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Didn't manage to post last week because I was just feeling very depressed about the state of the world. The whole snap general election thing just fills me with despair. I feel alienated enough from the people who live in this country without being reminded quite how many of them are prepared to vote for people and parties which are venal and selfish at best and morally repugnant at worst. I'm still seriously considering not voting in this election - I live in a safe Labour seat, so my vote isn't even required tactically to keep the Tories out. I just feel disenfranchised by the whole thing and casting a pointless vote feels like rubbing my nose in the fact that I have no say in what happens here. I can't even move away - at least that would help with the net migration figures some people seem to be obsessed with. Fingers crossed for Scottish independence, I guess.

I still haven't decided what to do about LiveJournal. I haven't agreed to the new ToS yet and I'm not very keen about leaving my private info on there to potentially be snooped around in. Bottom line, I no longer trust the LJ people to keep my data safe but I'm loath to delete my journal there and loose touch with the people who I'm still friends with there. Maybe I'll keep the account but delete the posts - that should be fairly safe, right?

Hopefully, now I'm past my period and SATS are over (what a great combination!) I should be able to cheer up a little bit - after all, there should be summer sun any minute now, right? The garden's looking lovely right now with all the alliums out and the kittons have been really adorable today, having an explore downstairs and doing lots of snuggling and purring and demanding fuss. What I really need is just a bit more energy - if the sun would come out, that would be perfect.


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