by posting something here. I want to record the experience and make it available, to myself if nothing else. It's the first time I've thought about what I might actually use G+ for though, so it's just about possible that it'll get more use than my moribund twitter and facebook accounts. I really shouldn't be on Facebook. I use it to friend people from work, but given that they're active, I really ought to check on it more often. Partly is aesthetic - I just can't get to like the look/layout of Facebook, although I'm not sure why. G+ is much more appealing from that standpoint but I doubt that the work crew will migrate to it, which in some ways is a good thing and probably also increases the likelihood that I'll actually use it.

You can tell it's the school holidays! I'm about to actually post and I have another post in mind already about my own personal food culture. I might try to make a New Year's resolution to actually post some diary entries again. After all, I do love looking back at the old ones - why deprive my future self of pleasure?
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We have made it back to these fair shores in remarkably good order. In fact, we've had good transport mojo all the way through the trip, culminating in our flight arriving 20 minutes early and still being met on time by the taxi driver picking us up. Very pleasing all around. We have read and giggled at the reports of the cat sitters - thanks guys! Charlie has already forgiven us our absence, Cassie is still cross but I'm sure she'll come around.

Second round of photos to follow along with a round-up of the second half of the holiday experience when I have brought a bit of order to the bag strewn chaos that is the current state of the living room :)
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Project CatCam! Yes, this person has attatched a camera to his cats collar to find out what it does when it disappears! I have wanted to do this with our cats for so long! Also, I need a webcam to set up so I can watch for kitties in the livingroom while I'm at work. [via [livejournal.com profile] damiancugley]
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Well, I came down this morning to find Cassie staring intently at the gap between the sofa and the wall and meowling for my attention - a pretty strong indicator that the mouse had migrated to the living room over night. I called Alex down and we got to work.

Sadly, I didn't get a photo of the funniest bit, which was when I moved the sofa out slightly in order to see if I could see the mouse and Cassie started to squeeze herself into the gap. I wish I had a picture of her front half stuffed into this small space and her back half spilling out because it was absolutely hilarious.

I let the cats stay while we cornered it as their infalible instinct for where it had gone to ground again was invaluable. Cassie did manage to grab it at one point (doing it no harm) but she dropped it and then lost interest, presumably feeling her work was done. Finally we managed to force it into tupperware and I dropped it into the neighbours garden, relying on the fact that it hadn't been naturally occuring in our house anyway but brought in by Cassie so hopefully it's unlikely to make it's way back inside. And even if it does, Cassie will waste no time pointing it out.

Oh, also, our opinion that Cassie is responsible for all the mice was reinforced by the fact that the mouse ran away from Cassie and circled round Charlie's paws while Charlie looked baffled and wondered where it had gone before moving to under the side table. Right under her paws, I swear. She'll never make a mouser :)


May 5th, 2007 02:10 pm
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So, while tidying the kitchen this morning, I heard what I thought was a rustling sound coming from the fridge. I gave it a suspicious stare, but decided that it was just things settling inside as I had just rearranged it. However, when Charlie started taking an indecent amount of interest in the gap down the side it was time to reconsider and staring fixedly down the side showed a little mouse dashing across.

For this, I blame Cassie as she used to bring live mice in a lot more frequently than dead ones so I should have guessed that she would have managed to do it a time or two here. Usually she keeps hold of them and brings them right over to me, possibly hoping to train me to hunt, but I guess this time she must have become distracted and dropped the damn thing in the kitchen.

Alex tries to extract the mice - click for amusing pics! )

The upshot of it all is that
(a) we have a mouse in our kitchen
(b) the fridge still appears to be working and has now been pushed right back into the alcove to allow the cats enough of a gap to hunt in the area (I'm pretty much betting on them chasing it out where I can get at it)
(c) I need a humane mousetrap and
(d) we have finally found Ruth's missing D12, which had been chased under the fridge by the cats in times past, apparently. There's also the big D20 and a pink D20 under there but we couldn't get at them.
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Since Alex fixed the roof of the conservatory I actually quite like sitting in here when it rains. The sound on the roof is really loud (because the roof is made of corrugated plastic, for those of you who haven't seen this) but I like that. I like the sense of being safe indoors while the elements rage. I guess the fact that it used to be so leaky exacerbates that even more. When we have the extension done, gone will be this simple pleasure, I guess, but to be replaced with a whole range of other pleasures :) We've asked the architect to make drawings and he's coming over tomorrow lunchtime to take measurements & photos of what's here already.

I'm just having a bit of a relax, having finished the mad hoover and clean-up of doom, for we have Alex's sister and her man staying over after Ben's gig this evening. And this requires a more than usually thorough job as Jo is allergic to cats (amongst lots of other things!) so I've been scouring the spare room (usually the province of Cassie) to within an inch of it's life. I suspect she's still going to need anti-histamines though.

Currently, both cats have joined me to watch me write. Cassie has bagged a spot that Charlie usually uses when I'm hanging out in here (the canvas bag that came with my OU opennings course - Charlie has a big thing for sitting on bags) and Charlie is wandering round sniffing at everything, trying to decide on a second choice for curling up.
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I seem to have forgotten how to use SMS to LJ temporarily so I'll repost here: Cassie returned. When I popped home last night before the gig she came in and demanded hugs and food vociferously. I guess she probably got into someones garage on Saturday night and didn't get let out until Monday morning or something like that :) All well now.
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So it was going to have been a really nice weekend. My parents arrived on Friday evening as planned, we headed into town and had a very pleasant dinner in the resturant at QI. We did fail to watch QI though as the TV didn't record it - did anyone watch it on BBC4, and if so, what was the topic as I'm assuming the machine thought it was a repeat. Then Saturday, we got down to it and started work on painting our bedroom in white (ceiling and down to picture rail) and lilac/purple below. Which looks very nice, despite Mum's initial reservations.

It also took much less time than we anticipated so we were able to make a fairly leisurly weekend of it. I introduced Dad to Dinnerladies (which I love to bits) and we got out my old I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again tapes. All jolly nice. On Sunday, I did roast chicken for the first time ever, which came out very nicely although I'm always worried about whether I carve enough meat for people. Still, all seemed to be enjoyed.

A pall, however, was cast over the weekend when I realised just as Mum and Dad were heading off that I hadn't seen Cassie at all on Sunday. That is very unlike her - normally she is very vocal and attentive for at least one meal per day, although she may turn up late for others and so to see not a sign was rather unnerving. I spent the rest of the evening trying not to worry and watching TV as well as checking all our cupboards, shed, other possible and impossible cat hiding places but still no sign, even this morning :( Hopefully she's just been minouing about out there and has perhaps managed to provide her own dinner with hunting prowess (she does at least have a track record of having caught things before, after all) but still I fuss because she is only little. Keep your fingers crossed for her turning up tonight...
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Two piccies of Charlie up the Christmas tree for you all, somewhat late, but still cute. Also, if you want to post one image from SB using plain text then going to the update page and using the Insert... dropdown list option to insert an image still works fine, thank goodness! It's a bit more of a faff if you want to add multiple images though because you just have to repeat the process.
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Well, because know you're all gagging to know (!), I thought I'd better post to say that the window installation actually went sucessfully. The only issues were with openning handles in the wrong places which they spotted before me and offered to fix free of charge - so far so good. Of course now I have no curtains in the living room but I'll get to that tomorrow along with starting the windowsill painting.

I have such a huge backlog of photos waiting to go online, I really ought to get on with posting them. Of course, they're at work so I can say that without actually posting any now. Charlie looks very cute climbing the Christmas tree though :)

I suspect that I'm going to have a bad week next week - from the Friday afternoon phonecalls Damian was getting I think there's going to be a bit of crisis development going on next week. Sigh. Would people be up for pubmeet at a slightly later time - say 5:45/6ish? I should be able to escape by then. Also, note to self, if you start off on port you're bound to get very drunk, foolish girl! Also, take red wine next time.
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So, Christmas approaches apace and I've already got one out of the way, having just come back from having a Christmas with my parents & brother a week early. They enjoyed their pressies lots and I got lovely things too. Then we had a fantastic leg of pork roasted by Dad and lay around all evening in a well fed stupor. Just as I'm planning this week.

We even managed to stop off in Cambridge to see Alex's sister and her boyfriend, who've got a lovely little house in Cambridge with an open fire. In fact, fires were rather a feature point of the weekend. I'm enjoying mine so far but it turns out that smokeless fuel does not burn, it only glows, which is not much fun. I'm seriously thinking I might just buy normal coal and risk getting a fine if it gets reported. After all, I'm already planning to burn the logs I've got from cutting down various things in the garden. I wonder where you can get ordinary coal in Oxford. I don't recall seeing it at B&Q but I might check tonight.

Have heard from the vet that Charlie is fine after being in today to have her tubes tied (or whatever it is that they do in there to keep her kitten-free). I felt mean forcing her into the box this morning - she's only teeny after all - but it's for her own good. They're microchipping her while she's under too so less chance of losing her, which is good. We'll have to give her lots of fuss and hugs tonight.
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As promised, new photos uploaded to flickr: Charlie and the fireplace
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Another busy couple of days. Went to the Ashmolean Museum with the parents yesterday which was really nice. The collection there is so varied - they've got some wonderful art (there's a beautiful portrait of Henrietta Maria by Van Dyke (I think)) as well as a wonderful collection of Egyptian artefacts, mediaeval (the Arthur Jewel for example) and a gallery of modern Chinese painting which I've never seen before and which was beautiful. Then in the evening, we went back to the Petit Blanc. Once again, it was wonderful - a quality meal and a lovely evening was had by all.

Today was shopping day. We went into the city and I bought some of the things that I'll need for my potential cats and then we met up with some friends of Mum and Dads who were in the area (ish). We all headed off to the Ashmolean cafe for tea, sandwiches, scones and chat - very British I know :) I went into Blackwell’s with Alex and discovered that they'd finally received my copy of This Sceptred Isle the 20th Century box set so I used his discount card to snap that up (I'm listening to it in bed now - I love the delivery and attention to detail of the series. Soon, I'll be as good on 20C priministers as I am on 19C ones :) )

After that, and a brief sojourn in Borders we adjourned to the cinema to watch the Lord of the Rings. I was the only one of us (me, Alex, Mum and Dad) who hadn't seen it but the others all wanted to see it again. Although there were a couple of niggles (I wasn't sure about the way they'd done Saruman or Boromir) I thought it was great and very impressive. They'd had to chop some of the storytelling around to make the pacing suit the film better but that generally worked pretty well and the tricks they used to make the hobbits look small are not really visible at all which is pretty impressive. I also found it really scary in some places, even though I know the plot. The black riders were terrifying and the mines of Moria had me gripping Alex's hand for dear life too. I think though, that when the loud bits are making the speakers in the cinema rattle then it's too loud :)


February 6th, 2002 11:35 am
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Yes indeed, minous will be coming my way soon :) The lady said I was out of the way of traffic enough and had a garden and plenty of space so I'd be fine. I explained that I might have a problem getting a catflap fitted and she seemed OK with that so we're go. Apparently, it will probably take a couple of weeks to a month to find some suitable ones for me. I can't wait!
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Well, here I am - back again properly this time, with the slight proviso that I'm off work again tomorrow. Holiday this time though. I have to be in when the lady from the insurance company calls to have a look at my house. I don't quite know why they want to do this - I keep worrying that they'll find some excuse or other not to give me any money for my laptop which would be a real bugger. I don't know. Cats protection league have not got back to me about arranging the home visit yet so I'm pining about that and Sky haven't sent me the contract yet. Fret fret. Still, I did get some choccies through the post this morning from a friend of mine as a belated Christmas pressie so that's pretty cool.
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To get Sky or not to get Sky? On the one hand it would be giving money to Rupert Murdoch which I object to and would cost a lot to have installed but on the other, it would allow me to watch TV and would give me loads more channels than NTL for the same price. Hmmm. The alternatives are to arrange to have an ordinary analogue aerial installed - I've no idea of how to do that or what it would cost - or to get a small standalone aerial which would probably give really crap reception. Any advice on the above would be welcomed.

I've left my details with the Cats Protection League to get in touch with me about having a cat (yay!) which they say they'll do over the next 3 days or so. I'm both excited and nervous about the idea because I have never had a cat before so I'm worrying about it a bit. Still, I can always ask Alex for help I suppose.

I discovered today that new cars can be obtained for 7000 pounds if you want which is a bit of a shock to the system - somehow I thought it was more expensive than that. I mean I could pay that off in a couple of years if I really had to. The question is, how does one choose a car? I don't even know the makes of the ones I like the shape of but I don't really fancy trekking around all the dealers in town especially as they're not easily accessible without a car! A puzzle for later...
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Grrr. The CPL are away until Jan 2nd and NTL haven't run cable down the gravel drive/path leading up to my house so I can't have cable. Bugger.
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Now that I've finally had my credit card bill and got back to my computer again I have been able to do something that I've been meaning to do for a while - I've paid for this account :) I actually probably won't use most of the extra features for paid users but I just think that I use it so much and get so much pleasure out of it, especially when I'm bored at work that I want to support it.

I have decided to get on with all the things I have been putting off "til next year" - I've done LJ so this is what I have got left

Finish MCSE. I'm nearly there with this - I only need to do 2 more exams now. I'm hoping to have this done by the end of the month.

Get cats. As soon as I've finished this entry I'm ringing up the Cats Protection League to start the adoption process :)

Get NTL. As soon as I've done the above I'll be surfing over to the NTL website to decide what exactly I want.

Lose weight. I know I can do this - I just have to train myself to maintain my willpower through stressful situations cos that's when I put it all back on. Actually, also when drunk (witness my crisp demolition at [livejournal.com profile] cleanskies Saturday night) So, from now on, I'm on a diet. Stop me from eating crisps in the pub, OK.

My other good thing that I'm doing today is of course my fast. Not going too badly so far although I am starting to get a bit peckish. Alex has promised to try to pick up some kind of frozen pizza to take to the party to break my fast with as I doubt even Cowley Road will have takeouts still open at midnight on NYE.

And finally, the rest of Christmas - I did mean to make entries on my palm but utterly forgot so you'll have to have it in one big chunk )


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