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Well, the OUSFG banquet is finally over. And a very good night it was. I wore my new monsoon dress with stole and beaded bag and looked very swank. Jeremy had one of their Chinese suits on which looked fab so it was all very stylish. The food was lovely and then we all came back here for the post-banquet party. My next door neighbour wasn't thrilled but it was Saturday night and it's not like I do this often so I figured what the heck :)

Turns out that one of my friends actually came to see this house when he was house hunting in May but we don't think that they sold it. This made me wonder about whether I could buy this place. It's really tempting because I'm very settled here already and I've got loads of ideas for the place - I get quite into home improvement and gardening and stuff. The only thing is that I don't know whether I'd (or we'd?) quite be able to afford it. I'll have to do a bit of investigation - keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Oh, and we role-played before the banquet and I did some kick-ass shooting at the kobolds and then we killed the orc cleric who'd been poisoning the towns water supply :) Go us! I think Ruth will go up a level now, but I won't for ages - one of the disadvantages of being a drow. Still, we did pretty well.
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I went to Boots to buy some new hair things to use with my new, longer (although not really long enough yet) hair and as I got in the queue I thought "I'm sure I know that guy in front of me". I took a hard look and suddenly realised that it was Robert Sowerby in a beard! Robert was the other person who got A's in my A level english classes although we had very different styles. He used to do loads of research and write reams and reams for each essay with quotes and examples and stuff (much more like a university essay in some ways) whereas I used to mainly try and answer the question on my own as much as possible. On a related note, I appear pathologically incapable of writing essays more than 6 sides long - even at uni. Anyway, I said hi and he remembered me and we had a bit of a chat while we waited. Apparently he's working at Lloyds. It was really nice in a slightly surreal way.
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Well, I am happy to report that I have passed my Network Infrastructure exam! Got 800 this time which was more than enough (need 620 out of 1000 to pass). Go on - ask me a question about DNS and watch me ignore it :)

So - to summarize my weekend for you...
Fri night: Alex's work party - cold but nice.
Sat night: Alistairs dinner - lovely food, drink, company. Me appointed Mikes surrogate girlfriend.
Sun: nothing :)

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So, it occurs to me, reading back the entries here from the last week or so that I have spent far too much time bitching mostly about work and so I think it's time for a blessing count.

  • My health: While this is not as good as it could be (i.e. I get colds all the time) it's not like I have to go to hospital ever or anything like that so I think that counts as a plus
  • General: I live in a country where I have freedom of choice about my religion and orientation and where no-one will actually try to kill me on behalf of the state for taking drugs or committing adultery. I have plenty to eat and if I couldn't provide that for myself there are safety nets there. I don't have any problems keeping warm or dry. I may bitch about Britain sometimes, but it's not bad compared to some of the alternatives.
  • My house: It has made a huge difference to my quality of life living in a house I really like in a city I love. I was so lucky to find this place - it ended up being a last minute thing because the place that I was going to have (which wasn't nearly as good) wasn't going to be ready in time and this place was pretty much the only one I could find within both my price range and the area of the city I wanted (i.e. not too far out) so I was pretty much going to have to take it whatever happened and then it turned out to be lovely. Hoorah.
  • My job: I know I bitch about it all the time but actually my job is not bad. There may be a couple of annoying people here and it may be a bit of a commute but the work itself is fairly interesting, I get to work fairly autonomously, I have quite a nice boss and I get paid frankly far more than what I'm worth which has to be good. Also, they are still paying for me to beef up my CV with useless qualifications. Plus, it would appear that GE have unofficially given in about the tea in that our security passes will once again let us into the nice coffee bit but no-one has announced this. Bless
  • My friends: Are fantastic. They're good fun, have great ideas, organize me to go out and do things and are generally all round fab.
  • My family: Are also fantastic. I'm very close indeed to my immediate family (as those of you who've been reading this for a while may remember). They're always there for me to whine about whatever's bugging me or share whatever I'm happy about. They're a great laugh and we enjoy lots of the same things (my Mum is one of the best shopping partners in the whole world :) ). Yay for them
  • My boyfriend: Ahhhh, he's so lovely. Plus he puts up with me being endlessly soppy and adoring with remarkable good grace, suppressing his natural cynicism for the cause. He lets me bully him into making me tea pretty much whenever I want (with the exception of being the first one out of bed in order to perform said task) and lets me worm my little head under his arm pretty much whenever I want a hug (i.e. pretty much all the time :) ). He puts up with me when I'm depressed and when I'm happy - both of which can be a strain. And he loves me loads*. And he's fantastic in bed.

So, there you are. It's great to be me.

* I am as certain of this as it is possible to be about the feelings of a person who is not myself.

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Had an absolutely lovely weekend. Jez and Dez came over on Friday evening along with Alex and we played parts unknown which I'd never played before but turned out to be kinda cool as all Cheapass Games seem to. I even didn't come last which is good - normally the combination of alcohol, tea, tiredness and a new game leads me to have not a great amount of success until right at the end but today I managed.

Then on Saturday we did nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was blissful. We didn't even wake up and turn on the radio til midday. Then we lazed around the whole day in bed and then I got up to pick up a few things from Tescos and cook stroganoff. Then we sat around and watched Buffy which was fun although 'The Body' did spoil the mood a bit! I was surprised to discover that it hadn't been spoilered for Alex and so it came as an actual shock to him.

Sunday we went into the city to break in Alex's employee discount card in Blackwells which was fun. I'm going to have to do some serious Christmas shopping in there! We then went for pizza at Pizza Express which was rather nice. I was going to do some more Christmas shopping but couldn't really get inspired so I went home to do a bit of gardening (I've planted crocuses me :) ) and then have a chat with my parents - always fun. Then I made the mistake of settling down with one of the Dick Francis' books I'd bought. A bath and a snack later I discovered that I was now too comfortable and lazy to go out so I skipped OUSFG and finished both Dick Francis' - so decadent.

All in all, just what I needed.
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Lots of stuff to tell you about, oh beloved LiveJournal...

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I'm having trouble concentrating. I had 2 (small) glasses of wine at lunch and now I feel vague and slow. Honestly - talk about lightweight! It was a nice lunch though. Gillian (my old boss) was there and we had a chat although it did consist disproportionately of one of us saying "X has been made redundant" and the other saying "No! Really?". I wish they'd say something about it from on high - nothings even been said about why.

Good OUSFG though. Several new people, one of whom is probably coming to CBS as well which would be cool. One of them has even given actual money to Tom! I must try to get at least one of the short story mags delivered to me. I've been thinking for a while that cos I'm not always very good about reading new authors that'd give me a less threatening (and costly) chance to check them out which would be pretty cool. Maybe I could even get them on Palm!


October 17th, 2001 10:40 am
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For some reason the traffic went insane this morning. I thought it was pretty bad but when we got to the roundabout on the westway where it usually thins out it was actually gridlocked! I ended up not getting in til 9:50! Trouble is, when it's like that there's not much you can do about it. The driver told me that the bus which had left Oxford at 5:45 (i.e. an hour earlier) ended up only being about 15 mins earlier than us! I guess that's good as they can't start making a case for me actually getting up even earlier. The other really big plus is that my brain seems to have twigged the routine and has started to wake me up pretty much in time with my alarm so I don't feel so exhausted. I still doze on the bus but I'm not nearly so zonked in the morning even though I was out til 12 last night which was cool. The only thing is, once I get my laptop (a couple of weeks hopefully) I don't quite know how I'll react because the days I'll be working from home will be quite random probably. We'll have to see.

Had a really nice evening in the end. Met up with Alex early for a meal in the pub before the hoards arrived (forgetting of course that some of them always turn up early) and we sat around and hugged and stuff. He always makes me feel good - I love that 'looked after' feeling I have when I'm being hugged. I think we're going to try to have a quiet night in with a movie on Thursday which should be cool - we had a really good time with Charlie's Angels. I think I'm going to skip out on the beer festival though on the grounds that I really don't like beer! I can sort things out for Mum & Dads visit - I really ought to hoover and I haven't got the duvet and stuff yet either. I might try to go and get those tomorrow lunchtime although they might be a bit of a pain to hump home on the bus. I wonder if Oxford has a late night shopping night...
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I am a bad and naughty minou - ill again. Alex will be cross with me. Now that I'm here I'm not sure I should have bothered coming in - I feel hot and a little dizzy. I can't seem to concentrate on anything so I'm not really getting anything done. Still, I might as well stick it out. See if I can get some of the easier things done or something.

Went out shopping with Suz at the weekend which was pretty cool. Haven't seen her for a while so it was nice to catch up. I bought 2 new tops and everything - I'm starting to feel bored with the stuff I've got. Bad sign! I met her new boyfriend as well. I got on quite well with him - we bonded over technology which made Suz very cross! They're very affectionate but its still early days. I really hope it goes well.

Went to Freshers drinks on Sat which went very well. A couple of new people turned up and both seemed very nice. A different pair from those who turned up last Sunday as well so with any luck we might actually have 4 new people.

Also, I finally managed to get my sofa delivered and my phone line set up! Yay! My house is now nearly sorted - just curtains and that sort of thing to sort out. This means that I can now invite people over for a housewarming party! Should be fun. Perhaps I'll wait until I get well again though.

N.B Why does live journal spell check try to correct Freshers to rFeshers?
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Once again, Alex has got something more interesting to do than spend any time with me. Its starting to get to me. I was feeling a bit off last night (tiredness combined with a small amount of alcohol) so I went back to his and slept there which was really nice and he didn't even seem to mind having to be woken up in the morning but then he had to spoil it by telling me just as I was leaving that he suddenly had something better to do on Friday. Of course, I could always tag along and sit and look bored, confused and tired while Alex goes off and socializes with everyone. Plus I'm sure they'll all be just thrilled to see me. I guess I'd better just wait at home like a good little girl.
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I feel really mean. I rang Alex for a chat and to see if he'd come over to see me this evening. He'd made vaguely enthusiastic noises last night but nothing definate. This afternoon however he remembered that he'd agreed to go out with Archie and Tanaqui. I was really annoyed and so I proceded to make him feel really guilty. It does really bug me that I never know when he's suddenly going to remember some prior engagement but I think I was a bit cruel really. Its not like we're not going to see each other this week - we're going to see another freebie play tomorrow. I guess I just took him too seriously last night and so the 'change of plans' annoyed me more than it should have done.
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Well, went to see A.I. last night, and I have to say that, like zoo_music_girl, I found it very disappointing. It started really quite well and the stuff with Jude Law was great but then it just lost it. Like Contact, if they'd ended it about 1/2 an hour earlier (and we in fact identified several points where they could have) it would have been so much better. Ah well. Still, I felt a bit cheated really. I can't understand why its been so well reviewed when the last 1/2 an hour is just pure crappy American slush. I don't want to put too much on my specific complaints here in case any one reading this hasn't seen the movie but suffice it to say that its not recommended.

Apart from that I actually had a pretty fantastic weekend. Lazy day of doing nothing with Alex on Saturday until the evening when we went to Ian and Ruth's housewarming which was pretty cool - some wonderful tableaux! Then lunch with the guys in Joes on Sunday, followed by a brief look at my house - everyone v. impressed - then off to town. We missed out on the earlier showing of A.I. (sold out) so we all went to Alex's where Jeremy did mine and Alex's hair and then on to the Radcliffe and then the film. Pretty good as weekends go.

Unfortunately they still haven't got my connection to my website sorted out at work which is a bit of a pain, as you can imagine so another fruitless day looms before me...
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OK. I am going to see a house on Saturday which looks like it would be perfect for next year, so with any luck I'll have that settled on the spot and move in on Friday of next week. Fingers crossed. On the plus side, it looks like I'm going to be able to work from home once I have moved (well, once they've set up the ISDN line and things like that) which would mean that I could avoid the only downside of living in Oxford - the commute. Not bad eh. I suppose that from the company's point of view its much cheaper to provide me with a laptop and ISDN than a desk in central London and nearly all of the stuff I do is just coding - stuff that I don't need to be in the office (or anywhere in particular in fact) to do. All I have to do it be around for meetings. Once again, fingers crossed.

Still feeling a bit ill and very tired - didn't sleep well last night cos of blocked up nose. Hopefully I'll be able to give it a kick a bit more today and get some more rest. Definitely an early night I feel.

I had the most bizarre experience yesterday. As I was walking along St Giles to see some estate agents I bumped into James Brookes who I haven't seen for about 3 years! We went to school together but then he went off to York uni and after one meet in the summer of my first year I haven't seen him since. Apparently he'd moved into Oxford the day before - his girlfriends doing a librarianship course at St Hughes! It was just so strange - it felt completely out of context. Still, we had a really good chat and I've promised to show him round when I have finally moved - it'll be cool to have a chance to be mates again.
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Sat at home feeling ill and yucky. Couple of phone calls from Alex, partly to check if I was ok, partly to check whether I was going to see Laurie Anderson. The answer to which is a resounding I don't know. On the one hand, I'd quite like to go - a crowd of people I know are going and several people have said that they think I would like her stuff. On the other hand, I know that Tanaqui wants to go and since shes decided that she hates me I guess she won't go if I'm there. Which puts me on the spot rather since I know shes really into LAs music and so would definitely like it whereas I'd just be going on spec music-wise. Plus shes been going through a really bad patch lately and so it would probably be really good for her to go. Hmmm - we'll have to see. Plus, Alex is sitting on the fence in a way I find vaguely annoying. I can tell that what he really wants is for me to decide that I don't want to go so that he can have an easy life, but he doesn't feel that he can actually ask me not to go.

The insurance company are going to replace my Visor for me. Hooray.


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