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Back to school was kind of a pain this week - my class are mostly lovely, except for 2 boys who're getting more and more badly behaved in the run up to SATs and are just really tiring and hard work. Still, the week didn't go too badly, it's just a bit more tiring than usual.

If I'm honest, the bit more tiring than usual bit was definitely contributed to by the kittens, who've been doing a certain amount of 3am pouncing, which is considerably less adorbs than daytime pouncing, I can tell you. Yesterday, we decided that we'd probably had sufficient bonding and have moved them into the spare bedroom. Less adorable curling up on Alex's shoulder, but on the other hand, a full nights sleep, which was definitely in order! I'm currently typing this while being used as an adventure playground so they're getting plenty of company :) We're hoping to introduce them to Charlie today - Jeremy and Tim have lent us a kitten playpen type thing to keep them apart while they sniff at eachother and hopefully it will go ok. Charlie came upstairs to the bedroom last night and did a lot of sniffing where the kittens were but didn't growl so I'm cautiously optimistic.

Had a meeting at my new school on Friday and still feeling very good about that decision. Lots to do and think about in terms of a project for next year, but feeling like there's going to be lots of support and a really good atmosphere in school, so that's good. My classroom's a weird shape though so that will take some thinking about over the holiday.


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