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well, I'm typing this on the new tiny thumb keyboard of my latest tiny PC! Yes, I finally found a UK supplier and I was unable to resist. Pics to follow. Also, I plan to flog the old one off on ebay, which will be my first time. Any tips? If I put a reserve on, will bidders see? Does anyone want it for a bargin price?

Also, Alex is safely returned from Poland and we're sprawled on the sofa together, plus I don't have to get up tomorrow and go to a tutorial so overall, life is good.
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I am expecting a parcel today. A very exciting parcel. I have been forced to make a rule that I am allowed to refresh the tracking page no more than once every half an hour. I am currently clock watching for my next allowed refresh (3 minutes).
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I used to think that internet tracking for parcels was a fantastic little thing. You could see it at every stage! How neat! But actually, it's a curse. I know that my parcel got onto the delivery van at 06:03:28 this morning but I know nothing else. I refresh the page at the moment approximately once every 5 minutes because I keep getting distracted by the thought of my parcel but nothing changes. What I need is some kind of push notification - get it to ping me on IM when the status changes or something. Next generation, perhaps?

Edit: Hah! I refreshed the page as soon as I posted this entry and it's been delivered! Yay!
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Well, the new Q1 has been officially released and it's somewhere between the first rumours (very nice) and the very much more dampening recent ones so I'm all of a dither. There's also 4 versions all with different specs which makes it even harder to choose. So for my own reference: datasheet, FAQ and pricing. I wish there was information available on what the UK pricing was likely to be, but no such luck.
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I wish they'd just hurry up and publish the Glastonbury lineup already! According to Q it's not due out until June 1 but if the rumour sites are to be believed it's going to be awesome. I'm trying not to get too excited (not least because it's still 2 and a half months away) but looking at that lot, it's hard not to. Bellowhead! The Pippettes! The Killers! Iggy & The Stooges! Bootleg Beatles! Seth Lakeman! Fat Boy Slim! I guess even if only half of them actually are on the programme it'll be pretty awesome - I just hope the good ones are not during my shift!

I've also been obsessively hunting up rumours on the Q1 Ultra and it looks like it's going to be released in May with proper spec details being published tomorrow if I'm reading the comments correctly. Combining that with the strong pound right now I may just possibly manage to get a bargain while I'm in the States next month.
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OK, so I absolutely love the idea of this - the upgrade to my current tiny computer and even shinier, but who's dumb idea was it to call it the Q1 Ultra? It's playing merry hell with the ability to google it because all the sites for the existing Q1 UMPC (where the U also stands for Ultra) come up :( Still, if the rumours are true, I might even manage to pick one up when I visit the US in May...
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Once again, I discover that eternal truth. Writing documentation is boring. In fact, it's very boring. But, I've been putting it off for ages, and I really should do it. There's actually no technical documentation at all for parts of my system because people keep asking me to add more bits without giving me time to write up the older ones and this is bad and naughty. So I've convinced my boss that it's important that I take a week and write it all up and make sure all the code is neatly commented which is good. But boring. So I take a break to tell you about my lovely weekend.

There's quite a lot of it... )
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Damn you! Yesterday's poll was no use at all! A 4 way tie this time. Now I'm going to have to make my own decision. Although, it has been pointed out to me that what with scanners being so cheap I might as well get one anyway so I think I'll go for that at least.
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What with my birthday and my bonus having arrived at about the same time, I find that I can afford to treat myself to some commercial electronics but I have a dither about what to get. So...it's poll time once again.

  • A cd writer: This would be pretty cool and would be useful if I ever manage to get connected to the binaries newsgroups or if I get a digital camera but I'm not sure how much I'd use it initially
  • A digital camera: This would be great and they're shiny and I could put my photos on my website (I'm sure you're all thrilled :) ). On the downside, I don't use my camera a lot atm - I tend to forget it's there. Possibly this would be less true with digital, but I'm not sure
  • A scanner: I could digitise my current photos etc and move my scrapbook project to the web. Can't think of any obvious downsides to this one
  • A DVD player: Would be cool. But I don't have any DVDs - I have a shit load of videos and I don't buy new ones that often.

In fact, it's painfully obvious that I don't need any of these things, I'm just seduced by their shinyness. Although, before I bought my visor I didn't think I'd get that much use out of it - I'd never really managed to keep an appointments diary properly before - and now it's one of my most essential bits of kit.

[Poll #20076]
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Hmmm. You can get a flatbed scanner at PC world for £39. I am tempted... Although actually, I'd use a digi-cam much more than a scanner.


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