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So, we're now signed up to an online film rental account, as part of the re-educating me in film programme. What should we watch?
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Well, round of applause to Zen Internet - yesterday, fed up with our old wireless modem/router dropping the wireless connections, we ordered a new one from them. Today, it's on my desk. Not half bad.
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Having a slightly odd work day today. Lots of odd tasks getting in the way of me starting on one of my bigger projects. I've started another task management kick (in my constant search for a system which will prevent me from letting small tasks slip through the cracks) and am currently quite liking Remember the Milk, which is easy on the eye and seems to work nicely (although I would like the ability to add dependancies). It also works if you set it as your desktop wallpaper using Windows Active Desktop, which I tried for a bit as one of the other ones I used made it a feature but although it's quite neat, I ended up actually preferring it in a browser window with my other admin type tabs (mail, calendar).

Yesterday was parcel-o-rama day here at the office. 2 delivered to me en-route to other people ([livejournal.com profile] art_geek, I've got your uniform), my thermos and new headphones from Amazon and finally, my sekrit bunneh present! Awesome, bunneh! I gotz Oggz :) They're a little washed out in the strong lighting here but still lovely - I'll be posting a picture. I might rig up a little paper shelter for them - that's sure to get funny looks from my collegues!
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Hmmm. I've run out of reading list again, so what would you guys recommend? In other news, who would have thought that a body could produce this much goo.
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Ok, I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks in a month or so and my shelf is bare so I need a shopping list for a big trip to Borders (or possibly Amazon). The only things I can remember that have been recommended to me recently are Light by M. John Harrison and The Scar by China Mieville. So, recommend me stuff. It doesn't have to be genre. It doesn't have to be novels. It does have to be available in paperback in the UK. Stuff by authors I haven't read yet particularly welcome (although most of you probably don't know what I've already read so that's not particularly helpful :) ).


January 24th, 2002 09:55 am
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The ring I wear on my left hand has just broken :( It's very thin at the back and the band's just snapped through. Anyone recommend a reliable not too expensive jewelers in London?
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