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Belated reminder - whoniversal BBQ and sort of Alex birthday thing this afternoon from 3pm. Bring BBQables and booze and selves!
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Thanks to everyone who made it to the party on Saturday - I had an absolutely fabulous time! Although having Guitar Hero on meant I didn't circulate as much as perhaps I should it also made for the sort of thing where I feel comfortable and relaxed. I've never been good at circulating - I'm not that good at conversations in noisy places for a start and I tend to be quite quiet at parties. I'd noticed at [livejournal.com profile] coalescent and [livejournal.com profile] snowkings parties that having the console on was something that worked really well for me. I hope I didn't end up annoying anyone though - I know that I didn't end up chatting to some of you much.

I seem to have been on a reading binge for no apparent reason in the past few weeks. I've managed to read through 5 new books ).

Actually, I dare swear I'm missing something here (probably a re-read) but that must be the biggest crop of new (to me) books I've read in a long time. What with that and becoming addicted to Stadium Arcadium now I've listened to it through I'm actually feeling quite... I don't know the word, but like I'm actually engaging with things again rather than just staying my comfort zone
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I should write about some things other than Guitar Hero, really but I am so chuffed - last night, I managed to complete 3's & 7's, Before I Forget, Knights of Cydonia and Cult of Personality (with 4 stars!) to complete section 7 on Hard and then made it all the way through Cliffs of Dover! I've pretty much managed to get the hang of doing the notes that you don't have to strum without strumming them now, my next challenge is going to be to get the bi-directional strumming thing as I don't think I'm going to make it through One without figuring that out.

In other news, don't forget, birthday cocktails on Saturday! 8 til late, dress up. I have, as usual, failed to actually remember to publicise this beyond LJ so if you mention it to someone and they say "what" please do invite them on my behalf!
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Well, we're all comfortably settled outside the 'Trailerpark stage (aka the conservatory) Enjoying sausages, sweeties and rum injected strawberries again. Could even be better than real Truck.
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OK, well now we know that Truck is off (probably for the best!) I guess everyone is at a loose end this weekend. May I suggest an Instead-Of-Truck Indoor BBQ on Sunday?

Basically the plan would be that you all turn up at my house and I bring the BBQ equipment down to the patio by the house (so that even if it rains, I can provide food with minimum hassle :)). Then we can have cooked food and socialise, drink and eat inside in comfort. Shall we say 2pm onwards for anyone who fancies it? We can even provide old Truck compilation CDs for the right musical ambience :)

Even if you were never going to Truck anyway, do feel free to join us :)
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Well, I guess the weather change is more or less my fault - after all, I organised a BBQ :) Not sure yet whether we'll tough it out or retreat inside - it'll depend on exactly what the weather looks like I guess.
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You know there's some songs where you just have to whack the volume up and grin like a maniac while you bop even when you're in the office? Well, I think Steal my Sunshine is *definitely* one of those for me.

I think in May I'm going to have another iPod BBQ but this time it's going to be bring along a playlist of happy summer songs - up to 30 mins long and preferably with minimal swearing (to spare my neighbours :)) but other than that, just pick stuff that makes you grin.


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