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Well, I feel that I have finally triumphed over the idiocy of Amazon over the last couple of days, which is nice. I am hesitant to post this here because of the ridiculous behaviour of Amazon in trying to push Kindle Fire/Fire TV, but I can't really see how they can stop this, so I'm going to post it anyway.

How to watch Amazon Instant Video/Amazon Prime Video on your tablet.
Install Flashfox. I used the Pro version because I was so pleased this worked but you don't need to, the free one works fine. Tick the "request desktop site" box then visit the Amazon website and browse to your videos - voila, you can play your videos on your tablet.

How to watch Amazon Instant Video/Amazon Prime Video on your Chromecast from your phone or tablet.
Somewhat to my surprise, there is a very simple way to do this - I've been googling it frequently but somehow this has never come up so I figure I'll put it out there. If you go in to the Chromecast app on your device, there is an option to cast screen. On my phone it warns you it's not designed for this screensize but just ignore this. On my phone I can then watch via the Instant Video app or Flashfox and the picture and sound are chromecast to my TV with very good quality. I noticed a couple of stutters which I think was from the Amazon app rather than the chromecasting.

So, having finally managed to get to watch my programmes the way I want again, the next season of Lewis is apparently not available on Prime or elsewhere. I don't really want to buy the DVDs so I guess I'll just bittorrent it and wait for an electronic version to become available. Sigh. It really shouldn't be this hard to pay for what I want to watch. Still, definite progress
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Was re watching Iron Man this afternoon (oh, hush) and noticed that when Stane takes Tony's reactor, he talks about putting power back in "the right hands: our hands", which I'd never noticed before. They can't possibly have planned TWS then, right? Given that he had no visible cabal in the film, I assume that it originally referred to the war hungry right wing white men who run the country but I love that I can now tie it back into serious conspiracy(tm) in my head.

Also, it adds an extra dimension to Tony's decision to tell the truth at the end rather than SHIELD's story - with a secret, they would have had a hold on him, but instead he shows that he can't be easily controlled straight off.

I do love plot twists that make you think about old canon in a new light.
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Despite the fact that I wrote in here barely more than a week ago, I have actually done quite a lot of journal-worthy stuff since then, which is kind of unusual, so, in keeping with my resolution to write more stuff, here I am.

So, first week with my new colleague actually went really well. She was nice, and really pleased by all the support that I gave her and seemed to get on well with her new class. We had planning on Thursday and that went pretty well and all in all it was pretty positive. School are talking about getting me to be Gifted and Talented co-ordinator next year, given that I'm the one who's actually organising G&T activities for Maths of my own bat. It would be more work but they're also talking about paying me extra and I won't be doing so much study next year so it should be actually pretty good.

On Sunday, Alex and I decided to go for a brunch (in the actual morning). We biked there and I had to stop part way and walk because my bike is really hard work. It is partly that I'm unfit but also, I've become increasingly disinclined to cycle anywhere because it's an actively unpleasant experience. So, because we were walking, we passed a couple of the bike shops on Cowley Road and I saw that they had old fashioned sit up bikes with curved handlebars in the sale for actual reasonable prices! After brunch, I took one out for a trial and the difference was enormous - the cycling position was so much better and more comfortable for me. I wavered briefly, but then decided what the hell and went for it. I thought that if I try to make sure I bike once a week, that would be a big improvement in my fitness.

So far, then, that's going pretty well, because I biked out to Jerico (a trip which I just wouldn't have considered on my old bike - I would have driven) to go and try singing in a choir for the first time in about 15 years. It was quite a learning curve to go back up, especially as they put me in the tenor section, but I actually did really enjoy it. I need a copy of the music so that I can learn my part a bit on my own, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back. Not only that, but I biked to games night on Thursday and to the city centre today with Alex to choose a replacement ring for the one that I squashed irretrievably out of shape. We managed to find a really pretty one which is being delivered so there will be pics when it turns up. I also spent ages ogling new phones. I like the look of the Galaxy SIII but given that my upgrade date is not for a few months, I'm probably better waiting and getting an SIV on contract when they come out - I hadn't realised it that Samsung phones now come with free upgrade to 50gb Dropbox, which pushes it over the HTC line for me for the moment.
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So, I've actually managed to fill up my Dropbox, which is annoying. I've got a couple of zip files of archived material which could easily be moved out but I'm trying to figure out where to put them! USB sticks tend to get lost and are a pain to use from multiple locations anyway so I'd prefer cloud storage. Does anyone have any recommendations for large long term file storage?
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Well, if I had any doubts about whether it was worthwhile buying my tablet, I can be reassured by the fact that I left it at school accidentally (at least I really hope I did - I was using it to read an ebook to my class so that we'd have enough copies that they could read along with regular books) and am really really missing it today. Normally I would lie around and read a book in bed and then get up and futz around on the internet while sitting in my comfy chair with it. I am actually missing it enough that I popped over to school because I thought they were open for ballet classes and stuff (they weren't actually, which was annoying) to see if I could find it.

In other only semi-in-my-brain related news, this is the first week in which Alex has gone to Oxfam and will be buying books which will end up at school which will actually be paid for by school money! I talked to Rach (our head) and she's agreed to fund us improving our bookshelves by, you know, having some books on them through giving Alex a list of writers and just buying the bloody things. I asked my class for suggestions and got a list of about 20 authors so that should keep us busy for a while!

Also, I am spending far too much time thinking about the experience machine. I wish I could do the last assignment on it but the question about it bears no relation to my thoughts on it so I might have to do something else! I have now started the registration process for my next OU course (Themes in the history of Wales), which is a small one so that I can also do a Masters level course next year without buggering up my transitional funding arrangements for my OU study. My school are offering/asking to fund me to train as a Mathematics Specialist Teacher. It looks interesting and comes to 60 points of Masters study (out of 180) over two years. I emailed Oxfordshire to ask about applying and got an email back saying "Yes, you can totally have a place!" which was a bit unnerving, but I think Rachel had already talked to the person there about me so hopefully it's just that and not that anyone can have a place for the asking! As a result, I'm also being made Maths co-ordinator, as our current one is about to go off and have a baby, so I'm also going to be applying for a salary bump, which I really hope I get as it comes with extra non-contact time attached so I'll be able to cover the extra work! It's a really good opportunity, but I feel very early in my teaching career to be taking on this much responsibility! There seem to be a lot of exclamation marks in there, which feels not quite right. There should be an uncertainty mark or something that I could use.
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I have been doing a bit of database work for the first time for ages, working on parsing the text file that holds the current Strange Horizons data into a sensible database format. It's fiddlier than one might hope, but I'm getting there. I also am finally starting to get the hang of doing things in mySql, even if I do constantly run up against useful things that just aren't there, plus the expected number of things which have different names than they do in SQL server. I still might be going to write a new website for the magazine, which would be pretty interesting if it comes off - I hope it does, I like coding projects :)
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Yes. This.
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Oh joy! Have just discovered gMail supports IMAP. No longer will I have to look at the horrible interface, I can just use Thunderbird without having to give up having all my mail labeled and organised the same on all my computers. I know, it shouldn't make me that happy, but there you are, I'm an odd person.

Having now spent a little time playing Rock Band, I can safely say that it is just as much fun as I thought it would be. I need to get more into practice on the guitar again though - I'm getting rusty. If you could play it with the guitars I've got, I would get the PS2 version just so that I could play some of the tracks on guitar - there's some really good fun stuff on there.
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In case any of my flisters are keeping anything interesting on .Mac, you might want to be aware that Apples password security is not all that you might want.
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When I get into work, I click the button to start Outlook and then the one to start IE. It always amuses me that by the time Outlook has got itself started up and is ready to check my overnight mail, let alone sort it into folders, IE is up and running and I've already loaded gMail to check my personal mail :)
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So, an update. It's been a while since I did a proper one of those. Not sure why - have been rather quiet/shy online lately for no particularly good reason.

Had a meeting with the architect this lunchtime to check some stuff about the boiler, which will have to be moved as part of the building work, annoyingly. Aparently, we can have it downstairs even if the bathroom is upstairs which sounds weird to me, but far be it from me to contradict the architect (actually, even if this turns out to be untrue, there is somewhere sensible we can put it so I'm not worried). We have now sent off our paperwork for buildings regs and I have to start asking around for quotes from builders. This is rather scary as then the cost of the project will actually start to become real. Yikes!

Ended up having a very quiet weekend as [livejournal.com profile] white_hart and [livejournal.com profile] topicaltim were in no state to come over for Sunday lunch. It was quite nice, actually, though. Alex and I played a co-op career in GHIII, me on medium rhythm (relaxing :)) and him on easy bass (first time) so that when Rock Band comes out we'll be in practice. Actually, I wonder if I could pick up a copy while I'm in the states - will it work on a UK PS2 if I do that? Mind you, strikes me as something that it would be tricky to get onto the flight home :)
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woo! I beat the devil! I am a medium strength guitar hero!
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Well, so far, 2008 is alright with me. Saw it in over at [livejournal.com profile] coalescent and [livejournal.com profile] bibliolicious' flat, already fully unpacked and looking great. Didn't actually stay up much past midnight - we started moving around 12:20 and finally managed to get out of the door by 12:50 :)

New Years Day was lunch with [livejournal.com profile] white_hart, [livejournal.com profile] topicaltim and [livejournal.com profile] lslaw, which is becoming a New Year tradition. Managed to downgrade [livejournal.com profile] topicaltims computer without anything horrible happening (bar one problem with the sound that they didn't discover until yesterday but has since been resolved by Google) which was a relief. Lunch was delish as always and it was followed by the also now traditional showing of films that I haven't seen but really should, in this case It's a Wonderful Life (liked it) and Monty Python And The Holy Grail (v funny indeed).

Just to round it off, Alex and I had a nice walk back from the centre of town to home instead of catching the bus and then I played Guitar Hero III for a bit, scoring my first perfect - 100% of My Name Is Jonas on medium.

Not a bad start to the year, all told.
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So, I turned off my phone last thing on Friday to switch the batteries (I keep a spare and switch between them so that I don't have to leave my phone plugged in to charge) and when I put the other battery back in it wouldn't switch on. Tried both batteries, tried plugging it in, all no dice - dead phone.

I absolutely have to have a phone this week for Brownies if nothing else (we're going out to the theatre) so I decided I was going to have to brave the horrible weather and go into town to see the Vodafone man. They too had a go but had no luck getting the thing to switch on. They offered to send it off for repairs but as I had been considering a new phone anyway when my contract ran out next month I decided to pick one up now for the hell of it (I can tell you're surprised :)).

I had been considering the Samsung G600 with the 5 megapixel camera but when I sat down with the chap downstairs and he asked me what I was looking for I gave him the details (internet, camera, not too bothered about music) and he suggested the F700 instead and got me one out to play with. Well, we all know that's the best way to sell me a gadget :) I was hooked really quickly and decided to go for it within about a minute of having it in my hand.

The amazing thing was that when we looked at my last couple of bills, I run out my minutes way too often (which I had realised and was planning to change when contract expired) so I have ended up on a new plan with many more free minutes, fixed price internet up to a reasonable limit (described as unlimited in the ads, but there you go) for about half what my bill has been for the last couple of months and a beautiful phone thrown in for free!

So far I like it a lot - the keyboard is great for messaging (although slightly awkward if you've also got the power plugged in), the touchscreen is nice, web browsing is fast and the whole experience is very pretty. Unfortunately, what it doesn't have that my old phone did is syncML built in. It hadn't occurred to me to ask about this as I kind of assumed it would be pretty standard but apparently not. I had been using it on the old phone to keep a backup of contacts and calendar to the interwebs via ScheduleWorld after my contacts got too big for my sim (and boy am I glad I did!) but unfortunately, I couldn't then just point my new phone at SW and be off again. It took me some considerable time to get a contacts backup in vCard format (SWs fault) which I could sync with my phone and I still haven't managed to get my Google calendar into vCal format so that I can transfer it over.

Long term, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it though. I really like having my google calendar available to me on my work desktop but do I really need it there if I've got it on my phone? I've spent a bit of time trying to get gCalSync to work but no dice there as it just keeps giving me certificate errors so it looks like I have to choose and we all know there's only one way of making a choice on LiveJournal...

[Poll #1103667]

I would be inclining more towards option 1 except that I really like the way the calendar app on the phone works so I am currently more or less agnostic. Break the deadlock in my brain!
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I see that the new .asia domain opens up today - so I was wondering, ala del.icio.us, what exciting new domain names it opens up for us? So far, I've come up with

eur.asia - both possibilities for white supremacists
euth.an.asia - ummm. Campaigning site, maybe?
gymn.asia - More possiblities, here I think :)

What do you think - could get my new web 2.0 start up off to a flying start? What other words end in asia (apart from lots of diseases)?

Edit How about never.starta.landwar.in.asia?
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Yay! Finally got my last essay back from my history course (although not through the eTMA system for some bizarre reason - don't know what was going on there) and I got a 94! First essay I've got a first on, so I'm feeling rather chuffed about that. Of course now I have another one to write but at least that puts me into it feeling in a good mood.

I'm currently trying to reset my old Q1 to factory settings and it's not very keen. It seems to have stalled while trying to install the .NET framework 1.1 and won't go any further but I refuse to be deterred. I'm still loving the new one very much indeed, even in all it's vista-ness. I think I'll stick with Vista for the time being for the lovely handwriting recognition. Plus I can use it to test things for LJ support :)
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Well even Yahoo mail turned out to have problems fetching my email from other accounts (partly the fault of said account, but gMail works around it) so it looks like I'll have to stick with gMail a while longer. I have to admit that part of what worries me about gMail is their ubiquity and the idea they seem to have that they should have the right to index everything somehow - they do come across as quite creepy to me these days.

Anyway. One of my other beefs with it was that I do find it quite ugly and as someone who primarily uses IE7, I couldn't use GreaseMonkey to prettify it up for myself. So I did some hunting and came across IE7Pro, an add-on for explorer and boy is it impressive. It contains user scripts, a facility similar to GreaseMonkey (unfortunately I don't think you can use GM scripts out of the box but there's minimal modification required, I think), spell checking (which should take some of the pain out of reading my posts for my Mum!), extra tab features, ad blocking, flash blocking and probably more that I haven't noticed. It's fantastic.

Predictably, I didn't fancy any of the skins I found - most of them didn't work quite right anyway because they were using mozilla specific CSS so I ended up spending a bit of time at the end of the day yesterday designing my own. I'm still not completely happy with it, but it's not bad for the moment.

my new look gmail )
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What webmail service do you use? Would you recommend it? I've tried Gmail (not a huge fan) and I'm trying Yahoo beta at the moment and really liking it but I'm not really sure what else is out there...
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Its so nice to have Alex home again! We had a really nice relaxing day yesterday - I got some gardening and tidying done while he was at Oxfam and then we had curry and kicked back and listened to music on the TV while messing around with our new purchases. We quite often do a thing where we take turns to pick a track like a DJ battle and this time I actually remembered to save the playlist at the end too.

Harry bought this party because of the mini keyboard, actually the handwriting software is miles better too. It allows you to correct as you go much more easily, which surprisingly makes all the difference for usability. I think it's actually better at the recognition part too, which is good because my handwriting is not getting any better! Apparently, it also learns your writing, although I think I'm pretty inconstant so we'll see how it goes with that. Still, I have managed to handwrite this whole post without too much trouble. Not bad at all.
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Alex introduced me to the blue eyes puzzle - The Hardest Logic Puzzle in the World, according to xkcd. At 11pm after we'd just finished the Prestige (we showed my parents - they agreed it was great!). Cue 30-40 minutes or so of intense thinking and talking it over but we figured it out. Then we went to bed and I ended up turning it over and over in my head - the solution is really hard to get your head around. It was way worse than caffine for getting my head all fizzing but it was good to know I still have my chops as a logician :) (solution here if you want)

The rest of the weekend was much more relaxing - visit from my folks, which is always good, and the tennis at Queens. I suddenly realised that actually Wimbledon doesn't clash with Glastonbury at all this year because it's not for another week and was far too pleased with this realisation - 2 weeks of tennis to come! That should help me recover from the mud I fear we are doomed to :)

I've got the Brownies stuff all sorted out, I think but I'm way behind with my history study for this unit :( I really need to get my butt in gear as I have an essay due a week after I get back and no clue what to write for it so far. I'll have to try to get some of that done tonight - I don't think that a muddy field is the best place for my course books!


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