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I had a very odd dream on Monday night. I was taken hostage by Palestinians and flown out to the middle east. I was being kept in quite good conditions - just locked in a quite spare room, not tied up or anything - but only one of the guys spoke English which was pretty scary. I had to do pantomime when I wanted to go to the loo. The English speaking guy came to see me after a couple of days and bought a computer with him so that I could see the news reports and stuff. He seemed quite nice so I asked if I could update my livejournal from there. He laughed and said that he thought it was a good idea but that I wouldn't be doing anything exciting for a while at this rate. He also promised to bring me some books which was a relief. So there I sat, writing LiveJournal entries, waiting to be set free.

Wait a minute... I think this maybe a metaphor for work after all. Bugger. I've lost interest now! Sadly, I can't remember any of the entries I actually wrote although I do remember that the site was quite famous for a while (in that here today gone tomorrow news kind of way) and I got loads of comments from strange people. Which doesn't happen at work, oh no :)
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Just before my alarm went off I had a dream where I was at work and I suddenly looked at my watch and it was 6:00 so I started to rush to get home soon. Then my alarm went off and it was 6:00 - just in the morning! Not bad eh.
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I'm operating on auto pilot today. I didn't get to bed until 11:40 and then my subconscious decided that it would be funny to make me dream that my alarm had already gone off. After a vague period of dream anxiety about getting up for work this caused me to actually drag myself awake only to discover that it was 3:30. Bugger. Went back to sleep. Had same dream. 4:30. Bugger.

I've actually had a very busy dream life this week - the last two nights I've had very complicated cinematic style dreams that I can't really remember properly but leave me not feeling very rested. Maybe its a sign of stress or something - who knows. If only there was a psychologist reading this....

As a result of all this I'm not going to OUSFG tonight but staying in to go to bed at about 8:30 probably (or possibly 9:30 after a long bath) and being boring. In my defense its probably the only night this week that I'll be in as I'm going to see Blade Runner with Alex tomorrow night and then to the Moscow State Circus on Friday night - lots of fun but not what I would describe as restful! Still, I've booked a weekend of nothing with Alex for this weekend which I'm really looking forward too - we've been so busy lately I don't think we've had a proper Saturday lie in for over a month. No wonder I'm tired.
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Another strange dream last night. For some complicated reasons due to spying and eavesdropping and stuff I put a bullet through the side of my mobile phone and then had to wander around for ages looking at new ones trying to find a really nice swanky one! I think this is my subconscious saying "Buy a new mobile phone!". I have a spendthrift subconscious you see!
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I had a very odd experience last night. I have a vague memory of having a dream in which I had to take off my pyjama bottoms. I don't think it was a rude one but I can't be sure because that's all I really remember. This morning when I woke up however I found I had taken off my pyjama bottoms off during the night. This unnerved me rather. Plus now I'm not sure whether it really was a dream or whether I had briefly surfaced and taken them off for some reason and then gone back to sleep. It just seems such an odd thing for me to do - normally if I'm too hot I'd take my top off and when I woke up I was actually a little chilly so it seems unlikely to have been that. I don't know - I think my subconscious may be up to something.


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