October 30th, 2006

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So it was going to have been a really nice weekend. My parents arrived on Friday evening as planned, we headed into town and had a very pleasant dinner in the resturant at QI. We did fail to watch QI though as the TV didn't record it - did anyone watch it on BBC4, and if so, what was the topic as I'm assuming the machine thought it was a repeat. Then Saturday, we got down to it and started work on painting our bedroom in white (ceiling and down to picture rail) and lilac/purple below. Which looks very nice, despite Mum's initial reservations.

It also took much less time than we anticipated so we were able to make a fairly leisurly weekend of it. I introduced Dad to Dinnerladies (which I love to bits) and we got out my old I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again tapes. All jolly nice. On Sunday, I did roast chicken for the first time ever, which came out very nicely although I'm always worried about whether I carve enough meat for people. Still, all seemed to be enjoyed.

A pall, however, was cast over the weekend when I realised just as Mum and Dad were heading off that I hadn't seen Cassie at all on Sunday. That is very unlike her - normally she is very vocal and attentive for at least one meal per day, although she may turn up late for others and so to see not a sign was rather unnerving. I spent the rest of the evening trying not to worry and watching TV as well as checking all our cupboards, shed, other possible and impossible cat hiding places but still no sign, even this morning :( Hopefully she's just been minouing about out there and has perhaps managed to provide her own dinner with hunting prowess (she does at least have a track record of having caught things before, after all) but still I fuss because she is only little. Keep your fingers crossed for her turning up tonight...
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OK, it seems to be support trick or treat time again and this year, I'm hosting on my journal! Halloween isn't such a big thing here as it is across the pond but I thought what the heck - why not get into it :) So, here we go:

I will treat you with some virtual candy for the following tricks:
- dress up one of my userpics for me (I'm rubbish with iconery :) )
- leave a sensible screened in Scrapbook if you're not an SH there and comment with the link
- approve an answer in Scrapbook if you are an SH there and comment with the link

I will treat you by doing something styles-ish for you (i.e. new style based on template you provide, add killfile to your current style, scrapbook style to match your current style) for the following tricks:
- send in a Scrapbook review (doesn't have to be all reqs done over Halloween, obviously, but no older than 2 or 3 weeks please)
- leave sensible screeneds on 5 styles requests: at least 1 about S1 and 1 about S2 and only 2 can be simple see the FAQ.
- approve 4 answers in Scrapbook

You have until I go home from work on Nov 1st (i.e. about 5pm GMT) - go for it!


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