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Bleugh. Back home safe but with horrible horrible cold. Fortunatly my essy apparently doesn't have to be in until next week as there's no way I'm getting it done this week! I only have enough energy to slump in front of the tennis when I get home right now. I guess that's the result of a week outside in the cold and wet. Matey would have had a fit, I know that :)

The house is currently in a terrible state, what with drying out the tent, the first load of washing and various tissues and unloaded things from bags all over the place but I haven't quite the energy to do anything about it at the moment. Perhaps Alex can help me with the tent tonight and then I can shuffle the rest into some kind of order. It really bugs me when the house is untidy - I'm not sure why but it really does.

I ought to be thinking about lying up quietly this weekend or at lease working on my essay but I have foolishly arranged things for both Saturday and Sunday! Ah well, hopefully the gods of public transport will smile and I'll get to relax, just not at home. I really should think about a quiet life some time soon though.
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Well, domestic weekend going fine so far, although I had been hoping to get out into the garden a little bit. Ah well, maybe tomorrow. We de-duplicated the Pratchett today before Alex went to Oxfam, which will give us a bit of slack in our bookshelves. I'm sure no household really needs 3 copies of Interesting Times, after all! Turns out we're only missing 2 Discworld books of those in paperback, which is not bad.

The trouble with being domestic on a Saturday afternoon is that there's no good radio after the World at 1. You're stuck with Any Questions and Any Answers, which are unbearable and then the Saturday play, which is rarely my kind of thing (although listening to a few recent afternoon plays has changed my opinions of the possibilities of radio drama). Today I've been listening to Sams Town again. This was one of Alex's Christmas presents that we were both really pleased with. We had it on while we were driving to London in our Christmas round trip and it's definitely a grower - nothing really hit me the first time round then the second time (long drive), I started to get into Read My Mind and Uncle Jonny. This time, I've been enjoying pretty much all of it and I think it's actually more like the first album than I thought - the big anthemic sound is still in there when you listen. Highly recommended.
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Went into London today for work and was seduced by the promise of free wireless onto the bus again, although sadly it didn't work on the way home, which was rather annoying as I had intended to make my post then. In fact I rang Mum up and she immediately said "Why haven't you posted yet!" - I should point out that I am also allowed to make locked posts for this thing :)

I look like having a pretty busy quarter at work this time round, which is probably good for me but comes as a little bit of a shock to the system. Still, I should really do some stuff to earn what they pay me so I can hardly complain.

Nice quiet domestic weekend in prospect although, having left out the Christmas week in my veg box calculations, I may have to brave the horror of the weekend supermarket visit.


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