March 1st, 2007

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Weird. If you go to without the www, you can see the holding page for my new hosting company but the address still points to my existing domain. Presumably it's some form of proxy caching but it's rather odd. Anyway. Don't try to email me at for a few days.

Edit: Having said that, now both addresses point to the new place, so thats all sorted :) This style doesn't degrade too badly without images actually - I'll have to restore the rest of the site from backup when I get home.
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I just love watching Relocation, Relocation. I love looking at what other people do with their houses. I love this house, particularly this living room; I really need to get on with doing the work I want to do here. I ought to at least get our bedroom finished - it's really close, after all.

We had a builder round this evening to talk about the whole extension thing and give some very rough ball park figures. He's a friend of a friend apparently and actually lives on our road, both of which are great recommendations and actually, we really hit it off. It made me feel much more hopeful about the project as a whole - I think we could manage it, although we'd be pushing things. It'd be worth it though.


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