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I promised that I would post some photos of our time in Senegal, and so here we go! It's just possible that I'll manage to actually get the right link from Google photos first time, but I never have before so if I mess it up again, do let me know :)

The rhino and some of the waterbuck antelope having an early evening drink at the watering hole.

The lion walk was an amazing experience - it's very unnerving to be so close to such beautiful and powerful creature. They're not wild, but you can see that they're not tame either and they seemed like they were being very well treated.

You can see us sporting our specially made Senegalese outfits here which the local tailor whipped up for us so we'd have a change of clothes.

What big teeth you have!

On the game drive, we were allowed to get down from the car we were on to go for a walk with the zebras, which was pretty amazing - they were quite unconcerned and let us get really close.

Another spot on the game drive - a couple of young giraffes.

These are the Western Derby Eland, which is the critically endangered antelope that the reserve was established to provide a safe haven for. They just wandered up to the watering hole on day one!


Abyssinian roller. They had beautiful electric blue wings in flight.

Spotted on our mangrove boat trip!
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