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Well, I didn't want to post anything until we'd confirmed in case I jinxed it but we have a plasterer! Yes, there is plastering taking place in our bedroom as we speak. The reason this is quite so pleasing is that when we rang round the plasterers in Yell.com there was a wait of about 6 weeks and no-one would even come round to quote us for the work. Fortunatly, it turns out that Alex's next door neighbour at work has a semi-retired plasterer father so we got in touch and he's now getting on with it and I will have beautiful smooth walls to paint in nice shades, probably of purple.

Partly as a result of this, we had to get a wiggle on and get the rest of the paper off the ceiling this evening (horrible stuff, really!). We managed to get this done really quite well but I think I wore Alex out! Poor love. Fortunatly we'll be able to indulge in a bit of relaxing hanging out this evening and recover. The carpet in that room is truely disgusting at the minute (although we don't plan to keep it as it was pretty gross already) but the whole thing will be worth it in the end when I have a nice tasteful bedroom to enjoy with no bumpy wallpaper or stained carpet or plastic curtain rails. Plus the next stage is the painting, which is always fun.
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All hail science! For lo, it is helping the poor disabled cat-allergy sufferers of the world to have their own little furry bundles of joy - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5375900.stm. Kind of un-natural selection, I suppose.

Have spent all weekend with my parents making a start on the Decorating Project. I have decided that I want to get at least some of the rooms in my house done to my satisfaction. Most of them have to wait until we do the Extension Project (or at least it would be crazy to do them before, seeing as how they're going to be ripped out as part of said project) but the front bedroom and the living room would suffer minimal disruption and are therefore good candidates. I decided to start on the bedroom so this weekend we have been wallpaper stripping. It's serious stuff, and, when it comes to the ceiling, surprisingly knackering. I have so far managed to scald myself twice with the steamer but we've done all the walls and about half of the ceiling. The downside is that the floor is still all over bits of wallpaper and it's getting tracked through the house when we step out for cups of tea or whatever. Step 2 is to get a plasterer in to re-skim the walls & ceiling to make them lovely and smooth. Anyone have the number of any plasterers?

Was good to see the folks again though (hi Mum!). We sat around on Saturday evening and had a wide ranging ramble about politics and human nature and tech and loads of stuff. You know the sort of thing - one topic just flows naturally into another, you're all getting into it, it can be a really nice way to chill out after a hard day's scraping :) Also, I cooked guinea-fowl and nothing went wrong (except for forgetting to buy garlic - I had to get Dad to go out for some!) so I was dead chuffed. Sunday we had the last BBQ of the year for my BBQ - a plan evolved on Saturday before the rain storm but fortunatly by lunchtime it was nice again. My kitchen seems to have got extra chaotic again - don't know what that's about. I'll have to clean it some time this week. After the stripping has finished though - one thing at a time.
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Ah, the freedom to write LJ entries while my tests are running. I've been vaguely thinking that I'll discipline myself by trying to write at least one entry a day for a month, even if it doesn't have much content (like this one). Perhaps for the whole of October?

This week, I have been mostly thinking about house things. I bought a shelving unit to use as a shoe rack on Sunday which I am ridiculously pleased with. I also managed to find some door tidies but they're all designed for children and are correspondingly inelegant. I still might buy one of the less offensive ones and dye it or something - how hard is that with canvas?

Also on my list are hassling the plumber (still no sign of quote re boiler, dishwasher to be delivered this week and needs to be fitted...) and visiting the fireplace showroom to get things moving on installing one in our living room. Mum has decided that she wants to buy Steve and I each something special as a gift with her legacy from Granddad and in my case has plumped for funding my fireplace. I'd quite like to get in in before Christmas and have found somewhere which will give 6months interest free credit by which time the will should be sorted out. The more I think about it, the more I look forward to it - that and the dishwasher.

I'm suffering a little from "so many ideas, so little time" syndrome with the house right now - there's tonnes of things I want to do and I end up making lots of plans and only rarely doing any of them - the shoe rack was a happy exception (which possibly explains why I'm so pleased with it). Perhaps I'd feel a bit better if I settled on something that I could do myself and just got on with it.

Tomorrow, are people up for pub meet? [livejournal.com profile] dyddgu, are you working late? My memory is terrible!


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