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Finally managed to find the link to the ticket shop for this after a lot of hunting! If you fancy some lovely carols from a great singer and folk band come to the Oxford Town Hall for Maddy Prior and her Carnival Band on Saturday at 8pm. I've got MP3s of the Radio 2 broadcast they did years ago of carols and I love it - it's one of the major parts of Christmas to me getting it out again. I'll upload God Rest Ye Merry for people to sample.

Also, saw this XKCD and had to iconise it. I do this sometimes and the intonation is all. Today it's bouncy and enthusiastic, tomorrow it might be disappointed...
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You know there's some songs where you just have to whack the volume up and grin like a maniac while you bop even when you're in the office? Well, I think Steal my Sunshine is *definitely* one of those for me.

I think in May I'm going to have another iPod BBQ but this time it's going to be bring along a playlist of happy summer songs - up to 30 mins long and preferably with minimal swearing (to spare my neighbours :)) but other than that, just pick stuff that makes you grin.
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woo! EMI to go DRM free on iTunes. There's an extra cost for single tracks but it's not prohibitive IMO. Now I feel the need to go and get some EMI artists stuff from iTunes just to show support for this - who would be good?


April 2nd, 2007 12:31 pm
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Truck tickets go on sale 10 April online and in real shops - Fopp is the Oxford outlet this year. If you want me to get festival tickets for you (or, actually, dispatch Alex to get said tickets on his lunchtime on Tuesday), comment to this post before then!
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So, the Sunday programme for the Oxford Folk Festival is looking good - Mum, our tickets are booked, but it's the start of April, not the end so next weekend! I also quite fancy the Friday night celidah - anyone else up for it?
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Boy. I haven't been to a gig in a while. It's fun but tiring and the more people there are the more I remember why. I had a great time at Space Heros but now my eyes sting and my head is too full for the sound. Its partly why I love festivals - its gigs without the downside when for years I was sacred it would be gigs but more so.
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Listening to "Smile like you mean it" makes me grin in a very Alex style way.
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I don't think I actually mentioned here, although I've been anticipating it all last week but last night we went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers play in Reading! I was a bit nervous because I'm not good at crowds or at standing up for very long periods but it it was awesome! The concert was in the football stadium and we managed to find a space in the dugout (or at least I assume that's what it was) which was close enough to be able to see (aided by the fact that it was a step up from the pitch level) and nice and protected from the general crowds. The set was amazing - they played Can't Stop, Scar Tissue, Californication, By The Way, Under The Bridge and tonnes of other stuff new and old that I now can't remember. Just fantastic. The support band were pretty lame but that was fine because I just sat down on the floor for them so I didn't get too tired later. So yay for living up to expectations!

I was gutted to miss the tennis on Saturday and then yesterdays performances were fairly lame - very scrappy, so I didn't get much value out of my day off on that front. I did get stuff done on the internet though, which was good. I wondered about doing a [livejournal.com profile] swisstone style roundup of where the draw stands for Wimbledon now but couldn't quite summon up the energy for that (flist breaths sigh of relief). I really like the odd 4 day week - I have been wondering about trying to make sure I get one a month, using holiday days to fill in between bank holidays. I also went into Bravissimo in the afternoon, having been persuaded by [livejournal.com profile] white_hart and [livejournal.com profile] dyggdu on Saturday. Went in 36C, came out 36DD, which is not too bad. Is DD like half way between D and E or is it different when they double them? Forgot to ask until after I'd left. So anyway, I bought 2 bras and 2 strappy tops with built in serious bras, which are great!

A quiet week for the rest of this week, probably for the best! I was knackered this morning - combination of overexcited evening wearing me out and cats arguing at 5am. The heat is making them crotchety. Me too, which is very unusual for me - normally I'm OK up to about 34/35 but this year it's getting me down. Humidity levels perhaps.
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I decided to assuage my indecision by a trip over to Argos to have a look at the stereos and unfortunately, managed to spot the perfect one to replace my current (more or less defunct) stereo system! It has a 3 CD changer, minidisk and tape deck as well as radio and stuff and it's 70ukp off in the sale. I was going to wait til next month to get one so that I could use birthday money but I think I'm going to have to snap this one up now as it's more or less exactly what I was looking for - it's not even a chunky design!

Still dithering about the TV though.
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Well, its been an uncharacteristically long time since I updated my journal but when you've read all this you'll see why :(

my weekend. Strong language herin )
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Sat at home feeling ill and yucky. Couple of phone calls from Alex, partly to check if I was ok, partly to check whether I was going to see Laurie Anderson. The answer to which is a resounding I don't know. On the one hand, I'd quite like to go - a crowd of people I know are going and several people have said that they think I would like her stuff. On the other hand, I know that Tanaqui wants to go and since shes decided that she hates me I guess she won't go if I'm there. Which puts me on the spot rather since I know shes really into LAs music and so would definitely like it whereas I'd just be going on spec music-wise. Plus shes been going through a really bad patch lately and so it would probably be really good for her to go. Hmmm - we'll have to see. Plus, Alex is sitting on the fence in a way I find vaguely annoying. I can tell that what he really wants is for me to decide that I don't want to go so that he can have an easy life, but he doesn't feel that he can actually ask me not to go.

The insurance company are going to replace my Visor for me. Hooray.


August 24th, 2001 03:18 pm
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Now that I have finally moved my computer so that its on my desk instead of tucked behind my drawer unit I need to think about some music. I reallly fancy some Vivaldi at the minute - or maybe Beethoven Violin concertos and now my headphone socket is close enough to stick some headphones in. The only thing is that it might seem anti social. Maybe I'll just have it in one ear or something.

I have actually got quite a lot done today. We're changing the look of all the websites (again!) and so I have been switching my second one over to the new format. It'll look kinda pretty when I'm done which is cool. Am on a high because Bernadette (one of the VPs in my dept) came over to ask me a question and then afterwards was telling me what a lovely dress I had on and asking where I got it! I'm gorgeous! The dress is my smart blue/green monsoon dress - they manage to cut their hips properly so that their dresses actually fit so I do look quite good it it. Not bad eh?

I'm not going to write in this for the next few days (til Thursday actually) cos my parents are arriving tonight and staying over in London for the weekend then we're going over to France on Tues and Weds to stock up on wine and good dinners. Should be a really good time (although probably not the best idea to stock up on bottles of wine just before I move!) so aurevoir....


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