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So, while in Canada, we bought some actual physical books. I realised that bookshops have become things that I only go into when on holiday. In fact, that's practically true for any sort of shops. I can't be bothered to go to the city centre these days. Anyway. We went to a lovely bookshop, we browsed, I bought actual books!

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As well as books, one evening I decided I didn't have the energy to go out and requested an evening of TV. [personal profile] aveleh suggested that she'd been planning to try out Orphan Black and [livejournal.com profile] oxfordslacker had already seen some and liked it so we went for it. We ended up blitzing the first four episodes that night because the moment I saw episode one I was totally addicted. It has some amazing characters, incredibly acted and I really enjoy the plotting as well, although I can imagine that the more scientifically inclined might find that snagging them. I am slightly bemused that no-one had put me onto it beforehand - I have mentioned that I'm interested in good genre TV shows, right? I obviously need to improve my recommendations system - does anyone know anyone who was reccing it? UK people I'm letting off on the grounds that it hasn't actually aired here yet (despite being a BBC thing - I didn't realise BBC America made it's own stuff too). It's actually coming to BBC3 in the autumn, apparently and everyone should watch it!
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Am rewatching fourth season of the West Wing. Am reminded of why I shelled out for the complete set. This show is the thing I watch and think 'Yes, this is the classic. This is something that couldn't be done as anything other than a TV show and is done the best that it can be done.' It's beautiful and it makes me feel something amazing when ever I watch it (yes, that's sappy, but it's true).

Also, watched the end of season three of the Venture Brothers earlier. THAT SHIT IS CRAZY INSANE. No, seriously. I mean, it's kind of awesome, but still CRAZY INSANE.

In other news, school is going awesome. I am still really into the whole thing even though I have horrible cold, for which I blame the children.
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What toys should the IT Crowd set include? I think they should also solicit T-shirt recommendations for Roy :)

ETA: Actually, they are soliciting T-shirt suggestions!
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Well, who would have thought that I'd actually get slightly weepy watching Torchwood? I've been really taken by surprise at the amount I've got into this series. A slightly different perspective on the characters or something, I don't know? As I said to Niall, if you haven't been enjoying the rest of the season I really doubt Exit Wounds would change anything, but for me, it worked pretty well, despite its plot problems. I even went back and watched a couple of series 1 episodes and enjoyed them much more than I remembered - it's all about how much you like them, I guess. I'm going to give Dr Who another chance as well, I've decided, given that the rest of my friends list seems to have much more time for that than Torchwood (and I hear rumours of crossovers) - maybe I'll get into that this time.

We had a really lovely day yesterday. I left my bike in town on Thursday so Alex and I got up in the morning after I had for some reason woken up really early and been unable to get back to sleep and tramped down the river path to get it and enjoy the pretty while it lasted. Having achieved that, we went for luxurious lunch in Joes and then headed home but it was lovely to just meander along talking of this and that and everything. After that, we lounged around, I watched some TV and after a while I took Alex out to the Science Park to give him a go in my car (verdict, not bad for someone who hasn't driven in 12 years), then back again for snacky tea, more rambling and Red Dwarf. There should be more weekends like that.
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So, recently I have started reading fanfic*. I have also started enjoying Torchwood**. These facts are not unconnected and they're connected in an interesting (to me) way so I thought I would write about that. In a very rambling way.

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* yes, alright, you can all just pull faces and move on if you like, but I'm enjoying it
** see *
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I just love watching Relocation, Relocation. I love looking at what other people do with their houses. I love this house, particularly this living room; I really need to get on with doing the work I want to do here. I ought to at least get our bedroom finished - it's really close, after all.

We had a builder round this evening to talk about the whole extension thing and give some very rough ball park figures. He's a friend of a friend apparently and actually lives on our road, both of which are great recommendations and actually, we really hit it off. It made me feel much more hopeful about the project as a whole - I think we could manage it, although we'd be pushing things. It'd be worth it though.
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I'm watching Ugly Betty and I quite like it but to be honest, she's not really ugly. She's just wearing braces. Which rather undermines the concept.
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I'm in a funny mood now. I guess watching two Veronica Mars finales in an evening will do that to you. It seemed like a good idea, at the end of my re-watch of Season one to watch the finale of Season 2 right after. I'm not entirely sure why now, but there you are. Not that they're bad TV, far from it. Just slightly mental state altering to an impressionable mind such as myself...


January 21st, 2002 10:05 pm
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My new TV is cool :) It even gets Al-Jazerra (sp?) - the 'afghan' TV station which broadcasts the Osama bin Laden tapes. This evening I watched Charmed, Ground Force and Powerpuff girls! And I missed Poirot!
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Just what I needed - a lovely peaceful weekend. Alex came over on Friday evening and we had dinner then lay around reading and hugging. Then today the man from Sky came over really early and had the whole thing fixed up in time for us to watch Samuri Jack - yay! I also qot to watch Powerpuff girls and Buffy from the comfort of my own sofa. In fact, what with the tennis & music as well we had it on pretty much all day :) And now, more hugs.
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Good thing: Have finally (fingers crossed and touch wood) shaken off the squits.
Bad thing: Whole week of being ill/insurance woman/etc has meant that I haven't got any revision done at all

While obviously that's not a huge problem because I haven't booked my exams yet, it's not good because I really need to get on with it and finish the MCSE.

Good thing: Sky have sent me my viewing card for my forthcoming satellite dish
Bad thing: They haven't sent me my contract yet.

It's always possible that the phone conversation etc was sufficient but I'm sure I remember the guy saying that I'd have to send a photocopy of my tenancy agreement with the contract so that they could be sure that I wasn't the previous tenant trying to sneak in under a new name. Hmmm.

Update They have now sent me my contract. Phew. Sorted.
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Well, here I am - back again properly this time, with the slight proviso that I'm off work again tomorrow. Holiday this time though. I have to be in when the lady from the insurance company calls to have a look at my house. I don't quite know why they want to do this - I keep worrying that they'll find some excuse or other not to give me any money for my laptop which would be a real bugger. I don't know. Cats protection league have not got back to me about arranging the home visit yet so I'm pining about that and Sky haven't sent me the contract yet. Fret fret. Still, I did get some choccies through the post this morning from a friend of mine as a belated Christmas pressie so that's pretty cool.
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So here I am again. At work if not exactly raring to go. I am so fed up with being ill. It sucks. I had a panic attack last night when I drifted off to sleep then became unable to breath through the nose which woke me up in a panic - I nearly hyperventilated and had to call Alex over to calm me down. Luckily he was just down the road visiting some friends of ours so he was there really quickly and got me sorted out and stuff. I felt bad for having worried him but glad he was there. Maybe I'll try and pop along to a GP and see if they can suggest anything I can do. I already eat a lot of veg and stuff so I doubt it's vitamins but maybe I'm missing something else out.

As a result of illness, had v. quiet weekend. Rented Josie and the Pussycats and X-men to watch again and enjoyed both (I must buy Josie when it's available). Other than that, generally slobbed about at home and then wandered over to Jeremy's on Sun evening to watch Samurai Jack - it's so stylised :) We like.
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To get Sky or not to get Sky? On the one hand it would be giving money to Rupert Murdoch which I object to and would cost a lot to have installed but on the other, it would allow me to watch TV and would give me loads more channels than NTL for the same price. Hmmm. The alternatives are to arrange to have an ordinary analogue aerial installed - I've no idea of how to do that or what it would cost - or to get a small standalone aerial which would probably give really crap reception. Any advice on the above would be welcomed.

I've left my details with the Cats Protection League to get in touch with me about having a cat (yay!) which they say they'll do over the next 3 days or so. I'm both excited and nervous about the idea because I have never had a cat before so I'm worrying about it a bit. Still, I can always ask Alex for help I suppose.

I discovered today that new cars can be obtained for 7000 pounds if you want which is a bit of a shock to the system - somehow I thought it was more expensive than that. I mean I could pay that off in a couple of years if I really had to. The question is, how does one choose a car? I don't even know the makes of the ones I like the shape of but I don't really fancy trekking around all the dealers in town especially as they're not easily accessible without a car! A puzzle for later...
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Grrr. The CPL are away until Jan 2nd and NTL haven't run cable down the gravel drive/path leading up to my house so I can't have cable. Bugger.
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Now that I've finally had my credit card bill and got back to my computer again I have been able to do something that I've been meaning to do for a while - I've paid for this account :) I actually probably won't use most of the extra features for paid users but I just think that I use it so much and get so much pleasure out of it, especially when I'm bored at work that I want to support it.

I have decided to get on with all the things I have been putting off "til next year" - I've done LJ so this is what I have got left

Finish MCSE. I'm nearly there with this - I only need to do 2 more exams now. I'm hoping to have this done by the end of the month.

Get cats. As soon as I've finished this entry I'm ringing up the Cats Protection League to start the adoption process :)

Get NTL. As soon as I've done the above I'll be surfing over to the NTL website to decide what exactly I want.

Lose weight. I know I can do this - I just have to train myself to maintain my willpower through stressful situations cos that's when I put it all back on. Actually, also when drunk (witness my crisp demolition at [livejournal.com profile] cleanskies Saturday night) So, from now on, I'm on a diet. Stop me from eating crisps in the pub, OK.

My other good thing that I'm doing today is of course my fast. Not going too badly so far although I am starting to get a bit peckish. Alex has promised to try to pick up some kind of frozen pizza to take to the party to break my fast with as I doubt even Cowley Road will have takeouts still open at midnight on NYE.

And finally, the rest of Christmas - I did mean to make entries on my palm but utterly forgot so you'll have to have it in one big chunk )
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Finally, I have found their weakness! They may have blocked mail.yahoo.com but they haven't blocked geocities.yahoo.com! Now theres a chance I'll actually update my website instead of just saying that I will! I plan to write a few rants - maybe even the one on apathy that I'm (you guessed it) to apathetic to actually get round to. I might even put some book reviews up or something. What I really need is either a scanner or a digital camera to put my photos up. A friend of mine had borrowed a mavaka from work over the weekend which was fantastic - saves your photos straight to floppy. I really wanted one but I think I'd better buy the laptop first.

Everythings a bit up and down at the moment. I'm still unsure about where I'm going to live next year - the last minute opportunity of sharing a house with a friend of mine has thrown out my plans. It would be really cool if it comes off but up till now I have been looking at houses for 1 person, not 2 so I have to sort it out all over again. Plus I've just heard that I'm not getting a free car from my grandparents after all - a bit of a pain, but not too bad as after the move I wouldn't have used it much anyway and on the plus side they feel a bit guilty about it and so they're going to buy me a TV for the new flat.

I'm dithering about whether to get cable for the new flat when I get it. On the one hand, it would be cool to be able to watch cartoons after midnight and watch the new season of Buffy before the videos come out but on the other I don't actually watch that much TV at the moment and in a way thats a pretty good thing - leaves me plenty of time for actually doing stuff. I suppose it depends where the house I end up getting is. If its in the Cowley Road then I won't bother because I have 2 sets of friends there who already have cable so I can just go up and watch it there but if not then I'll have to get it myself. Ho Hum


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