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So far, holiday going not quite according to plan. A tale of delays and me being sad )
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I am fed up with being bunged up. I need sunshine...
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Have just spent far too long fiddling with a new journal style on Dreamwidth. I'd forgotten how oddly absorbing tinkering with CSS could be. It turned out to be just the level of engagement I was up for this afternoon, given that I am full of cold and feeling lazy.

Tomorrow, I will have to snap out of my lethargy to get things done because we're actually only 6 days away from our exciting adventure holiday! We're going to be spending seven days in Senegal, staying on a wildlife reserve where you can walk with the lions(!) and then flying to Paris where we're sharing an apartment with [livejournal.com profile] elyssa and [livejournal.com profile] stevieg over Christmas! I felt so inspired by the experience of winter sun on our Caribbean trip that we just sort of decided to go for this. It'll be the first time I've ever visited Africa and I think you could reasonably describe me as hella excited :) I have no idea what the net connection is likely to be like, but I'll try to post the odd update while we're away.

So now I just have to get through the last few days of term. Fortunately, I won't have to do too much in terms of teaching as we wind down, but given how coldy I feel at the moment, I probably couldn't cope if I did have to so that's just as well! Roll on next Friday!
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So, after the referendum, I needed something which was about people being nice to each other to watch, and after a lucky encounter when I left the TV on after Today at Wimbledon that thing turned out to be The Great British Sewing Bee. I finished the latest season and then went back and binge watched the other ones and, perhaps inevitably, bought myself a sewing machine :)

So far, I haven't done loads on it - unsurprisingly, once term kicked back in, I haven't had tonnes of time or energy to do so - but I have made myself a couple of bags. One very simple tote bag just to try the machine out which I use for all my bits of material and stuff and yesterday I finally finished the laptop bag I'd been working on!

The main body of the bag is actually made from a denim skirt that I got from a charity shop and the lining is part of a duvet cover (it turns out that's a great way to get cheap fabric!) so it wasn't too pricey to make but I think economy is not really going to be an overall benefit of making stuff. I enjoyed it as a creative thing to do and I really like the ability to make stuff to my own specifications so those are the main attractions really.

Immediately I finished it, I came up with several things that I want to do differently next time so I thought I'd note them down here in case I ever do get around to repeating this pattern.

  • Pockets! Firstly, put the outside pockets on earlier in the process so I can machine stitch them, don't forget about them until the end because they're not in the pattern I was following.
  • Secondly, inside pockets of some kind would be good. Maybe with fastenings?
  • Put in a side/bottom panel so that it's got more of a base to it
  • Different main fastening - I'm not that in love with the velcro
  • Maybe catch the corners of the lining to the bottom of the bag?
  • Wider strap. I love how the finish of the strap turned out but I think a wider one would make for easier carrying

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This is education related, not related to any of the other chaos going on in British political life...

letter to my MP )
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Somehow, coming back from a holiday always seems to mean that I've fallen so far behind with things that I have to scramble to catch up again. Thus, I see that I haven't written here since getting back from the Caribbean, even though that was about a month ago now. I think this was compounded by the fact that (a) I was sick for a lot of the Christmas holiday and so didn't manage to get much done then, so I felt like I was trying to catch up for most of term 3, (b) we were away for most of half term, which is when I would normally get caught up with things and (c) the amount of pressure we're under as a result of the ridiculous farce that is KS2 assessment this year means that there's much more work than normal to keep up with. Still, I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere, which is nice and probably not unconnected with the fact that there's more daylight and the occasional glimpse of sun. I even went out and did some garden cleaning up last weekend.

I'm finding the whole thing with assessment this year is really weighing on my mind - I seem to be spending much more time than usual feeling really stressed out or, alternatively, furious with the DfE for putting us in this ridiculous position. We're teaching practically nothing but Maths and English at the moment, even in the afternoons, which is depressing and tiring for all concerned but given that there's no way we're going to reach the targets set this year, we have to show that we've done everything possible to achieve them. Parents evening consisted of a lot of me saying to parents "the expectations have been massively raised this year and while your child would have met the old writing targets, they won't meet the new ones". A few parents asked why the expectations have been raised so much, which is a fair question, and it took all my self restraint not to just say "Because the DfE are fuckwits who don't know what they're doing and have no idea about how teaching and learning actually happens".

Between all that, and the current behaviour of the democratically elected government, I am currently giving serious consideration to leaving the country. Unfortunately, it looks as if my teaching qualification would not be accepted in Canada, which is annoying, so I'll have to look into doing some further study before we could do anything about it, but that's not the end of the world and will hopefully be useful even if things change and we end up not flitting. Bah. I miss just being able to enjoy my job. At least SATs are in May - after that, we can have some fun again, but right now, it feels like a long time coming.

I need to think about what I want to do next educationally anyway, as I'm about to finish my OU degree. Currently, I've reached the bit of this course which I find least interesting, but at least it doesn't matter too much as my mark in this module is irrelevant to my end result and there is another interesting bit before the end. I just can't find it in me to like Dickens! I rather surprised myself in the last assignment by actually writing a poem though, which was a completely unexpected but rather interesting experience. I don't see it starting a trend or anything but it was still very rewarding as a one of experiment.
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So, since my last update, I have:

- Been to the Grenadan Independence celebration at the National Stadium. Lots of marching up and down, fun with the police marching band and a stirring address by the Prime Minister (to a lot more cheering than I can imagine any PM at home getting!). There were lots of songs about how lovely Grenada is and how the national characteristic is being friendly and welcoming (story checks out) and all in all, it was a rather fun, relaxing morning.

- Been snorkelling for the first time to look at the underwater sculpture garden. I didn't love the actual experience of snorklling - I could never quite get the mouthpiece to feel comfortable and I had to pause for breath quite a bit - but it was totally worth it to see the underwater sculptures, which are gradually turning into an artificial reef, as well as all the little fishes floating around in the clear water.

- Actually done some teaching in school! I taught them some maths, which was interesting. They're good on concepts but they are much more used to being led than my students so they really struggled when I was asking them to spot patterns or reason for themselves. They're very keen though, and were very excited to try out some of my times table games :)

- Been to Brownies, which was lovely! I am going back next week and I'm going to teach them a song and a game from our Brownies and hopefully video some of their Brownie things

- Spent more time floating in the Caribbean - rather necessary after a long hot day at school! The road down to our favourite beach has a drainage ditch next to it, which is lined with hundreds of crab holes - if you walk along in the evening between about 5 and 6 you can see them all out grazing and sunning themselves, which is rather lovely. I have discovered that I can't stop pointing them out even though there are probably literally hundreds there :)

- Been to a Golden Oldies, Caribbean style clubbing night! Not exactly my kind of thing, particularly as my body clock seems to have adjusted to early mornings, early nights while we're here (partly because it gets dark around 6/6:30, which makes it then feel really late!) but we did have quite a bit of fun.

- Visited Fish Friday in Gouyave, where local fishermen basically cook up their catch for the day on street food stalls and sell it to tourists. We saw some great drumming and ate some delicious fishy dishes.

- Hiked around the shore of Grand Etang (it's a big lake near the centre of the island)! All the locals we've told this to have said variants on "gosh, how adventurous!" I think most people just go to the bit of the lake shore by the bus stop but we went all the way around. The trail was pretty muddy in places and there were a few slots where there didn't seem to be much trail at all, but it was actually an amazing experience - we felt like jungle explorers! And we saw a monkey! A real live wild monkey, just eating fruit from a tree near the visitor centre!

- Visited the Palmtree Botanical Garden and the Laura Herb and Spice garden, both of which I highly recommend, especially the Palmtree garden. We got lovely guided walks of both places, saw some massive caterpillars, some more lizards and some really beautiful blooms.

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OK, I *think* I've fixed the problems with the photos in the last post - can anyone who couldn't see them before have a look and see if they can see them now? Ta!
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So, we made it to the Spice Isle! I'm still in slight "I can't believe we're here" mode, but it's starting to sink in... It's gorgeous here - sunny and hot with just enough breeze to make it comfortable. We're staying in a B&B right in the city centre which, given that this is independence weekend, puts us right in the thick of everything, which is pretty amazing. I wouldn't say the view is anything to shout about but the breakfasts a great and the fact that we're right next to the buses means that it's incredibly easy to get anywhere. The buses are actually more like maxi-taxis, with a clever arrangement of fold down seats to maximize the number of people that they can fit in and I'm more and more pleased with the decision not to hire a car for this trip as the roads are narrow, steep and busy so I think it would have been pretty high stress!

So we arrived on Thursday and we had thought we might go to the beach that evening but in fact after checking in we were too tired to do anything other than have a stroll around town and a quick snack before turning in. Friday was our first day into school and it was their indepedence street parade. All the children were dressed up in Grenadan national colours and we marched and danced through the streets singing "Happy Birthday Grenada". The gist of the songs seemed to be that Grenada has sun, spices and friendly people and I have to say, that seems basically true. When we got back to school, there was a TV camera there and after talking to the head, we got asked for comment! A little un-nerving but I managed not to stutter and to sound enthusicastic but I haven't looked for the spot, incase I look like a grinning idiot :)

After the march, we had the national dish - oildown - for lunch, which was a sort of stew made with chicken and coconut milk and a vegetable who's name I forget which was a little like spinach and carrots and something else rather like bread fruit. It was pretty good actually, although they gave us a massive portion so I think they thought we didn't like it; it was more that we couldn't possibly have eaten it all! After that, they very generously gave us the afternoon out of school to recover from jetlag on the beach! The head teacher gave us a lift down to Grand Anse, which is the main tourist beach and dropped us off by a well reviewed beach bar so we spread out our towels, relaxed on the sand with books and swam in the Carribean! The presense of some clouds in the sky meant that the beach was really quiet but actually it was amazingly nice - not too hot to be comfortable.

Today, with more clouds forcast we decided to take advantage of their cooling properties to do a waterfall walk inland. We took a bus up just past the Grand Etang to St Margarets falls, also known as the Seven Sisters. When being given our sticks as we paid for entrance a nice chap offered to guide us and we decided to take him up on it. Although the route was actually pretty clear, I'm really glad we did as there were some pretty rocky spots to pick our way over and a stream to ford on stepping stones and having a helping hand made all the difference in a couple of spots. When we got there, our guide took a seat on then bench while we took a dip in the pool just below the waterfall! The whole thing was gorgeous - really tropical jungle feeling - and we saw one or two bits of wildlife, even though we missed out on seeing monkeys - still, there's plenty of time for that yet! Our guide knew loads about the local flora and showed us things like nutmeg, cocoa and banana trees as we went along. Despite the fact that the way back was mostly steep up hill, I managed it pretty well, which I felt good about. I wouldn't want to do something that exerting every day but I think we may do another hike type day next weekend.

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Overheard in class today:
Child A: so what *is* communism then?
Child B: well it's like this thing where all the people in a country decide to put all their money together and then share it out equally.
Child A: oh! Well that's just better!
Child B: well I don't know - then no one wants to do the really hard jobs.

Turns out Child B is reading Animal Farm, which was the starting point for this conversation. I look forward to their future career with interest. I have been teaching them Werewolf and The Resistance at board games club - this may be a mistake :)
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Yesterday was the first time in what feels like a really long time that I woke up and felt like I actually had energy and was more well than sick. This has been the most horrible cold season and who knows, maybe this is just a brief respite, but it's really putting me in a good mood. For most of last week, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I needed to do, mostly at school, but also sorting out home maintenance stuff and so on and I feel really pleased that I made the firm decision on Monday that I was going to abide by one of my original stipulations when I decided to try the gym thing and accept that I was not well and that I therefore did not have enough spoons or energy to go to the gym so I skipped Monday and Wednesday without making myself feel bad about it, so yay for positive planning!

One of the things that has been stressing me out, apart from the massive volume of marking that year 6 seems to require, is the fact that my Grenada trip is now pretty close and as part of that, two Grenadan teachers are visiting our school starting next week. I have to host one in my class part of the time, so that's kind of daunting, but also, I have to get a massive amount of stuff planned and ready for when I am away so that my colleagues who are still here don't suddenly have double workload! I spent about a hour of my PPA time yesterday just getting my head around the timetable for the next few weeks because we also have to fit in all our mid year assessments before I go and so I got up to make a cup of tea kind of resigned to doing a bunch of planning this weekend, but as luck would have it, the next few sets of maths objectives are ones that we taught last year as well so I was able to have an incredibly productive couple of hours in which I managed to not only plan, but resource and create the smarthboards for all the maths teaching up to the end of this half term! That took a massive weight off my mind and made me feel just really positive about life and everything - I've missed having bursts of productivity!

So far, I've managed to keep it up today as well. We've had our shower cubicle re-done and as we're not allowed to use it until tomorrow, I have been taking advantage of the dryness to touch up the paint on the ceiling and I'm just about to go up and sort out the floor tile grouting too. I also had a gym session that, while I wouldn't go so far as to describe it as enjoyable, was definitely satisfying. I've managed to figure out a routine for using the elliptical that makes me feel like I am challenging myself but is not too horrible/exhausting and, because I was later than I was in previous weeks, the pool was really quiet - so much so that I'll probably aim for this sort of time next week.
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Seem to have got rather sucked into busyness at work and having horrible colds in the last quarter of the year! Ah well. Rather than completely paper over that period, let's see if I can manage at least some info about what I got up to.

5 things about October 2015 )

5 things about November 2015 )

5 things about December 2015 )
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I have calculated that I make in the region of 460 car journeys per year, of which 98% of the trips are < 5 miles each way (commuting, Brownies, faffing around in Oxford). However, the remaining 2% of trips (visits to my and Alex's folks) account for around 50% of my annual mileage!
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So, I've found myself thinking relatively seriously over the past few days about whether I should buy an electric car. I can't remember now what prompted the stray thought in the first place, but it's kind of lodged so I thought I'd put it down in typeface for a bit of a further think. So far, my pros/cons list basically looks like this.

1) We're on a 100% green energy electric tariff so the ongoing driving emissions would be close to 0. This is good!
2) The vast majority of my driving happens over short distances (e.g. to and from work). This would be no problem.
3) Here's where we get to the cons. It looks like I might make it to Alex's folks in a single charge, probably (although, because it's speed and temp dependent, I'm not certain of that - we might need a top up). To get to my folks, we'd definitely need a charge. That would add half an hour to the journey, and probably more like 45mins once you factor in actually getting the thing plugged in, the minor diversion to the charge point, etc. On the one hand, that's a bit of a pain. On the other hand, I don't actually hate the idea of having a break in the drive if I know I'm going to need it and plan ahead. An annoyance but not a deal breaker, I would say. Those are the long distance journeys I make most often, by quite some way.
4) Longer trips. If we went to visit [personal profile] coalescent, that would involve an extra hour to ninety minutes (two charges) on a very long journey. On the other hand (a) it's such a long drive that it's already borderline whether we do it in the car or on the train - it's only really the fact that we want to take lots of games that tips the balance and (b) we do it rarely enough that it would be totally reasonable/feasible to just hire a car for the one or two occasions in a year we want to take a trip of that length. I wonder if there are car clubs for borrowing long distance vehicles for electric car owners? I don't think I would consider doing the trip in the electric, but that's not necessarily a problem.
5) I would miss manual transmission. Odd, I know, but true.
6) Cost. I'm putting it down but this is a fairly minor consideration. Running cost would obviously be lower, but there would nevertheless be some financial outlay and there's nothing actually wrong with my petrol car right now, so I'm putting it on the list.

I don't know. I feel an odd disinclination, but I suspect that might be status quo bias rearing it's ugly head. What do you think? Am I talking myself into something silly? Or would it be more rational to have a go?
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1) I've actually been putting off making a post this week because I feel like writing this down will make it more real, so I'm going to start by getting the bad news out of the way - I managed to spill orange juice all over the keyboard of my lovely lovely (and expensive) Dell laptop and now it has died :( Even after taking it to the repair guy to look at, it will only make horrible noises when it starts up :( Obviously, it can be replaced, and there's nothing on it that's not backed up on the cloud except the very start of a database project, which I'm not bothered about but still, I'm really upset and cross about it. It looks like it is covered on the home insurance, although they want their repair guy to look at it before we talk replacements, which seems fair enough. What I'm slightly worried about is that they'll try to palm me off with a similar spec model - I loved the aestheics of that device, which was one of the reasons I chose it. Hopefully, we'll be able to come to some sort of "cash to the amount of the model they want" deal and I'll make up the difference.

2) So, with that out of the way, other than that I've had a pretty good week. My student passed her maths test, which means that we don't have to completely rethink my Fridays this year, which is a relief. I'm not sure she quite realises how much work there is to do, but hopefully she'll get used to it! She seems like a lovely person though, so hopefully we'll be able to work together well. My classroom is looking tidy and like a nice learning space, my cupboards are spick and span. I've not done my displays yet, but that'll be a job for Mum and Dad next week :)

3) We finally got delivered the lovely new computers for our ICT suite that we were promised about 8 months ago as a donation from a private school! You can't complain too much when you're getting something for free, but about time too! Fortunately, they were worth the wait, and the fact that all the computers in the ICT suite currently match gives it a bizarrely professional look. I spent quite a dull day, somewhat relieved by Radio 4, getting them all joined to our network and anti virused and so on, but it'll be totally worth it in the end! By the way, we're about 4 laptops away from being able to go one computer per child in the ICT suite, so if anyone has an old laptop that still works that they'd be happy to donate, please let me know!

4) I did manage to do some actual reading of new books! I was quite pleased with myself. I finished off Lagoon, which I liked intellectually, but didn't really connect to emotionally and The Diary of a Fall, which Dad lent me ages ago, and has a much better first half than second half, I would say. I also, at Alex's recommendation, read Rat Queens 1 & 2 and Nimona, both of which I really really liked and finished off extremely quickly. I am sad to say that it's only occured to me today that my copy of Ms Marvel really should go into my bookshelf at school now I've read it. I'm currently trying The Book Of Strange New Things, which was in my heap but I can't remember where I got it from (probably [personal profile] coalescent). So far, seems like an interesting idea but I'm finding the execution a strain - I'm giving it 100 pages to either introduce another viewpoint character or make this one more interesting. Hopefully when he actually meets the aliens it'll start to take off.

5) Only a week and a half before I have to teach actual children again! I can just feel the faintest beginnings of butterflys in my stomach (I started on a whole extended metaphor about summer chrysalises there but grossed myself out slightly).
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1) Made it safely back and, thanks to the combo of having no-one in the seat next to us and a lovely boyfriend who was happy to let me put my head on his lap and stretch out across the seats, I actually got some sleep on the plane and so wasn't too jetlagged. I still find flying a basically unpleasant experience, but as flights go, this one wasn't too bad.

2) Straight back into school, I've spent the last few days configuring and tidying up 9 different laptops! Some are new and some being passed on to other members of staff. Nearly there now but it's so laborious. Abd today, the free desktops we've been donated to the ICT suite have arrived so there is more configuring in my future :( Despite that, I like being in school in the holidays - it's peaceful and you can potter around. I've cleaned a bunch of crap out of one of my cupboards, which is very theraputic, and moved around the furniture in my classroom to try to improve the layout.

3) I have finally signed up for my last course in my OU degree. I realised that actually, if I want a degree in History and Philosophy, I can't do anything about my degree classification whatever course I do, which was liberating. I've found myself un-enthused by the Children's Literature course and have ended up deciding on Voices, Texts and Material culture because it looks like it has a bunch of interesting stuff about development of canon/authority and the changing roles of objects as they move between cultures and stuff. There is a group project, which I'm a little nervous about, but overall, should be good.

4) I missed cooking much more than I expected - I was really jonesing to get into the kitchen by the time we got back here. I really love the fact that these days you can organise your weekly shop online to arrive when you return so you don't have to deal with supermarkets after travelling.

5) For three weeks holiday, I got remarkably little reading done, or at least remarkably little new reading. I did read the book club book, although of course I wasn't actually at book club :) Other than that, I read half of Lagoon and did a bunch of lazy re-reading. I might have to forcibly restrict my re-reading or something because it's becoming a very bad habit.
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1) Tofino has almost no internet! Well, the place we were staying didn't have internet in our room (although I think they did in their main building), and only some of the eateries did and then not very reliably. Thus, I have been absent from the internet for several days. Did you break anything? I found this to be not serene and peaceful, but rather irritating and it tended if anything to make me more antisocial as I tried to get an internet connection while we were eating dinner instead of when I was on my own. Basically, internet is good.

2) On the other hand, what Tofino did have was BEARS!! Yes, I have been out on the BEAR boat and watched BEARS wandering along beaches turning over stones looking for crabs and other morsels. They were very charming creatures and quite happy to just ignore us even though we were very close - I guess being on the water meant that they treated us differently. We also saw a rock on the way back that was just a rock, and just a rock and then suddenly we got close enough to realise it was covered in seals.

3) We also spent a very pleasant afternoon in the Tofino botanical gardens, which were lovely. A short wander through some different plantings and some old growth woodland onto the sea shore to gaze across the mud flats (full of migrating birds at other times of the year, nice and peaceful now). There was a slight tendancy to whimsey in some of the points of interest along the self guided trail but it was a lovely place to spend an afternoon (and had actual working internet in the cafe!).

4) Tofino has no Tim Hortons. I am not sure if this means that it is not really in Canada. Probably. It does have the prettiest cat we have met in BC thought (note careful categorization, [livejournal.com profile] elyssa and [livejournal.com profile] stevieg!).

5) For this drive from and back to Victoria, we hired a convertible because I love driving with the top down. On the way out it was cloudy and fairly cold, and on the way back, it was pouring nearly all the way. Of a total drive time of around 6 hours, we managed to have the top down for a total of about half an hour. Still, I'd rather have it that way around than have the bear trip rained off, so I guess it all worked out ok.
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1) It's been really lovely seeing [personal profile] coalescent and [personal profile] electricant's 5 things posts over the last couple of weeks and has felt very old school internet. In a way, it's reminded me of the fact that I really got into journalling at a time when I wasn't living near my friends, or most of them, and so it was a sort of relaxed chat that we weren't having in other media and actually, there are still people who I'm friends with that I don't see and it could still be serving that purpose. That came out less pointful than I'd hoped! Anyway, I am reading and enjoying those posts, guys, even though I don't generally comment.

2) I also think that having more going on on my friends page make me more inclined to post things myself, so I'm going to cautiously try to up my frequency of posting again. Who knows whether this will lead to anything as this is precisely the time of year when I think "hey, yeah, I should totally do that, I've got loads of time!". By Christmas, who knows :)

3) I am actually still on holiday at the moment. We went to two firework displays in the last two nights and I'm sorry, Victoria, but Vancouver won that contest. You are currently winning the "sufficiently cool for walking around" one though, so don't feel bad :) I failed to take any photos of fireworks because I find it hard to watch firework displays and get good photos at the same time. We did do some cool things in Vancouver though, including visiting the Museum of Art, where there was an exhibition by Geoffrey Farmer, including this room of paper cutouts from The Readers Digest book of the Last Two Million Years:

4) Despite the above, I have been mostly doing work today because I am an enormous dork. I woke up this morning feeling in the mood and with ideas about stuff and a sense of wanting to start getting things down on paper - this happened last time we went on a long holiday and seems just to be a thing that happens. Sadly, I am missing a key resource available only on paper for one of the things but I have managed to be getting on with other things which is good. It also looks as if my new colleague does pretty detailed plans, so that's good to know for next year.

5) Still very much looking forward to the next stage of our trip, which is a trip up to Tofino, with our lovely Victoria host [personal profile] aveleh, where we will be swimming in hot springs and going on a BEAR WATCHING boat trip! This will be awesome.
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Hello world! Well, it's about one third of the way through our trip to Canada and we have finally found a hotel that gives decent wifi access! Both the past two places kept dropping my connection every 2 minutes or so - not ideal for browsing the modern web, as I'm sure you can imagine :) Still, we have been having a great time so far, only slightly hampered by some less than spectacular weather. We managed a couple of lovely days in Banff, during which I climbed an actual mountain! Check out the view from the top!

Unfortunately, this wasn't the Burgess Shale mountain, and we decided that the lack of ability to maintain our own pace meant that wasn't going to work that well for me so we went on the shorter GeoScience walk experience where we got to open up some shale and find actual trilobytes! Yes, I have found my very own trilobyte, which is pretty awesome. After Banff, we went on to Golden, on the Kicking Horse River, which was really nice, and we went to see the wolf sanctuary and the grizzly bear sanctuary! We've also seen elk grazing on the highway and three deer, one while walking and two while on the road, so the wildlife spotting is going pretty well so far. We had been planning to stop next in Kamloops, but the nice waitress we were chatting to in Golden suggested that we might enjoy wine country and so we have diverted down to Kelowna, where we have unfortunately brought the rain with us, but have managed to find a nice place to stay with the aformentioned quality wifi :)

By the way, I can't tell if these images are only showing up in preview because I'm logged into google, so if you can't see them, comment and tell me!
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I find it kind of hard to believe, even now, but we have actually made it and I am actually on holiday at last. I was so excited that I was bouncy and enthusiastic at the man at the security check point :) The flight was only averagely horrible - a bit of a bumpy landing and my entertainment system didn't really work, but otherwise pretty smooth so I didn't feel too rubbish and we got a pair of seats on their own so we didn't have to keep getting up past people and stuff. and could be comfortably huggy. Once I got the mirrors adjusted right, the car we hired is pretty easy to drive, and has loads and loads of luggage space and the gps we bought successfully directed us to [livejournal.com profile] elyssa and [livejournal.com profile] stevieg's house, which is huge! You could fit about 3 of our house in it! It is also lovely, with nice squishy sofas, kitchen well equiped with tea and ornamental minous all over the place, which is really good for helping you feel right at home! This place is so big that there is basically a kitty play room!

We are planning to go on an expedition today to do some scrambling around and then some hanging out by the community lake (!) before dinner so hopefully, pics to follow :)


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