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I seem to be having an odd phase in my relationship to the Internet right now. I compose imaginary posts in my head but I'm never sure what to do with them. To put them on twitter I'd have to make them brief but still interesting or witty, and I somehow feel like to put them here they'd have to have some substance, some seriousness, although I'm not sure why. Facebook would probably be the best fit if I could bring myself to use it but I am so repelled by it that I have actually deleted my account there. There's Google plus but that feels empty - I'm not sure what it is for except perhaps a sort of LinkedIn for geeks.

I suspect it's partly because of the way my devices have changed - my primary browsing devices don't encourage typing and when I'm on the laptop there's the siren call of work to be done so I'm not in reflective mood. And perhaps it's also that now I'm older I want to be more profound, but that's too high a bar to clear. I'm going to have another try at pushing past the barrier, see if I can post once a week for a while even if it's something ordinary. I love looking back at this so it seems a shame not to keep it up.
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I had the most lovely morning this morning. I started off with a cup of tea (courtesy of Alex) and a video of Tim Harford doing a TED talk in bed. Then Cassie cat came up to sit down next to me and we both enjoyed a relaxing hour or so, both occasionally stretching, shifting around slightly to stay comfortable and purring when we looked over at each other. True, she was dozing and I was reading some internets on my phone but other than that, we were completely in tune :)

I thought I would write this entry and tried to log in to DW to do it but I couldn't get it to load the main DW pages for some reason, so I had a shower and mused about posting to Google+ but in the end, it didn't feel right. G+ I can imagine using to post things I want to *share* - "look at this" type posts - but this isn't that. There's no reason at all that you should be interested in my morning lounge with my cat and obscurely, I feel like if I post it to G+ then I'm somehow asking you to be. Whereas LJ/DW is different. It's fundamentally my diary (even if I don't write in it very often). Sure, I let you read it if you want to, but I don't feel like I'm saying the same thing by posting something here. I want to record the experience and make it available, to myself if nothing else. It's the first time I've thought about what I might actually use G+ for though, so it's just about possible that it'll get more use than my moribund twitter and facebook accounts. I really shouldn't be on Facebook. I use it to friend people from work, but given that they're active, I really ought to check on it more often. Partly is aesthetic - I just can't get to like the look/layout of Facebook, although I'm not sure why. G+ is much more appealing from that standpoint but I doubt that the work crew will migrate to it, which in some ways is a good thing and probably also increases the likelihood that I'll actually use it.

You can tell it's the school holidays! I'm about to actually post and I have another post in mind already about my own personal food culture. I might try to make a New Year's resolution to actually post some diary entries again. After all, I do love looking back at the old ones - why deprive my future self of pleasure?
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It feels like forever since I last posted here (probably because it is). I've been so busy this last month that I've hardly even read my friends page. I feel like I'm kind of drifting away from journaling and even writing at all at the moment because I'm just so consumed with trying to keep on top of my class and the diseases they give me at the same time. I guess when I get a teacher's immune system it'll maybe get easier. I sometimes think if I could just have one more hour's lie in once a week it would make all the difference but I still wouldn't switch back jobs.

I'm having to really scale back my support stuff in a big way which is another thing which feels really sad. That was the way I branched out in LJ. It was the way I met the people on my friends list who I didn't know in real life. It's been so good to me but I feel like I'm not exactly being good to it these days. I think I'll end up continuing to act in a consulting admin style role but I miss having the energy to do more (although I was never much good at the training side, tbh). Still, maybe this too will come again. I've found time this evening to sit around and type an entry for the first time for a while. I still want to be here. I just need to figure out the way to do it.
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Have I just got on a list or something? Am I suddenly listed on some directory or past a certain technorati threshold? Free mobile phones for a month, yes, that we like but today I got an email from a website called Family Security Matters linking me to an article about how multiculturalism is destroying Britain saying my readers might be interested in it.

I only read the synopsis and the info I could find out from Google about these people but I think I can pretty safely say that the only interest my readers would have in this is to mock it. This is, apparently, a site which called on Bush to become president for life. Personally, I like multicultural Britain. I can get a wide variety of food, ingredients, music and opinion and so on partially due to it. I am mystified by the people who seem to feel that unless everyone is taking part in their traditions they are suddenly under threat somehow (c.f. nativity plays, etc). I'm just not buying it. Frankly, I suspect that the reason quite few schools give up on nativities is that teachers get bored with them after a while and want a change - thats certainly what my unscientific survey of teachers I know suggests.
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So, as those of you who actually read the comments to my slightly cryptic skype poll will know, I got an email at the end of last week from a chap saying he'd read my blog (and commenting on my film choices in the interview post to prove it) and asking if I'd like to try out a pair of Three skypephones for a month. After a slight dither, I decided I would go for it and they duely turned up on Wednesday.

I have to say that so far it's pretty nice, the only major downside being that I don't get any reception in my office building. It also has an odd habit of beeping at me occasionally for no reason that I can yet figure out but other than that it's actually pretty cute. I've sent the other one to my Mum, having set up a skype account for her on the basis that she's easily the person I call most frequently so if I want to get the full money saving benefit, she's the obvious person. It'll be interesting to see how she takes to it as well, not being a very techie person by nature (hi, Mum!). Anyway, a proper review will follow when I've been using it for more than 2 days :)

I've been wondering about my elevation to ranks of blogerati, or at least those who are interesting enough to get free trials of things from PR people. A few a-listers have recently been getting very cross about such things and I remember at the time thinking well I wouldn't mind the odd one or two. I wonder if the same thought is starting to occur to people in the industry - rather than all targeting a small number of blogs, thus eventually inviting the bile and emnity of their owners, why not go a rung down the ladder and pick out a few vaguely relevant "real people" blogs who are likely to be more welcoming of the attention. Certainly from my point of view it's working out so far :)
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Permission and passion: We so have this problem on LJ. 90% of news commenters are rabid-uber-fans.
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A couple of comment threads have had me reflecting on my tendancy to make plans a lot, particularly in response to feeling unhappy in a situation. And as the trend seems to be to post a poll for any musings of this nature, I present a very short poll on planning :)

[Poll #1044394]
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1. My username is _____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
6. My displayed name is ____ because ____.

I've been picking quotes for these lately so I figured I'd go for this meme as it's doing the rounds again:

1. My username is tinyjo because my name is Jo and I'm tiny :) Actually, I'm 5'3 (according to my recent doctor's visit) but I am by far the shortest person in my family - my brother is 6'4, I think, and so I'm used to thinking of myself as tiny.

2. My journal is titled "Steal my sunshine" because that's currently my favourite song (by Lem) and I wanted to reference it. It doesn't actually fit very well though so I'm trying to think of something else.

3. My subtitle is "I know it's up for me..." which is from the same song - "I know it's up for me if you steal my sunshine". Again, this needs to change really, but I haven't come up with the right quote.

4. My friends page is called "No-one ever thinks they're cured" because it seemed to me to reflect how often people are unhappy with some aspect of themselves and how LJ provides a space for people to talk about it and get support. It's a quote from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, from a song called Midnight. By the way, I missed commenting yesterday on people's affirmations posts but I'm planning to go back and do that at some point.

5. My default userpic is a sunflower currently because I am a big sun addict. I really noticably blossom in mood and energy when I'm getting plenty of rays plus I really like the picture :)

6. My displayed name is "The truth is boredom, it's excess" because it seems to sum up LJ for me. I kind of like having it there on the support board (which is where my displayed name is mostly seen) as a little comment on the whole thing :) It's a quote from Walking Zero by the Sneakerpimps. The whole verse goes:

To the madness I do confess,
forever see myself as blessed
Immune, obsessed,
like a saviour I do caress
The truth is boredom, its excess
Take more, give less

A bleak view of human nature, I guess, but there you are.
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Well, while Google is described as having "entrenched hostility to privacy", LJ is "generally privacy aware", the second best category. No sites at all were described as "privacy-friendly and privacy enhancing", which was the best, so not a bad result, all told.

From A Race to the Bottom: Privacy Ranking of Internet Service Companies
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So I finally fixed the problem with comments in my style in IE I think. You know how? By putting in an invisible white border around the child comments! I had stuck in a black one so I could see where IE thought the outlines of the div were so I could manoeuver it into it's proper place and that fixed it on it's own so I thought "Go figure" and changed it to white :)
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Fancy live-blogging Glastonbury? Then the BBC want to hear from you - they're signing people up on their Glastonbury site right now. I just like the idea of them lending me a smart phone for the week (and, hopefully, somewhere to charge it up or a lot of spare batteries!) but hey, I've got my post per day to keep up so I'll be getting online somehow anyway - I wonder if there's wireless networking on site :) I guess now that there's a UK phone posting number set up I can always just treat you to 5 mins of music any time the whim strikes me!
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By the way, I was seduced by the low price and big feature list into givng eUKhost a try and this domain is in the process of being transferred. This means that my journal pages are going to look a bit odd until I get the images used for the style back up on the new host - bear with me...

Day 2

January 2nd, 2007 02:02 pm
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So, as my brief post from yesterday indicated I plan to make a post per day to my LJ this year. It will be interesting to see how that survives contact with (for example) Glastonbury but it's worth a shot. I reserve the right to do 2 word posts on slow days though :)

Looking back at last year's resolutions, I'm not doing too badly there. The routine thing started well but didn't really stick but up until the last month I would have said I'd got a lot better at making sure things didn't slip through the net. Still worth working on that one. All the others have actually been pretty much achieved, which is a nice thought.

This year is going to be the big party so of course I want to organise that and see it go sucessfully. I want to pass my OU course and choose my next one. I want to find out how feasible it would be to start a Guide company and, if possible, get it going. I want to keep more on top of the housework and keep the house looking nice all year round. I want to make better use of the time between getting home from work and when we eat (which has expanded this year as Alex gets home much later than me). I want to start playing my violin again (possibly in the early evening time) and to pass on my cello to someone who will actually get use out of it as, much as I love it, I just don't play it. I want to commission the extension from an architect

I also want to do something about my weight but I'm hesitant about making that an actual resolution because I currently feel rather powerless about the whole thing. I haven't found any strategies in the whole of my period of trying to lose weight (about 5 years now) which I've been able to maintain in the long term. Still, I do plan to go back to my doctor this year and see if she can make any suggestions for what I could do. I also plan to go to the gym after work for a workout once a week. That will need to be straight after work as my gym membership only allows entry until 5:30 and I find lunchtimes are not long enough for me to do a proper workout on the machines. I should be able to find at least one evening per week though. I also plan to cycle to work as much as possible - Fridays are out because of Brownies but other than that only heavy rain or the combination of a strong wind with a very heavy cold (as then I can't breathe enough) are allowed to deter me. Fingers crossed, I guess!
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I have a perverse desire to waste my time by going back and tagging all my old entries. Why, who knows, but there it is. Maybe I even will...
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I meant to post this at the time, but I've been keeping this journal for over 5 years now. Yes, that's right, I started this on 21st Aug 2001. I didn't think that I'd keep it up but I think (although I haven't checked this) that other than when I've been on holiday I've managed at least one post a week and often much more than that (in fact, a rough and ready calculation using the stats on my profile page suggests I average 5.1 posts per week). These things always inspire me to take a trawl back through my archives and see what I've been up to over the years which is something that gives me a surprising amount of pleasure. I occasionally wish LJ had a random post function so that I could dip in on a quiet afternoon and rediscover all of the days it never occurs to me to look back on.
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Yes, it's sad but true. I am torn between staying true to the principle of only including structural markup in my HTML and all the layout info in the CSS and the ability to do what I want in my layout. My problem is the entry borders, which I really like the way they are. Unfortunatly, they're actually made of a background image and if the background is smaller than the length of the entry then the left hand line doesn't go all the way up. If I use a proper border then it covers over the paw print at the bottom. If this was CSS3 then I'd have the choice to use a border-image property or to specify more than one background image for the same element (yeah, I know, weird eh? But cool). But no such luck for me. So what to do? I could make my background image taller, but there's always going to be a risk of finding a longer entry. Alternatively, I could stick a line rule or a placeholder of some kind in the bottom of my entry div or just underneath it to hold the background image. Which is cheating because it's not structural. Why oh why do I have the soul of a purist?
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Finally managed to get far enough with a new layout that I actually quite like! Can be seen on my journal. Works on most views in IE (only browser I have at work) although list of tags page and archive need work. Also, I have no idea whether the font embedding will work in Moz but I really wanted a scripty font. Anyone know of any surefire cross browser ways to include custom fonts?
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So, this is what I've got so far. Please note that only the link to the journal works - the rest are all 404 atm. I like to think of it as minimalist chic :) In other news, although the journal page validates for CSS, it looks like I'm going to need a lot of work before I even have a hope of getting it to validate as HTML 4.01 as the mood piccies are non standard image tags. I'll have to fiddle about and try to override them somehow. Still, not doing to badly so far :)
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As you may have noticed, I've been posting alot today. But hey, it's bonus day, and most of the others have gone down the pub so why should I do any work :) I have decided that I need a new icon to go with my "mindless link propagation" posts - any ideas?
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Damn you! Yesterday's poll has produced no consensus. Now I have to dither some more!

Addendum: Grammar pedants (yes, Ian, I'm talking to you :) ); should it be yesterdays or yesterday's? Both look wrong somehow.


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